Wednesday, September 30, 2009

7.6 magnitude EARTHQUAKE...

Let's continue the last post....
1. 6.05 pm (Local Time): I feel bored. Took my laptop and went down to the 7th floor. There's no internet coverage on the 9th floor. I'm occupying room 916 on the 9th floor.
The 7th floor is where our meeting/conference is..
2. 6.10 pm: Log in into Blogger website. Noticed a few updates on my site. Thanks to my friends in the UK and US.
3. 6.20 pm: Started to write my new post on "Malacca".
4. 6.22 pm: Water started to drip down from the ceiling, just a few feet from where I was sitting. I look up and was bewildered.. ????
5. 6.23 pm: The building started to shake. Not long, just about 5 to 7 seconds. There's where I started to pack my bag and.... Two guys were running outside the meeting room.
"Let's go down, sir..., one of them urged me. I didn't hesitate. We run down the stairs. I thought it would be safer...
6. 6.27 pm: We were at the lobby. A few other guests were there. Maybe 12 of them. Ironically, most of the hotel guest were out shopping..
7. 6.30 pm: Came to know from one of the guest that there was an Earthquake of 7.9 magnitude near Padang, in Sumatra, Indonesia. No wonder..... I started contacting my family back home and my son who is in Shah Alam, Selangor. Just to inform them that everything's okey in Malacca....

What a first class experience.....This thing don't come everyday. The news confirmed later that it was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. No tsunami though. Let's hope there's no serious damage or death in Sumatra... Glad to share this experience with all of you..


Here I am.... in Malacca, the historical city of Malaysia. Wow.....!! Very clean. Very impressive...That was my first impression when I reached Malacca by Limo (taxi) from KLIA. Cost me RM 218.90, not bad...
After checking in the Avillion Legacy Hotel, at jalan Hang Tuah... Woooops... something's going on... The building is shaking....... 6.24 pm Wednesday 30th September... I have to go... something's on....

Monday, September 28, 2009


Just imagine coming to work after 10 days of Hari Raya holidays... Wooh.., trying to pick up the pieces left behind 10 days ago. Where did I put that file? Where is that letter from BPK? Where is that fax concerning my flight to KLIA tomorrow? Where did I put that thumbdrive on PBL.., I'm suppose to present the "power point" on PBL in Malacca this Wednesday...Wuh.., I had a hard time this morning. No wonder they call it Black Monday!!
That's the ugly side of having too long a holiday. They have to do something about it next year. Yeah, I'm off to Malacca for 4 days. Will be staying at the Avillion Legacy Hotel. Will be presenting my paper on Problem Based Learning. Subject is Mathematics, of course.
Malaysia is only on to this next year. We are compiling all the modules and hopefully will implement it next year, or the latest by 2011, in the education system. Learning would be more interesting then...All you students, get ready!!

Today, I worked till 10.00 pm. Just finished my extra classes. Trying to help those students who couldn't get A for mathematics during their Trial Exams. There are 60 of them. That's the price of teaching in a Cluster School... Everyone should get straight A's.
These students are "off track" because of their own mistake for not attending normal classes. They were busy doing what they should not have done to that extend. And now, they pay the price. Attending classes at abnormal times. Night classes. Oh dear... don't do that again next year, okey?? "Bukan Marah.., Nasihat.!!!"
Okey, to all you out there..., work on time. Never delay your work. Don't take too long a holiday..., because you don't want a BLACK MONDAY...

Friday, September 25, 2009


Today, India's Chandrayaan-1 discovered water on the moon. One big step for India, a giant step for Mankind. Of all the country, it's INDIA.... Bravo!! Congratulations India. From Hockey to Space Research. You can never tell....
So, what's the implication?
1. Why is that NASA didn't know that? Maybe it's no big deal.. Or, it's just a small thing. They"ve got more bigger things to explore, such as....going to Saturn, the search for the 10th planet in our solar system.., the other 7 solar system that have life in it... What else?
2. There is Oxygen and Hydrogen on the moon. Didn't Armstrong knew that? Maybe he forgot to inform NASA...
3. We don't need to bring water to the moon anymore during the next trip to the moon. By the way, when will the first space shuttle trip to the moon begins?? Next year??
4. Singapore don't have to buy water from Malaysia anymore. It's too costly at 3 cent per 1000 gallons. Singapore can get water from the moon at no cost.. FREE !!! Just prepare plastic bottles and send to the moon, via India....
5. Hmm... You can send your comments, ideas, whatsoever..... he, he....

BRAVO INDIA.!!!!!!! Regards to Datuk Shah Ruth Khan.. "Kuch, Kuch, Hota Hei.."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I guess Malaysia has the most number of holidays per year in the world.. Being a multi-racial country, holidays come in every month. And sometimes, it's too long. Too long a holiday makes us bored..Let's see the year 2009:
1st: New Year Day
18th: Sultan of Kedah's Birthday (Kedah State only)
26th,27th: Chinese New Year
26th-31st: School Holidays

1st: Wilayah Persekutuan Birthday (KL only)
8th: Thaipusam celebration

4th: Sultan of Terengganu's installation day (Terengganu only)
9th: Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. birthday
14th-22nd: School holidays
30th,31st: Sultan of Kelantan's birthday (Kelantan only)

8th: Sultan of Johore's birthday (Johore only)
10th: Good Friday (certain states only)
15th: Malacca's Historical day (Malacca only)
19th: Sultan of Perak's birthday

1st: Labour Day
9th: Wesak Day
17th: Raja of Perlis's birthday (Perlis only)
30th,31st: Pesta Keamatan (Sabah and Labuan)

1st,2nd: Gawai Dayak celebrations (Sarawak only)
6th: Agong's Birthday
1st-14th: School Holidays (Mid-year holidays)

11th: Penang Yang DiPertuan Negeri's birthday (Penang only)
19th: Negeri Sembilan Yang diPertuan Besar's birthday (NS only)
20th: Israk and Mikraj Day
20th: Sultan of Terengganu's birthday (Terengganu only)

22nd: 1st Ramadhan Day(certain states)
22nd-30th: School Holidays
31st: National Day

7th: Nuzul Quran day
12th: Yang diPertuan of Sarawak's birthday (Sarawak only)
16th: Yang diPertuan of Sabah's birthday (Sabah only)
20th,21st: Hari Raya Puasa.
18th-27th: School Holidays.

10th: Yang diPertuan of Malacca's birthday (Malacca only)
17th: Deepavali
24th: Sultan of Pahang's birthday (Pahang only)

27th,28th: Hari Raya Haji
21st-30th: School Holidays (End of Year)

11th: Sultan of Selangor's birthday (Selangor only)
18th: Awal Muharram Day
25th: Christmas Day
1st-31st: School Holidays (End of Year)

You see... too many holidays...
I wonder how many days of holidays are there in Finland, Japan, The U.S.A., United Kingdom, Indonesia, The Philippines, Mexico, Italy, Canada and India. Perhaps my new friends over there could tell us... Do drop in to tell us Malaysian here.... I hope it's no big deal... Be hearing from you....Bye...
May 19th: Special Holiday. My Birthday.... he, he,...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hello PMR candidates..... Keep yourself busy this week... You have another 13 days left. Never mind about the Hari Raya Puasa.You can celebrate Deepavalli after the PMR... he, he... Sama aje...
1. Please pay extra attention to the subjects you didn't get "A" during the Trials. Nothing much that you can do, except to try out the past year questions over and over again.. Because the format would be the same and the scope would be similar. Plus...you can try out the trial exam questions from the other states... I'm making Dhariry put extra effort on Science and Sejarah(History) , his two weakest subjects..
2. Don't give up yet, because every effort that you make will be granted later. Keep steady and on track. If you feel tired, take a short nap. That's okey.
3. Take your meals on time. Don't skip your breakfast!! Serious ni..... Nanti, sakit pulak!!
4. Keep your favourite radio channel ON. It helps to ease the tension... and, you will start to laugh alone... That's not unusual....
5. Remember... Help yourself to get straight A's. By helping yourself, you are also helping your school to score good results.. Strings of students getting straight A's... It will be in the papers this December.

GOOD LUCK to all students of 3 Aktif, 3 Cekal, 3 Yakin of SMK Derma, Kangar. Not forgetting 3 Pintar, 3 Tekun, 3 Waja. All of us in Derma wish you all the best for your PMR.
Don't let us down.. Best of luck to Siti Nor Amira, Merissa Gross, Wan Solehah, Ku Ashikin, Dalilah & twin sister, Kevin, Keong, Abu, .....banyaknye....., Minah, Joyah, Pe'ah, Bedul, Lan, Tan, Tin, Tun, siapa lagi ah?.., madam, mama lia...,kira semua lah... GOOD LUCK to all of you...
Remember this:

Monday, September 21, 2009


1. Terima Kasih kepada semua yang menghantar "sms" Selamat Hari Raya kepada saya dan keluarga. Ada yang saya tak sempat nak balas, dan saya minta maaf..
2. Ada yang hantar ucapan melalui anak-anak saya sebab tak tahu nombor handset saya.. Tak mengapa. Kiriman anda diterima juga...
3. Ada yang hantar kad raya... Terima kasih la Yaya... Cayang pada Yaya...
4. Sekali lagi... "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin"

Dahasry + Noor Hidayah =
Daeng Daniel Daenery (meninggal dunia ketika kecil)
Daeng Dhamiry
Daeng Dhariry
Daeng Dhadyry
Daeng Dessy Dhabita
Daeng Dessy Dhaqira
1 Syawal 1430

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hari Raya Posa is just around the corner, most probably Sunday 20th September 2009. Once a year all muslims throughout the world will celebrate this day after a month of fasting. That's the beauty of 1st Syawal.... All family members will gather and make up the lost years....
I will celebrate this day in Kangar, Perlis, for the 2nd year running becoz my parents are no more around... If not, I'd be in Batu Gajah, Perak.. Raya prayers in Sungai Terap with Yuna's dad, Mat Zaraai.... Oh, yes..,Yuna's mum come from the same village, Kampung Sungai Terap in Batu Gajah, Perak...
I would like to take this opportunity to say "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin" to all my friends, family members, students(SMK Derma), former students of SMK Syed Hassan(I was there for 17 years), SMK Padang Siding (6 years), SMK Arau (5 years), SMK Syed Alwi (1 year only), and all my classmates of SMK Sultan Yussuf, Batu Gajah, Perak, SMK King Edward VII, Taiping, Perak, and of course...SM Sains Selangor, Kuala Lumpur. Not forgetting my university mates of UPM (1977 - 1980).....
Wish you all the best of luck in your undertakings.....HAPPY HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, Maaf Zahir Batin......

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We are not alone. So, the stories about UFO's is true, after all.... Today's news confirm it all.

More proof we may not be alone: Astronomers confirm first planet made of rock discovered outside our solar system

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 11:16 PM on 16th September 2009
Astronomers have found a rocky planet in a distant solar system, in a discovery that raises hopes of finding alien life.
Corot 7b is similar in size to Earth, but daytime temperatures of 1,500C mean it is far
too hot for anything to flourish there.
However the discovery suggests there may be planets with more hospitable conditions throughout the galaxy.
Corot 7b orbits a star 500 light years away in the constellation Monoceros.
Enlarge Proof of life? An artist's rendition of Corot 7-b, the first planet to be discovered outside our solar system that is made of rock
Proof of life? An artist's rendition of Corot 7b, the first planet to be discovered outside our solar system that is made of rock. Scientists believe that for life to exist, it needs a solid surface to rest on
It is thought to be covered in lava or boiling oceans.

Although scientists have found more than 330 planets outside our own solar system before - including 12 thought to be solid - this is the smallest, and the first one confirmed to be made of rock.
'This is a day we’ve been waiting for a long time,' said Sara Seager, an expert in distant planets at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

'It’s the first definitive rocky world beyond our solar system, and it’s opening a new gate for our research. We’re really, really excited about it.'

Scientists believe that if life begins on a planet, it needs a solid surface to rest on.
Swiss astrophysicist Didier Queloz poses with the artist's view of the newly discovered Corot-7b at the Geneva Observatory in Geneva, Switzerland today
Swiss astrophysicist Didier Queloz poses with the artist's view of the newly discovered Corot 7b at the Geneva Observatory in Geneva, Switzerland
The new planet orbits relatively closely to its star - just 1.5million miles away. The Earth, in contrast, is around 93million miles from the Sun.
The researchers say its mass is five times that of the Earth.
'This is science at its thrilling and amazing best,' said Swiss astronomer Didier Queloz, the leader of the team that made the observations.
Most of the 'exoplanets' outside our own solar system are gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn. Only around a dozen rocky planets have been spotted.

However, this is the first time scientists have been able to get an accurate figure for an exoplanet's density - proof, they say, of a rocky planet.
To get their measurements, the astronomers used a high accuracy radial velocity planet searcher (HARPS) - which is a spectrograph attached to the European Southern Observatory's telescope at the La Silla observatory in Chile.
They used 70 hours of observations to measure its density.
'We basically live on a rock ourselves,' said co-discoverer Artie Hatzes, director of the Thuringer observatory in Germany. 'It's as close to something like the Earth that we've found so far. It's just a little too close to its sun.'
The planet - which was found earlier this year - is so close to the sun it completes one solar orbit in 20 hours. By comparison, Mercury - the closest planet to our sun - completes its year in 88 days.
'It's hot, they're calling it the lava planet,' Dr Hatzes said.
Corot 7b is too far away to see through conventional telescopes. Instead, astronomers worked out its mass, size and density by measuring the 'wobble' of its parent star caused by the planet's gravitational pull.
Details of the planet’s mass and density were announced at the European Planetary Science Congress in Barcelona, and will be published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1213942/More-proof-Astronomers-confirmed-planet-rock--raising-prospect-alien-life.html#ixzz0RPxiTDUw

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Year: 1981
Month: May
Place: Langkawi, Malaysia.
Location: Between Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang.

After completing my university years in UPM, I was supposed to start teaching in Sabah in 1980. But, certain family problems forced me to change my mind and I seek help from the Ministry of Education to be posted anywhere in West Malaysia instead. I went straight to Wisma Mirama and met the boss in charge of the transfers of teachers, whatsoever.... There's where I first met Mr Baharom Othman. He was the boss there before being promoted to be the Perlis Education Director.
After teaching for about a year in Perlis, I took my whole family for a vacation in Langkawi. My late father, my late mother, my big sister with his husband and two kids at that time, and my three other younger sisters. We rented three chalet at Pantai Tengah, near Pantai Cenang in Langkawi. We spent three nights. My mother was paralyse at that time and that was the main reason why the whole family was in Langkawi. My mother had a strange dream asking her to be taken to Pantai Tengah, Langkawi. She was to be soaked in the sea waters for a couple of hours..., in Langkawi. That was the directive.
1st Day: Nothing happened.
2nd Day: Things started to happened.....
Just after maghrib prayers, my mother started to have "contact" with "someone". She started to talk to herself.... "Mualaikum salam...". Baik. Sihat..., tapi macam ni la.. tak boleh berjalan....". In the chalet at that time were my father, my 3rd sister and me. "Hm.., anak lelaki saya.., sorang tu la... Dia yang bawa ke sini.., continued my mother.
"Emak cakap dengan siapa tu?", I asked. Then, my hairs on my arms started to stand.. My father interfered: "Mak kamu tengah cakap dengan orang bunian tu...". My mother continued conversing with this "someone" for the next 20 minutes or so....
3rd Day: Things really happened...
Early in the morning, just before sunrise.... "Bawa Mak ke dalam laut, di situ..., urged my mother, pointing to a spot about 20 meters from our chalet. I carried her with my sister to the spot, on the beach, inside the sea waters. The sea was calm at that moment. "Ah..., aduh....., aduh...", my mother started to groan. There was this "force" doing something to my mother, as though someone was massaging her at that moment. She started to lift her hands and legs..., plus the groans all through the 15 minutes session.
"Okay, take me back to the chalet", said my mother. She could walk. She was walking...., but a little bit lame. Oh my god....unbelievable...
Back at the chalet, "they" started to chat with my mother. There were more than 10 "unseen" figures in our chalet chatting with my mother, and she was the only one who could hear them. But, she cannot see them. Only hearing their voices... And..., "someone" would stay around to "look after us".
Late in the afternoon, my mother wanted to go to the "Telaga Tujuh", a historical place in Langkawi. That place is hilly and have steps on the way to the top, maybe as tall as a ten- storey building. Guess what? My mother could climb up to the top!!
That night, more "things" started to happened. We had more invisible visitors visiting us. One of them, or may I say 7 of them, is the "Seven Princess of Langkawi' Telaga Tujuh". One of the princess asked permission to pull my "side-burn". I could fell the moment she pulled it. And that night, I couldn't sleep.... "Dia ada kat sini ke?" I asked my mother.. My mother smiled... And........Close Encounter of The Third Kind..... I COULD SEE HER SITTING ON MY BED.... I closed my eyes, opened it again....and there she was..., long hairs until her waist. She was BIG in size. Maybe 7 feet tall... But the face was not clear...Maybe because it was dark.... I was speechless.... After 2 or 3 minutes, the vision dissappeared. Just like turning off the TV !! I fell asleep...
The next day, we took off. While packing my stuff, I noticed a thread of hair on my bed. It was very long... "Rambut siapa ni, Mak?" I asked my mom. My mother smiled... "Simpan aje buat kenangan..", she said. So...., I kept the single thread of hair..., till today.. "My close encounter of the third kind...."

Monday, September 14, 2009


Year: 1973
Time: 12.30 noon
Place: Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.
Location: Burmese Pool (near Maxwell Hill/Bukit Larut)

I was schooling in King Edward VII Secondary School in Taiping, Perak at that time. Stayed in the hostel. Among good friends were Ni Yob Nordin, Sheikh, Khir, Adi, Ramlan, Anuar Padang Rengis, Shuhaily, Jamal Bukit Jambul,.... so many of them. I was in Form 4, special class before going to SMS Selangor. The Principal was the famous Pak Long.
We opted to go for a swim at the famous Burmese Pool for the weekend. It was a Saturday. I can't exactly remember how many of us went for the outing. We were enjoying the trip. Swimming was the main agenda. Some of us tried to catch small fishes.. But most of us were enjoying ourselves swimming and playing in the cool, cool waterfall. There were big rocks. Trees. Some played "Tarzan in the jungle", swinging from one end to another.
The great thing about the trip was that we took a lot of pictures. Cameras in those days used films that are black and white. So all the pictures were in black and white. While busy playing in the waters and taking pictures, Hamidi went one step ahead. He climbed the rocks and went up the waterfall to the top. He was alone..
"Hoi, Midi..., don't go up there... It's dangerous...," I told him. "Please come down", I advised him. "Don't worry..., I'll be okay", he replied. Hamidi continued climbing till the top.
We went on swimming and playing in the pool for another hour.
4.00pm: Time to go back to the hostel. All of us got together. Just as we were about to make a move, someone asked; "Where's Hamidi?". Then everybody realize that Hamidi was not around.... "Midi!, Midi!...." everybody was looking for Hamidi.. We searched and searched for him till it was nearly dark. Hamidi was no where to be found... We went back without Hamidi.
Back at the hostel, all of us were confused. In the end, we told the warden. A police report was made and the search for Hamidi was on the next day. Hamidi just disappeared.....
One week later, we developed the films of our cameras. Guess what? My hairs are standing as I'm writing this article... In one of the photograph we took, there is this very BIG beast behind us. It has long hairs and two long canine teeth..... Huh...., what a horrible sight....
I've really forgotten what happened to Hamidi. Till today....I guessed he just disappeared into thin air... But that picture of the big, big , "beast" still lingers in my mind.....


Picture courtesy of setang.wordpress.com

Do you believe in ghost? Do they exist? Have you ever seen a ghost of any kind? Well... I have. Many times.. Let's see the first kind:

Year: 1965
Time: 9.00 pm
Location: Kg. Sungai Terap, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.
Situation: Playing Hide and Seek.

During my primary school years, I went to school in Batu Gajah, Perak. I was staying at Kampung Sungai Terap. When I was in Standard 1 to Standard 4, I had to go to school in the afternoon, from 1.00 pm to 6.30 pm. So, my "Qur'an sessions" were at night, from 7.30 to 9.00 pm. at the mosque in my village.
As rural kids living in the village, we like to play a lot. Didn't matter, day or night. During one of those nights, after the "Qur'an session", my close friends Tajul Ariffin Ismail, Shaharuddin Ahmad, Roslan Ali and me were playing 'Hide and Seek". We were playing in some bushy area behind the mosque. It was about 9.00 pm, after the Isyak prayers.
It was Tajul's turn to search for us.. He was counting 1,2,3,4,5,6... till 10, and we disappeared among the bushes. I went up a Chenderai tree. The were many branches, and I sat still on one of them. It was quite dark that night. There were sounds of "cenderik" everywhere. Tajul was searching.... He was approaching the tree I was on.... Suddenly, someone touched my left shoulder..
"Shhh...", I asked him to stay quiet. Again, this "someone" touched my shoulder.. " Diam lah.., I said quietly. This time, it shook my shoulders. I turned around and.... and..... and.....
"Mak......................................!!!!", my inside voice was trying to come out of my mouth. Never before my hairs stood up like that. I was trembling and down I fell, two meters, to the ground. Without looking behind, I ran as fast as I could to the mosque, shouting " Hantu!!, Hantu!!..........", still trembling..., all parts of my body shaking .
All my friends came to me. The head of the mosque, the "Tok Imam" was there too. He stood there at one corner and was smiling..., shaking his head... "Mana ada hantu?, he said. "Awak mimpi, kot..", he added. "Ya lah..", added the rest.
Whatever he said, whatever my friends said..., did not matter. I saw one...., my first encounter!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


*Talent Scouting is very important in coaching

When I first came to Perlis in 1980, courtesy of Mr Baharom Othman, the Director of Education then (I was initially posted to Sabah), I came to know that nobody from Perlis ever represented the country in Athletics. Mr Baharom Othman made me coach of Perlis, made me promise to coach a local athlete to represent the country. I was just a former state athlete of Wilayah Persekutuan of Kuala Lumpur, back in the Seventees... A sprinter..
I took the challenge and started training local kids, both girls and boys. I started off with the boys. It took 5 years to produce "standard" state champions to represent the state in the national competition, the MSSM. The best I could produce was Kamarudzaman Mustaffa who got 4th in both the 100m and Long Jump Boys Under 20. He went on to become a pilot with MAS. I heard recently that he is in Langkawi doing some sort of business.
I wasn't satisfied. I took my IAAF coaching course in Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, under Mr. Hanafiah Nasir (a national coach then and is still now, I think). That was in 1996. I came back and coached 2 girls, Nurshafariza Shafie (Jumps) and Marshamira Ahmad(Hurdles). I took them when they were 12 years old. Within 3 years, Nurshafariza Shafie was the national champion of the under 15 Long Jump event. She was only 14 and she did 5.30m. She went on to represent the country in an age-group competition in Western Australia. She did win medals, both bronze in the Long Jump and Triple Jump.
Marshamira Ahmad followed up the following year. In the MSSM competition in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, in 1999, she won the gold medal in the 100m Hurdles for the under 15 age group. Her time was so good that she was chosen to represent Malaysia in a competition held in Singapore. She beat all odds and won the gold medal in the 100m Hurdles in Singapore. She also won another gold in the 4x100m relays... Huh!!!
Marshamira is curently residing in Putrajaya. She is attached with the Sports Ministry after graduating from UiTM in Arau. While Nurshafariza graduated from UiTM in Business Studies and... I lost contact with her. I attended Marshamira's wedding in February this year and her husband is one lucky guy....
Well..., Mr Baharom Othman..., I've fulfilled my promise. You asked for one. I gave you two national athletes.... Well done DESS...... Hu, hu, hu...
Oh, yes.. I was also a national coach. I did went to Bangkok in 1997, coaching the national junior team for the Asian Junior Championship. Some of the athletes were Masnizan (200m, 400m), Nik Noor Azura (100m), Teh Weng Chang and Roslinda Samsu(Pole Vault), Moh Siew Wei (100m Hurdles)...., just to name a few.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

UFOs ???

Anyone out there who still do not believe in UFOs?? Unidentified Flying Objects?? Not me. I do believe there is life and civilisation somewhere out there, besides Earth. Why? Here's why......

Year: 1967.
Date: Forgotten, but it was in August.
Time: At about 4.00 pm.
Town: Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.
Location: Children's Playground, Jalan Changkat (opp. Sultan Yussuf Primary School).

I was in Standard 4, ten years old. It was recess time. As usual, Neoh Heng Kee, M. Subramaniam and me would play at the children's playground during recess. "Let's play "Hide and Seek", urged Subra... "Let's go over there...", replied Heng Kee, pointing to an area full of scrubs and clusters of bamboo plants. Up we ran the slopes of the playground area, just across a small road, opposite our school.
Suddenly, one group of students ran wildly to a specific location at the playground. About 40 of them all rushed to a cluster of bamboo plants, just 50 meters from where we were. "What's going on?", I asked. "Let's go, man...., replied Subra. We ran to see what was on...
There was this grey, oval shaped thing...., about the size of small round table. It was on the ground, beside the bamboo plants. We all kept staring at this "thing", wondering what it is...
"Whooosh..", a sound came out of the "thing". A door opened. Down came a ladder. Out came a human-like creature, about 6 inches tall. It had a pair of antennae on its head. It was carrying a gun. Everybody ran away, including me..., except Subra. "Subra!!!, dey tambi... wang ga, wang ga..." I shouted. He just stood still... I ran back to where he was standing and grabbed his hand. There's where I had a close look at this "alien", I supposed. Just like a human. Very small in size and had antennae on the head. Heng Kee came back to us too...
But Subra was daring. He tried to get hold of the "alien", caught it in his hand and... out it came off his hands. The "alien" jumped on to one of the bamboo plant. Subra once again tried to catch it but was shot. It hit one of his fingers. All of us ran away, frightened....
Half way through, one big group of students and two teachers came towards us. We tried to explain to the teachers and was made to show the spot where the "aliens' were.
Upon approaching the site, all of us could see the flying saucer took off to the skies...
The next day, all three of us was made to reveal the whole incident to a group of reporters of a daily newspaper. Subra was made to sketch the "aliens". Heng Kee and me gave our side of the story. Two days later, it came out in the papers. There were more than five such incidents in the whole of Malaysia. I could remember one such sighting in Taiping, Perak. Another was in Sabak Bernam, Selangor and if I'm not mistaken, one was in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan...
How can I not forget that incident.... I've told my friends, my family all these years.. But Subramaniam has one extra. He still carry that Scar on his right middle finger after being shot by the "alien"......
Now, do you believe in UFOs??

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Good Luck DAENG DHADYRY for your UPSR tomorrow.... and to all UPSR candidates all over Malaysia. Just do your best. Be cool... You've done your preparation, so there's nothing to fear..
Once again, wishing you all the best...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Why is that we're so lazy when it comes to study? Especially, now.., this critical moment, a few weeks before taking the PMR/SPM?? Sometimes we are so eager to study "Sejarah" but after 10 minutes, we feel restless, starts to yawn... and the bed is calling, calling.., calling..."Mai lah tidoq ooi..." Or, worse still is when the book is open infront of us, but the page stays at page 39 for the past one hour!! And, our mind is somewhere else...
When I was at your age, I was just like you. Lazy to study ma... So, what did I do??
1. I had the radio on.. My ma used to shout.."Ooi, belajaq ke, dengaq redio?".
2. I must scribble something while studying. I make fun of the facts and figures. That's why I have a lot of funny ideas when teaching maths to my students.. My students will know what I mean.. he, he.., like the Trigonometry's Sin/Cos/Tan rule.. "Saya Takut Hantu, Kamu Bukan Hantu and TTB".
3. I create short stories for subjects like History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics..... So, I can easily remember the concept of a particular topic. Yeah... I still remember those days...I still remember the three laws of Newton's Laws of Motion:"Diam, Tolak, Break..."
4. Maths..., I love maths.. Maths is about concept. I could still remember this: While attending Maths classes, nobody would disturb me. My classmates knew this. Don't disturb Dess during maths classes, he'll kill you!! I would gather all the facts and figures during the session and then..., my classmates could ask anything about the topic. Sure enough, I could solve almost all the problems.
5. Do your own short notes on subjects like Bio, Chem, History, Geog. Make sure it is your own hand writing because you don't hate your own hand writing!!
6. Have your own favourite time to study. I used to study from 10.00 to 1.00 at night. That's the time I gathered maximum facts. Then I would sleep to rest my mind. You can have your own favourite time, but make sure to rest your mind.... Nanti "wire short" pulak...
Well... study hard and smart.... Make yourself busy this month. If your friends ask for an outing with you, just say you're BUSY....NOT LAZY....

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well.., the trial exam is on. The whole of Malaysia. Perlis's SPM and PMR Trials are over. And..., results are coming in. Anyone (candidates) out there, is satisfied with your Trial's result? I bet no one does.. Come on, be frank.. Even if you've got 99 for maths, you still want it to be 100 !! Right?
That's the spirit. That's what Trial Exams are for. To see whether you are 100% prepared for your SPM/PMR or 66% prepared. If you are 66% prepared, then that's what you get. 66 for maths. Just a B for PMR. Don't blame others. Blame it on yourself. "Mengaku saja lah... Tak bersedia betul-betul... Hari tu sibuk dengan benda lain...., konon...."
Luckily, the real PMR exam is 34 days away from today. And the SPM is on in another 74 days. Wey... banyak masa lagi tu.. Just forget about your stupid action for not really getting prepared for the Trials. Be positive. Look Forward. Don't give up. Don't quit. Work hard. Work smart. Use your "SQ". You cannot do anything with your "IQ" and "EQ". Sudah terlepas.... tapi, masih ada "SQ". Ask the "Sifu". Jangan malu, jangan segan. Berdampinglah dengan pakar-pakar ilmu yang engkau "kureng" tu... Apa nak malu?? Semua pakai baju...
Good Luck. Oney, Kholim, Mustaqim, Amzar, Hanna(he, he..),Anim, Comel, kawan2 5H dan 5C, All the best to you.. Jugak kepada Mira, Dalilah, Dayana,Erny,Merissa,Wan,Siti,kawan2 3A,3C dan 3Y di SMK Derma.. Eh, lupa pulak.. Daeng and Kevin too..Do your work now!!! ."MEN ARISE FROM FALSE PRETENCE".