Saturday, March 27, 2010

AF 8 - 2nd CONCERT...Live Comments.

Analyzing the 2nd concert tonight. My personal comments on the performances of the 11 contestants:

1.   EMA - Pakai Buang (Stacey): Photocopy of original singer. Nothing extra to show off... C+
2.   DAUS - Menatap Matamu (Airil): Good voice, not bad...Have to find X-factor. B+.
3.   NAD - Aku Wanita Biasa (Kris Dayanti): This girl is OUT !! Sorry... C-.
4.   ALIF - Dance With My Father (Luther Van Dross): The voice is there. Nice tone. A-
5.   FARINA - Ketentuan (Ramlah Ram): Shaky voice..No dynamics... Bad shape. C.
6.   IWAN - Mencari Konklusi (Hujan): OK, the key was a bit low...B
7.   ANUM - Sekadar Di Pinggiran (Fran): Not much into the song, not enough emotion. C+.
8.   AIN - Lagu Happy (Amy Mastura): Good mood, good performance.B+
9.   MAULANA - Hasrat Hati (S.Mariam): Good voice, good control..Like it.. A.
10. SHAHIR - Jangan Nakal (Alif Satar): Package of a singer is there.. B+
11. ADIRA - Ku Percaya Ada Cinta (Siti): Wooh..why this song? Dangerous choice of song. B.

That's my personal comments. Who will go out? To me... NAD or FARINA..
Just my guess...

Happy Birthday NIA RIDZWAN...
Have a nice day...

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