Saturday, March 6, 2010


To come to school does not mean to study subjects for the exams... Getting good grades in the public examinations doesn't guarantee you to become a good manager in the near future. Quote that !!!

My two years in SMK Derma (Malaysian pioneer 30 Cluster Schools) opened up my mind to what sort of generation of students Malaysia have at the moment... It is heartening but that's the fact !! Even the new generation of young teachers to me is "suspected"....I will not reveal all because I might hurt someone's feeling..
Although, there are some good, responsible individuals among the students, the majority of them are "not up to the mark". They scored straight A's in exams (UPSR, PMR, SPM) but they have a "very bad personality". Again, I might hurt someone's feeling..., but I have to mention it here as a "piece of advice" to our future leaders/managers... Open up your minds and think positive.!!!
1.   Punctuality:  They come late to school often. Why? You don't wake up late everyday, do you? Being an "A" student, you should be in school at least 10 minutes before 7.40am. This habit will go on as being late for meetings when you become the future manager !!! Please don't give excuses.., I'm sick to hear them.
A few students (the same person everyday) come to school 10 minutes late !! And they never feel guilty about it, as though the school is owned by their grandfather!!!
2.   School Uniform:  This is another setback to me. Senior students do not want to be fully attired. These students have been in SMK Derma for more than 3 years and yet refused to stick to the law. Every student is supposed to wear the "neck tie" as part of the school uniform. I fail to understand why so many girls do not want to wear ties ?? They put their ties in their pockets, telling me that they have their ties with them... So what??? Wear them, for god's sake!!! These are the "straight As" students with very bad habits !!!
Wednesday is a "Fun Fair". You can see all sorts of uniform in school. If it's legitimate, then it's okay. The problem is that you have lots of students wearing their "own version" of uniform body's uniform. Is there such an official uniform that wears a T-shirt and a Track Bottom?? What uniform body is that??
3.   The Weekly Assembly:  This is even worse to be mentioned!! First, they are always late for assembly. Secondly, they never want to sing the national anthem !! What a generation we have here!! You can barely hear their voices... Third, not even 15 minutes in the school hall, they start to come out..., giving excuses such as going to the toilet, feeling dizzy...whatsoever... Come and see for yourself!!!
4.   School Events:  This is another setback. Derma students always give the same excuse when they don't turn up for practices... "I have tuition classes!!!" How can you have a first class events when you don't come for practices? And to make matters worse, they never respect the occasion... They simply turn up at the last minute, posing themselves as "pros".. My god, even professionals have their practice sessions, mind you!!!
Worse still, they never respect their teachers !! Some teachers just ignored these cases..., not me !!! I stand still. I stand by my decision. I might become unpopular to them but I want to educate them the meaning of "Respect" to your elders or teachers !!! Have some moral values, kids!!!
5.  Extra Classes :  If there are school holidays, extra classes will be on. Simply means, there's no holidays for Derma's students (plus parents) and teachers... Plain simple....That includes Saturday and Sunday !!!
So.., teaching in some cluster school means working all throughout the year, with no specific holidays...Your holiday is when you go to sleep !!!
6.  Last minute Decisions:  I hate to mention this...., but there are a lot of decisions made at the last minute, catching people "off guard". Announcements are made at 2.50 pm when everybody is about to go home.. It doesn't help either if the announcement is made at 7.40am the very same day.. Parents should be informed 2 or 3 days in advanced.. That should be the normal practice..
They are also cases when events are cancelled when it was already made known of the dates in advance. People have prepared and made arrangements for the occasion and suddenly, you changed the event to another date!! That is poor management!!! You should have stick to the original date and not bowed out just because some people complained!! Sorry to say....Poor management....

I don't mean to offend anybody... Just to correct things that seemed not correct...
Have a nice day....

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