Saturday, April 10, 2010

AF 8 - 4th CONCERT..Live Comments..

AKADEMI FANTASIA 8...4th Concert.

I just hope the 4th Akademi Fantasia Live Concert tonight will not be as boring as the last 3 concerts...  The last two concerts were a flop !! Boring and nothing to be proud of...
I'll carry the live comments in 15 minutes' time..
Take my dinner, first...
No offence, but I think the two emcees are not that good.., not that cheerful for this sort of concert..
Note: At the start of the concert, NAD is at No. 9 (last place).

1.  NAD - Realiti Dewi (Alyah):  Not bad.., not bad at all.. B+.
2.  SHAHIR -Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey/David Cook): Good voice. Good try.  B+.
3.  ALIF - Hanya Di Radio (Headwind): The voice from the nose..., "dangdut" flavour..B.
4.  ADIRA -Biarlah (Nidji): Good dynamics in voice..Good show..Good.. , an A.
5.  DAUS - Mirage (Pesawat): Okey, not bad. Lots of expression.. B+
6.  AIN - Kawan (Ruhil): Good soothing voice.. Like it.. A-
7.  FARINA - Teruskanlah (Agnes Monica): The voice is there..need a little bit more polishing.. B+
8.  IWAN - Kekasih Gelapku (Ungu): Did not hit the perfect note.. a little let down... C.
9.  MAULANA -Biarkan (Vince): On the whole, OK. Just a little "slips" here and there.. B+.

The worst performance this week is IWAN... He should be the one going OUT this week.

Just wait for the results tomorrow..
Have a nice day....

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MamaFaMi said...

But the judges are too stingy with their green lights except Pak Nil. Adira deserved some green light, one the least but nobody cares to give her! Whatever it is, Adira did well!

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