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Second Day: 2under, 70. Not bad... Keep it up !!
What catches my attention was the worldwide coverage of Tiger's return to golf. I came across this article and would like to share with you...


By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York

Published: April 10 2010 04:20 | Last updated: April 10 2010 04:20

Tiger Woods has dispelled doubts about his continued commercial appeal by drawing record-breaking television and online audiences for his return to professional golf after months of tabloid scandal.

ESPN, the Walt Disney-owned sports channel with the rights to live coverage of the first two rounds of the US Masters, said the golfer’s first round of the Masters Tournament on Thursday had been “the most-viewed golf telecast in cable history”.
An estimated 4.9m people tuned in to ESPN to see Mr Woods tee off for the first time since his admission of serial infidelity, 47 per cent above the audience for the opening day of the 2009 Masters and more than the 4.76m people who watched his Monday play-off with Rocco Mediate for the 2008 US Open championship.

Mr Woods’ position high up on the leaderboard as he made his way around the course to applause from the packed crowds, bodes well for CBS, which will air the final rounds of the US Masters on Saturday and Sunday.
“He’s perfectly positioned for this to be huge. This is about as good a set-up as you could have hoped for,” said Larry Gerbrandt, principal of Media Valuation Partners.

“If he stays in contention on the final day, I think we could definitely have a shot at breaking all-time records.”

Mr Woods holds the record for the most watched Masters, when 20.3m viewers watched him win the tournament for the first time in 1997, or 14.1 per cent of all US households, according to Nielsen.

CBSSports.com, which showed the first day’s play online, reported that more than 556,000 unique users, more than double the visitors it had seen a year earlier, watched 71 per cent more live video.

Mr Woods also cemented his commercial rehabilitation this week with a black-and-white advertisement for Nike, his most loyal sponsor.

In the ad he stares blank-faced at the camera, dressed in Nike-branded gear, as the voice of his late father intones “did you learn anything?”

By Friday afternoon, the commercial had been watched 2m times on YouTube.

Mr Woods was the most bankable star in sports.
However, he was abruptly dropped by sponsors, including Accenture, after a late night car crash outside his house unleashed a torrent of lurid revelations about his personal life.

A fortune in endorsements, broadcast rights and prize money is riding on his continued success.

“For Tiger, this is about new sponsors and repairing his marketability, not necessarily getting old sponsors back,” Mr Gerbrandt said.

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