Monday, March 8, 2010

Dr. MAHATHIR was Correct.....PPSMI.

The decision to teach Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) made by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir in 2003 was brilliant and rightful correct. The first batch of Primary Year One students in 2003 are now in Secondary Form 2,  8 years later... That includes my daughter. My three other sons also benefited the PPSMI programme. One is leaving for China to pursue an engineering course, while the other two are studying in a secondary cluster school.
Reading from a comment on MBMMBI in a local daily today, I just can't help but make my comments in my Blog.
Mr. Samuel Yesuiah from Seremban said in his "Letter to The Editor", NST today:
The report "New English curriculum next year" (NST Feb 14) on the proposal to introduce language arts and the use of correct phonics in the new curriculum to assist students in mastering the language is a huge change from the current curriculum. The new curriculum will teach students according to standard British English Language phonics so that students will know how to pronounce English words as spoken by native speakers.
To implement the programme, 365 master teachers will be brought in from the UK and Australia, to train local teachers. These foreign teachers will be sent to schools all over the country according to zones.
It is laudable that the government is reinventing the English curriculum and reinforcing the teaching of English in schools.
But why the emphasis on standard British English language phonics and native-like spoken language when the ultimate aim is to master the language to communicate effectively with people in the country? A small minority may have to use the language to communicate with the outside world, not necessarily with Britain.
Why then do we need to strive for standard Received Pronunciation or Queen's English when it is no longer spoken even in Britain?
Because of the emergence of English as a global language, there are new "Englishes" languages in the English-speaking world. The "Englishes" show a remarkable variety, which can  be observed in the sounds, spellings, grammer and vocabulary used within the English-speaking world.
All this will not make a significant impact on the deterioration of the standard of English in our schools if the English language subject is not made a compulsory pass subject at the SPM level. Only this will ensure that students take the English language subject seriously...
We need stricter policies to check the decline of the English language.
Many students and parents have a lack-adaisical attitude towards English language learning, irrespective of whether the curriculum is changed or reinforced by master teachers from overseas.

We can now relate why Tun Dr Mahathir chose Maths and Science to be taught in English !! Malaysians always like to complain first before knowing the outcome...

1.  If we make English a compulsory pass in the public exam: Those rural folks/students will stand no chance of getting through the exams! So, the slogan "Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan" will not work!!

2.  All this while, why was English not upgraded? What are all the English teachers doing? It's because Bahasa Melayu is so dorminant.. English was taught in Bahasa Melayu.... So did Maths and Science...

3.  What was in Tun Dr. Mahathir's mind?? Can't you read it??  By having Science and Maths in English, both students and teachers (plus parents) naturally have to upgrade their standard of English. Even, the "ustazs" and "ustazahs" , have to upgrade their English.. If you want to be a developed country, that's the way to do it.. Go global!! The only people who refuse to do so are "BM teachers" !!! And, those are the ones who are complaining....Those are the ones who don't want to go global, don't want Malaysia to be a developed nation !!!

Now you can see by yourself..., why we need PPSMI and not MBMMBI !!!!
PPSMI have vision...., 2020....
MBMMBI is back to square one !!!
I rest my case...

Have a nice day....

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