Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bring Back the ENGLISH MEDIUM....

I just came across two good articles from the papers today and would like to share it with you...

Only way is to bring back English-medium schools

I REFER to the letter “Time to bring back English-medium schools” (The Star, April 12) and I believe the writer’s views are shared by a majority of parents.
Even Cabinet ministers, in private, will agree but, unfortunately being politicians, their hands are tied.
So on the quiet, some of them send their children and grandchildren to International Schools where the medium of instruction is English.
They know that Sekolah Kebangsan is not good enough to prepare their loved ones to face the borderless world.
It is not that these ministers do not sympathise with poor parents who want to see their children proficient in English. Language in politics is a sensitive issue and can either make or break a politician’s survival.
No minister is prepared to argue with Dewan Bahasa or Gapena on the virtue of re-introducing English-medium schools unless he is prepared to do a political harakiri.
At the same time, some die-hard Pencinta Bahasa proponents also, on the quiet, speak English with their children and grandchildren at home.
Without feeling any guilt, some even argue in English that Bahasa Malaysia must be protected as enshrined in the Constitution.
And so, the political rhethoric goes with the Education Ministry officials trying their best to do the impossible by coming up with various formulas to pacify parents who can’t afford to send their children to international schools.
The only way to bring back English-medium schools using Cambridge syllabus like in the 1960’s is when all political parties agree to reintroduce them for the sake of future generations and the nation.
Until and unless that’s done, our youth will suffer from low self-esteem due to their inability to converse and read books in English, not to mention being ridiculed at job interviews.
For those who are lucky to join the government service, they do not have to bother to attend English classes as not all of them are required to present papers overseas.

Time to bring back English medium schools

OF LATE, there have been many letters on ways to improve the deteriorating standard of English in schools and institutions of higher learning.
It would take time to implement the relevant and appropriate measures and it would certainly take time to see results.
Because of the emphasis on Bahasa Malaysia as the national language and the misguided thinking that learning and speaking English is being unpatriotic and smacks of colonialism, some people simply refuse to learn the language.
It will take time for the people to realise the importance of learning English.
On the other hand, some parents who are anxious about their children’s future have sent them overseas at a young age to study in English medium schools.
Some send their children to international schools and others travel daily across the causeway for this reason.
We can take various measures to help improve the proficiency in English such as increasing the English Language periods in schools.
But the fastest way to learn a language is the immersion method whereby students learn in an environment where English is used and spoken all the time.
Mandarin is prevalently spoken in Chinese schools, Tamil in Tamil schools and Bahasa Malaysia in national schools.
Since we can have different types of schools to meet different needs, can we also have English medium schools, starting from primary one in the near future?
Bahasa Malaysia should remain a compulsory subject in these schools.
This can be one way of discouraging emigration to other countries since children can study in English medium schools here too.
Bukit Mertajam.

Have a nice day....

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