Saturday, March 20, 2010

AF 8 - FIRST CONCERT....Live Comments.


The first concert of the 8th session of the Akademi Fantasia is on tonight and I'm analysing the 12 contestants.

1.  Maulana - Extravagansa :  Good Performance. Very confident. A.
2.  Adira - Bertamu di Kalbu : A lot of "shouting", not much to singing. Must learn voice control. B
3.  Shahir - Khatimah Cinta:  Nervous voice but smooth..B.
4.  Nad - Ekonomi Rumahtangga :  Oh ho, "pitch" a little bit out.. C.
5.  Daus - Cari Jodoh:  Stiff voice. Not much of a singer... C+.
6.  Farina - Paparazzi:  Just another ordinary singer. No dynamics. B.
7.  Alif - Kau Aku:  Jovial voice. The voice can sell.. A-.
8.  Anum - Aku Tak Percaya Cinta:  Voice control a little "suspect". Tempo a little out. C.
9.  Shah - Bengang:  Big voice. Good control. B+.
10.Ain - Hey Ladies:  Normal singer tonight. A little bit let down. Maybe wrong choice of song.  B.
11.Ema - Yang Terbaik:  Not bad... B.
12.Iwan - Haven't Met You Yet: Good story teller.., full of emotions. B+.

Well...that's all. Who will go out?? It depends on your votes ..
To me: Nad, Anum or Daus...

Have a nice day....

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bedroom furniture said...

These are the new batch of students for Akademi Fantasia 8 (AF8) peeps! 4 girls are from Sabah, 1 from Sarawak and 1 from Klang! East Malaysian female domination...

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