Sunday, August 30, 2009


How lucky I am to be born in 1957. Every year the nation celebrates the national day. This year, it is the 52nd Merdeka celebrations. So... the nation celebrates my 52nd birthday.. hu, hu, hu.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The mid-term break is on(2nd term). But is it a one week holiday for teachers and students? I don't think so... Who says teachers have a lot of "off days...."
Today, I had to be in school for 2 hours, preparing my fellow students for their PMR/SPM exams. My two sons too had to go to school from 8.00am to 12.00 noon. One is taking the UPSR while the other is taking the PMR. The younger one obtained 96% for Maths in the recent UPSR Trial exam. The elder son got 82% for Maths in the PMR Trial exam. But both "have" to score 100% in the real exam. So..., they have to go for extra maths classes today, during the mid-term break... And..., the extra classes is for the whole week!! Two subjects per day..
The teachers may come for one or two days, depending on the subject he/she is teaching. But, the students have to come everyday. So, a teacher with kids taking the UPSR/PMR/SPM this year have to go to school everyday for the whole week. There goes my one week holiday....
There are also five stacks of exam answer scripts to be marked. I'm teaching maths for 5 classes, so I have about 150 scripts to be marked. No..., 300 scripts (Paper 1 and Paper 2). Today is Monday. I've just finished marking one class. One class each day..., there goes my one week holiday... Who says teachers have a lot of holidays....
The only holiday is when we go outstation for courses, seminars or so on.. Like the one last Friday. I was in Bukit Kiara for the National Science Challenge, supervising my students, supporting our school during the finals. There's where I came to know one lanky, innocent, bright student from Penang...., Teh Wei Ling of SMK(P) Cina, Pulau Pinang. She is now a celebrity, you know... She's going to Sweden this December. "Hi..., Wei Ling... How are you?? Don't forget to send me some souvenirs from Sweden.." He, he... just joking ma.... But it will be nice if you could send me a postcard... hu, hu, hu....
So, there is no such thing as a holiday for teachers.. I don't regret, anyway. Because teaching is very noble profession. A noble profession, without holidays.......

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It was supposed to be SMK Derma versus SM Sains Selangor... But SMJK(P)Cina, Penang won the National Science Challenge. Hu.., hu..,hu..., how sad... It was a trilling competition. SMK Derma made the first move, winning 20 points on the very first question!! Then, SMSS level the score. Then only SMJK(P)Cina came into the picture. SMK Sultan Alauddin of Malacca warm up very late and never threatened to upset the score. SMKD,SMSS and SMJK(P)C really, really fought till the end and it was in the last 2 questions that determined the winner. Congratulations to Miss Chan Phaik Ying, the mentor, for making Ang Yee Theng, Teh Wei Ling and Sim Pei Fren the national champions. All four are going to Stockholm, Sweden in December 2009.
I felt sorry and pity the Penang girls, really... After the prize giving and closing ceremony, they were left behind on their own (plus the mentor) at the BTP, Bukit Kiara, KL. Their van/transport was no where around. They came to see me and asked for a lift to go back to their "hotel". That's where I came to know that nobody at home in Penang care about them. The school didn't send any supporters to cheer for them. SMK Derma came a bus load of supporters all the way from Perlis. SMS Selangor's supporters came in three buses, plus a few cars. Yee Theng, Wei Ling and Pei Fren... you've made your school proud...,without supporters!!!
Em.. as for SMK Derma's Adam Syafiq Azuden, Hasan Hamlussalam and Suhairulazan Saman, plus Miss Husni Hafidzal Hamdan..., it's just not your day yet.. Keep doing this great job and all the best for next year.. The same goes to SMSS's Abdul Muiz Abdul Hamid, Muhd Arif Ihsan Mohd Noor Sam and Muhd Shahmi Shahidan (all of them are my super duper juniors..). Lady Luck was not with us that Friday..
For all you students of SMK Derma: Wake up... Prepare yourselves for the Science Challenge 2010. Do a lot of reading and internet surfing. Let's have our very own Derma's Science Challenge 2010 and the winners will represent SMK Derma in next year's competition. That's the correct way to choose the BEST among the best, to carry SMK Derma's flag next year.
I challenge all you Dermarians......Come on, come on... I challenge you.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tomorrow, I'm going to KL to support my present school in a competition being held at the Science Planetarium. Four schools are in the Finals. Ironically, one of them is my beloved school, SM Sains Selangor. I studied there from 1974 to 1976, the first batch. Alas... may one of you win the competition. The Science Competition will be held Friday morning, I am told. The winner will be going to Sweden, the venue for the world competition.
My school's team is well prepared. Adam (nice, well mannered boy) will head the team. He's still in Form 4 (16 years old). Good Luck Adam....Hope to see you in Sweden.
SMSS (SM Sains Selangor) in those younger days (70's) was a great school. I was the winger (Jersey No. 14) of the rugby team. We were the Champions... Our rivals during those times were VI and RMC. Could still remember scoring the important "try" to win the MSS Selangor competition... memories...... memories...... I've lost the newspaper cutting that had my photo in it..
Thank you Mr. I.F.Gordon for teaching us how to play rugger. He's Scottish, by the way. Thanks, wherever you are.... Hope Ahmad Hussaini Zakwan bin Hassan Basri (team captain), Jamaluddin Salim, Bahrain, Mac, Roslan Ali (Roslan Hantu), Nasir, Bapak, Rahman Tok Bomoh, just to name a few team members will still remember those gloring years.... We even played against an Australian School and... of course, lost 50 - 3 in the friendly. I scored the 3 points from a penalty.
Well..., see you SMSS this Friday. But I have to support SMK Derma.... excuse me for that.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Just had an outing with my fellow students at Putra Palace, Kangar. They were Oney, Shahir Kholim (can never forget this unique name), Amzar(my mentee), Humaira@Intan,Shamie and 1 more guy(forgot his name). Sayangnya, Mustaqim dah balik, hm... We had nasi goreng special, sup kulat intan,tuna salad oney, plus ++++..... Okey jugak. Once in a while, it feels good to give them a treat... We had just finished our SPM Trials.
It was drizzling outside. Funny thing, we went to Putra in my Honda, all 7 of us. Oney was seated with Intan infront, Oney on Intan's lap.. The 4 guys were at the rear..., comfortable, I guess. These students are good in their studies. I just hope they'll go through their SPM with straight A's.
Okey guys..., you've got another 3 months to prepare. Good Luck.... Remember this:

Monday, August 17, 2009


1. PLAN: There is a saying that says "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". All you students should first do is to prepare a plan (time table). Just do it. "Jangan ketegaq". For example, Monday 4.00 - 5.00 pm Maths. 9.00-11.00pm Sejarah... and so on..
2. SLEEP: You must have enough sleep to stay fresh. "Tidur mesti cukup, ma..". Your mind works at the very best when it is fresh. If you need an afternoon nap after school, then do it. A nap is a nap. Don't sleep more than 2 hours in the afternoon. It's bad for your health.
3. PLAY: You must sweat to stay healthy. Play something from 5.30 - 6.30 pm. You can play badminton with your brother/sister infront of your house. But, make sure it is outdoor. Get the fresh air. That helps to minimise your stress.
4. EAT: Your meals must be on a regular basis. Breakfast before going to school. Don't worry if you have to go to the toilet after breakfast. That is normal. Wake up early then so that you have time to go to the toilet.... Lunch in the afternoon. Make sure you have your lunch after school. Dinner as usual after prayers. If you stay up late, take supper then.
5. LISTEN TO MUSIC: It helps to release your stress/tension. Listen to whatever music you like. It doesn't matter. But make sure you don't overdo it...
6. STUDY GROUP: Have a study group. Meet two or three times a week. But make sure the group consist of 3 - 5 members. Why?? Couple/couples are unhealthy. Studies will become affairs. You know what I mean....... The main purpose of having study groups is to share your knowledge and to exchange materials. It really helps. Try it.
7. DON"T PLAY TRUANT: Jangan tuang sekolah, kelas tambahan, tuition. Awak yang rugi...
Lagi dekat nak periksa, lagi banyak ilmu yang guru nak beri. I know it because I'm a teacher. Lagi dekat nak periksa, lagi banyak bahan terkini yang nak diberi.
8. PAST YEAR SERIES: Make sure you go through all the past years' exam questions. It's sold in the market. If I'm not mistaken, it's under "Cerdik Publications". It's cheap, around RM5.00 per subject (UPSR/PMR/SPM). It helps you to familiarise the exact exam format of a particular subject. Please do it.
9. For all muslim students, use the fasting month as the best way to study properly. You don't have to waste time on meals.. Just sleep and study, plus prayers of course.... GOOD LUCK....

Saturday, August 15, 2009


During my school days, we had two streams: English medium or Malay medium. That was in the 70"s. The Malay Medium was free. We had to pay a school fees of about RM12 a month if we are in the English Medium. I came from a poor family. My dad was in the army, a Sargeant by rank, earning about RM 300 monthly. He had 5 children, but he chose to send all his children to the English Medium. Thank god, are we lucky. All my sisters and me are working for the government, and we speak and understand English fairly good.
We do not lose anything if we learn Science and Maths in English. In fact, if we don't understand a particular concept, there is always the Malay language to help us understand the concept. It's like killing two birds with one stone.
The English Language is simple to learn. The terms never change. Unlike Bahasa Melayu, the terms change everyday (just to exaggerate). For example, last time it was "pergi ke-kedai". Then it was "pergi kekedai". Today, change to "pergi ke kedai". Tommorrow, what then?? My wife is also a teacher, teaching Bahasa Melayu. She was from the Malay Medium. She already have 3 versions of the "Kamus Dewan". I only bought the Oxford Dictionary once, in 1974. And I still use the same dictionary today, with a few missing pages, of course....
Tun Dr. Mahathir came up with the idea of learning Science and Maths in English so as to prepare the next generation of our kids to be well verse in English. Our kids are getting smarter than we are during our school days. Let them be smart. Why stop them from being smarter than we are?? I am a teacher. I want my son to be a petroleum engineer. I want my other son to be a lawyer. I want my daughter to be a doctor. I want my other daughter to be an architect. So, why stop them from leaning Science and Maths in English??
Well, to all my fellow students who are reading this post, please continue learning Science and Maths in English. Believe me, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Welcome to my blog. You are free to ask questions or to give advice or whatever...
Looking forward to meet you. See yer..