Saturday, April 17, 2010

AF 8 - 5th Concert - Live Comments..

 AKADEMI FANTASIA 8 - 5th Concert.
It's the 5th concert tonight..with 8 contestants left.
ManU vs ManC is also live now on TV...still 0 - 0 (52nd min).
Back to the concert...

1.  IWAN - Oh Juwita (Nubhan): Bad start. Pitching problem (twice). C...
2.  FARINA - Mana Mungkin (Dayang): Ballard. Nothing much to boast.. B
3.  DAUS - Benar Benar (Adam): Just another show...Key was too low.. B
4.  AIN - Halo (Beyonce): Good voice.. Ok, not bad.. B+

** GOAL !!!  Paul Scholes scores... ManU 1 - 0.. (90 +3 min)

5.  NAD - My Happy Ending (Avril Lavigne): Quite good, entertaining.. B+
6.  MAULANA - Ku Bukan Aku (Tilu): Jazz song..Not bad. B+
7.  ADIRA - Seri Mersing (Sharifah Aini): Folk (Asli) Song. Good. Very good.. A.
8.  SHAHIR - Anggapanmu (Ziana Zain): Testing his improvisation..Just OK. B-

The worst performance this week must be IWAN....

Waiting for the results tomorrow at 9.00pm....
Have a nice day...


MamaFaMi said...

I do agree with most of your reviews about today's concert. Maulana is not bad at all you know. And yes, Adira is still the best. But what happened to Adlin's green light soon after Adira finished performing? I am sure I saw it was on. Did somebody else pressed it or what?

DESS said...

Yes, it seemed that Aznil or Sham Kamikaze pressed it on.. And he turn it off. Adlin is one hard core..

DESS said...
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