Saturday, March 13, 2010

AF 8 - Tirai: My personal comments.

 The first show started tonight and these are my personal comments on the 12 contestants.
1.  Farina - Tiada Lagi:  Biasa je..(normal singer). Nothing special.
2.  Shah   - Drama King:  Good voice. Good Potential. A.
3.  Anum - Pelesit Kota:  Rocker. Bad voice control. Wrong choice of song.
4.  Daus  - Bye, bye, bye:  More of a dancer than a singer. Thin voice.
5.  Ema   - Tiada Lagi Tangisan: Average singer. Small voice.
6.  Adira - Gagap: Imitation of Stacy. Just that.
7.  Maulana - Tekad:  Okey, good voice control.
8.  Alif    - Live Like We're Dying: Confident singer. Good voice. A.
9.  Nad  - Gantung: Very nervous start. Nervous voice.
10.Iwan - Cuba: Another imitation of the original singer (90%).
11.Shahir -Andalusia: Another one picking the wrong song to perform.
12.Ain   - The Climb: Very good voice. Good singer. A.

Those are my personal comments. Just my senses...
Have a nice day.....

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