Saturday, April 3, 2010

AF 8 - 3rd CONCERT..Live Comments.

Only 10 contestants left in this week's concert...My personal comments based on performance, not "SMS".... I believe popularity won't last long...

1.  ALIF - Sesuatu Janji (Taufik Batrishah): This guy with the manly voice.. Good. A.
2.  AIN - Cinta Antara Benua (Arni Nazira): Not much to comment. Just ordinary, nothing special. B
3.  FARINA - Cantik (Nikki): Performance OK, pitching a little out...  B
4.  SHAHIR - Derita Cinta (Jamal Abdillah): Safe song to sing. Just OK. B+
5.  IWAN - Permaisuri (Jay Jay): This guy can sell. Nice voice...(with backup singers) B+.
6.  NAD - Bulan Cinta (Eva): Just OK. Nothing extra... B-
7.  MAULANA -So Sick (Neo): Stylist.., nice performance. B+
8.  ADIRA - Kini (Feminin):  Just another ordinary gal.... B
9.  DAUS - Separuh Jiwaku Pergi (Anang Hermansyah): Terrible. trembling voice... C
10.ANUM -Kau Atau Aku (Ellyana): This girl has the "Pitching" problem. But good performance. B+

Songs this week are not challenging... Students tend to relax and play safe !!
So, the performances are not up to the "concert" mark!!!

My guest who goes out this week is:  NAD.

Have a nice day...

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