Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email from Sacramento, California...

 From Left:  Ramlan, Mohd Nazrin Wadood, Daud, Dess Dahasry and Ahmad Anuar.
Photo taken at the Kuala Lumpur Raiway Station in December 1974.

After 34 years, I found back my buddy through an email address given by a friend.. Yes, my long lost friend and classmate, Mr. Mohammad Nazrin Wadood, now residing in Sacramento, California.... What a pleasant surprise, when I received his email this morning.... This is the email:

I have been looking for you for a long time. I cannot believe that I finally got an email from you. Last Hari Raya my wife and I were in Sungai Terap, Batu Gajah. We went around the Kampong thinking that I can find your parent's house and may be ask if anybody knows where you are at. I cannot believe it we are finally in touch.
How are you my friend?

Well, I found back my friends through this Blog.....

Have a nice day....

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sephia said...

great..:) your blog was so famous, coach!

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