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Again and again... Everyday and every other day.... Same thing..PPSMI vs MBMMBI.... You have no where to go..No way to escape... The public keep on "pouring" their thoughts and what they feel about this issue.. Until....

I let you be the judge..... 

Keep teaching Maths and Science in English

WITH reference to the letter “Get it right, it’ll speak volumes for our English” (The Star, April 6), I hope the powers that be will not waste any more time to do so. And retain Science and Maths in English too – a survey of the good exam results surely speaks for itself.
Past education ministers have failed to rally the many retired Kirkby-trained and Brinsford-trained teachers who could have been engaged for the same services but by now they are all aged around 70 or 80. I know of a few who are still valued for their services and retained in some colleges and universities today.
I remember when I went for teacher-training in Kirkby (second-last intake in 1959-60), we kept meeting Britons who were amazed at our standard of English. No thanks to the education policy-makers, we went downhill due to over-zealousness over the national language and also political pressure.
Who suffers? The schoolchildren from those times till now.
If we had planned for half the subjects (including Science and Maths) in English then and the rest in in Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysians today would be equally good in both languages.
I cannot get over the lack of foresight which has cost us the admiration of neighbouring countries, and affected the progress of the country as well.
Kuala Lumpur.

I totally agree with you, S.Leong. 100%. I'm a product of those days of education too...There were two mediums at that time, and I have to thank my father for putting me in the English Medium. The Education Ministry made us pay school fees for going into the English Medium, but it was worth the money....
After all these years being a teacher myself, I found out that the standard of English have fallen greatly and the quality of students is so sickening.. When the PPSMI was introduced on 2003, things got better and better.
But as you've said, due to the over-zealousness of some stupid leaders on the issue of the National Language and political pressure, our children were the ones who suffers !!!
I can't help but to totally agree with your comments, Mr. S. Leong.....

Why turn to Australia for English language teachers?

I REFER to Hussaini Abdul Karim’s letter “Get it right, it’ll speak volumes for our English” (The Star, April 6) in which he says, “The best, practical and cheapest way to teach or re-teach our students the English language at primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities is to bring back retired British-trained English teachers.”
What about British-trained Malaysian teachers or even Malaysian students who have been trained in Britain or those who have been trained by the British-trained Malaysian teachers? There is a plethora of English language expertise that the Government can tap on.
It is difficult to comprehend why the Government is turning to Australia for help with the English language in Malaysia. The Australians speak English with an accent which is difficult to understand. They use slang and idiomatic expressions which are not commonly heard of in the rest of the world.
Can you imagine how a person from China would sound if he had learnt English from a Frenchman?
That is exactly how out-of-place our Malaysians would feel if they learnt English from the Australians.
English has become a foreign language in Malaysia. To learn English in Malaysia, however, Malaysians are fortunate to have an abundance of resources for all ages, especially in the form of entertainment.
Our local English language teachers should make use of all these resources like websites, TV shows, radio, newspapers and magazines, and not depend fully on the textbook and workbook with the sole aim of getting students to score As in the examination.
Making use of the listening skill is imperative, too. Give students practice so that they are aware of how words are strung together and pronounced.
I think that getting British trainers to teach the trainee teachers to use these resources will see better results in the long run than getting a few Australian teachers to teach a handful of students on a short-term basis.

Australians?? ha, ha... There are so many Malaysians who can do the job.. So many....But, don't get the young, fresh Malaysians !!! They are the product of the so called "Malay Medium" students.. Get those old timers who are above 50 years old...., whose school days were in the 60's and 70's...
I really fail to understand what's the political agenda behind all these fuzz.... huh !!!!

So much so.. Keep on all the good work guys.., until they walk the talk..."Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan".....

No hard feelings.... Have a nice day...

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