Monday, May 31, 2010


Sometimes, a little prayer will do... And it happens....
You didn't realize it.. But it happens...
You don't know what to say.... But tears just drop out one by one from your eyes....

On hearing the news that the storm had just resided in Guatemala, I was overjoyed.... I had prayed for that last night before going to bed.. And "the Almightly" had answered my wish... Thank God...

Agatha, the first tropical storm of the Eastern Pacific hurricane season, weakened to a tropical depression over the mountains of Guatemala after killing at least 83 people in Guatemala and El Salvador.
David de Leon, a spokesman for Guatemala’s national disaster agency, said landslides and flooding triggered by Agatha’s rains killed 74 people and left 24 missing, mostly in western and central Guatemala. At least 74,000 were moved to shelters, a number that will rise if rains near Mexico cause more rivers to flood, he said.
Flooding from Agatha could be exacerbated as ash that has been spewing from the Pacaya volcano south of the capital, Guatemala City, for the past three days clogs drainage systems, de Leon said.
The country’s main international airport will remain closed for at least three more days as officials clean ash off runways, he said, adding that the volcano was active today with less intensity.

Downed bridges and landslides cut off access for some coffee growers in western Guatemala, said Lucrecia Rodriguez, deputy manager for Anacafe, the industry’s trade group in that country. Guatemala is Central America’s largest coffee producer.
“Mostly what we’ve had so far is damage from rains to infrastructure,” Rodriguez said.

Well.... it's time to go on with life....
Let's do it one by one....
Have a nice day, Guatemalans...... 

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I just feel so sorry for the people of Guatemala..., including my friend, Liz Flores... They are still clearing the debris from the volcanic eruption three days ago and, now are facing another mother nature disaster...
Tropical Storm Agatha, forming on the Pacific coast, is expected to dump up to 50cm (20in) of rain, increasing the danger from landslides and floods.
Hundreds of people are in shelters after the Pacaya volcano erupted on Thursday.
A state of emergency is in place because of the eruption, and communities in the storm's path are being evacuated. Debris are being cleared.
Agatha, the first named storm of the season, is expected to hit land on Sunday, but emergency workers have already reported rivers being swollen by heavy rains.
Officials are warning that flooding could be worse than usual because ash from the erupting Pacaya volcano has blocked drainage systems.
These rains could cause life-threatening flash-floods and mudslides. My god......

For the people of Guatemala..., we, Malaysians, wish you all the best of luck.. We pray and  hope that God will give shelter to Guatemalans and that the storm will go away quickly....
Good Luck Guatemala....

We are with you....

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Have you ever come across a situation when you feel that you've overstayed? Or in a situation when you feel uneasy your guest have overstayed?
I have been in that situation before... in a working environment, of course..
I had been teaching in this school for 12 years. I've done a lot of good things to the school. I created a different approach, a different mindset, among the students.... I was the "untold" hero of the school.  I didn't realize it at all.. Not until, after all these years, my ex-students started to "remind" me all the good things I've done to them and to the school, through Facebook, of course...
I received a lot of "friends" in my Facebook, who happens to be my ex-students of that particular school... And, each and everyone of them will mention how thankful they are for what I had done to them... After all these years... They did not have the opportunity to thank me before. But through Facebook, they brought up what they had been keeping all this while... In fact, I met a group of my students who happened to have a reunion in Kuala Perlis, last night. When they saw me, 5 of them (now mothers and fathers) came straight to me and kissed my hand in public, a symbol to say thank you for what I've done to them...
Looking back through the years, I was actually transferred out of that school in December 1991 by force. In those days, headmasters have the power to "kick" us out if he/she didn't like us... So, it happened to me.. I remembered how my students went to see the headmaster on an issue about our training programme.. The headmaster didn't like it, so he transferred me out.... He didn't like sports..   I guess, I've overstayed....
One good example we should follow is Jose Mourinho, the Inter Milan and former Chelsea manager. I would like to quote what he said before his transfer to Real Madrid recently. He said "I have to leave Inter when things are good. Last time I left Chelsea when things are good. Now I have two homes, one in London, and one in Italy..."
Another classic example is our beloved 4th Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Athough after 22 years of leading Malaysia to where we are today, he finally stepped down. He once said  "My mother used to tell me, stop eating when you begin to like the dish..."
To all my friends out there, do not overstay...
Quit, before someone else throw you out.....
Mr. Samy Vellu, I think you have overstayed....

Have a nice day...

Thursday, May 27, 2010



Have you ever been caned before?  At home?  In school?
Well, I have... In school when I was in Form 3 (15 years old), by Mr Khor Seik Khoon, the discipline master. Why? For letting my friend, Subramaniam, copying my answers in the Geography paper in the mid-year exam.
I still remember what he said.. "If you had not shown your answers to him, he would not have committed the crime".  Subra got 2 strokes of the "rotan" and I received one...
I learned two things from that incident: You need two people to commit a crime like that. And, two...  never trust your friend..., he, he..

1960s and the 70s, plus the early 80s....  Teachers carry canes around and students were well behaved... If you are caught doing the "wrong" things in school, you will be punished. If the "crime" is a big one, like smoking in school, you will be caned in public (school assembly). No students will ever tell their parents that they have been caned because if they do, they will get double at home...
Students now and then, are almost the same. There are the good ones and there are the naughty, mischievous ones... The difference is that the naughty and mischievous ones are well taken care of,  in those days... The naughty and mischievous ones these days are "untouchable".. The parents of these students are the ones who got caned in schools during their school days.. These are the people who are fighting for human rights just because they were caned before in schools....
Some of these people have become politicians and NGO leaders... These are the people who are spoiling the education system in the country.. Without canes, students have the power to go riot in schools... Teachers can only advice, but cannot touch them... If they do, they go to court !!!

You don't have cases like vandalism, harassment, rape cases, etc.. in those days.. School is a place to enjoy..
But not these days...  Why?  No canes... No discipline...

It's all in the papers this week about the discipline in schools these days.. I caught one for you to analyse....

Who do we blame for the rot?  

I REFER to the Starprobe “School of terror” on May 25. The Star should be congratulated for highlighting this issue and has done a social duty where others have failed.
I have been a discipline teacher for the past 25 years and nearing retirement age. I want to share the plight of discipline teachers, hoping that the relevant authorities will take note. I am not asking for an allowance or a promotion but merely to point out what needs to be done to make schools safe for students and teachers.
Discipline in schools is indeed getting bad and no one in the teaching profession will deny this unless they are fortunate enough to teach in selected schools with the best students and getting all the awards and rewards year in, year out.
Based on my experience in dealing with average and below average students, I can say that among the causes for this alarming trend are:
> The concept that every teacher is a discipline teacher is no more practised in schools. Teachers merely teach and do not educate students. Every single discipline problem is passed on to the discipline teacher and administrator to handle. The discipline teacher will have his hands full besides teaching.
Many students have the guts to break the rules right under the teacher’s nose because they know the teacher will just walk past them. In fact, many young teachers don’t even have class control.
> Interference by politicians and big guns is another demoralising factor.
I was once warned by a contractor who claimed to be from a certain political party that if I take disciplinary action against his son, he would get me transferred to a remote area.
Some parents even bring in reporters, lawyers and gangsters to warn teachers and the school administration from taking action.
So many would not want to take the risk.
Discipline teachers are exposed to threatening calls, vandalism, harassment, etc, and thus not many want to be discipline teachers .
> Some school heads are reluctant to take disciplinary action on hardcore students although the discipline teacher has spent time preparing reports to justify the action recommended. Many cases are swept under the carpet.
At times, it is best to expel one or two students who are the ring leaders so that the rest can live in peace but some school heads prefer to be nice.
> In some schools, students with serious disciplinary problems are finally expelled after suspension, counselling, caning, advice, etc.
However, these students are given a second chance to appeal and be placed in another school.
The understanding is that such students should not be allowed to return to their former school but there are cases in which such students do come back to the same school.
Imagine how the teachers feel when this happens. The student walks around like a hero and after that, who in the right mind will dare take action against him no matter what he does?
And to be fair, other students found to have breached rules have to be spared, and that’s when the rot starts.
The State Education Department and District Education Office should play their roles too and be sympathetic towards teachers.
Society is quick to blame the teachers but have they done their part?
How many will complain to their neighbours if their children are involved in wrongdoings?
And how many parents are willing to accept criticism about their children?
We should all get down to work before schools become battlefields.

Good one...

Have a nice day....

SCHOOL LIFE - The Best Part of Your Life...

 Photos like this will bring back sweet memories once you leave school...

Without doubt, school life is the best part of your life... Why is that so?

1.  It is the first time you "fall in love"... Don't deny it !! Facts of life... You started to learn to be jealous.. You started to have somebody special in your heart.. You started to have pimples on your cheek.. That's the sign of "day dreaming", guys......  Some of you started to have a crush on your teachers.. Giving presents and gifts to your teachers, although it's not their birthdays... Some try to attract their attention by doing some "silly" things, which later on, you laughed at yourselves in your room... Well, that's part of growing up ... Don't worry, it's NORMAL....

2.  It is the time when you learn new tricks... Your parents cannot teach you everything.. So, your get the new tricks in school. You start to create "small lies" in order to satisfy yourself. Sometimes, your hate a certain subject. You cannot get along with a certain teacher, and you start to create a situation just to stay out of class. There are many tricks I used to know in my 31 years of teaching experience. Going to the toilet is common... Some students skip classes by doing some "work' given by other teachers and they purposely pick that period to do it.. Some absent themselves by purposely overstayed in the library or remaining in the canteen for another period. There's so many old tricks used just to skip these "I hate that class/teacher" periods...

3.  It is the time when you learn 'Time Management". The time table in schools was the start of it all... You learned to manage your life... You learn to be punctual to a certain function, the sports day, for instance.. You learn discipline by joining the uniform bodies. You learn to be punctual before a certain ceremony begins... You learn time management...  You bring this value to studies, and you learn to have a good time management to bring good results in your exams... That's the way to do it... Your carry on practicing these values in your tertiary education to get flying colours in your university days....

4.  It is the time you make a lot of friends through school activities. Be it in sports, debates, camping or whatever.., you have a big set of friends nationwide.. It is these friends that you will look for once you leave school.. Some become close friends. Some become buddies. Some become  your life partners...  When you start to have your own life, you start to look for these old friends to share all the good old times... You put photos in your 'Facebooks' and 'Blogs' and there are comments you just couldn't help laughing all night long...

School life creates memories you can never forget. But those memories sometimes make you want to turn back the time and make amends to what you should have done... You know you cannot do that... That's why, you must cherish your school life so that you don't regret it later..
Be a nice guy and you will have nothing to regret later.....

Have a nice day...

Monday, May 24, 2010


After 20 years of "tense" relationship between the two countries, the Prime Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore met and both came out smiling at the press conference... What a sigh....
It seems that both countries have "forgive and forget" and here are the good news:
1.  Malaysia and Singapore have resolved long-standing disputes over land and water that have plagued ties between the two neighbours for the past 20 years.
2.  Malaysia will relocate its railway station near Singapore's central business district to an area close to one of the two bridges linking the two countries, freeing up land in the city-state for redevelopment.
3.  Singapore said in turn it would not seek to extend a water agreement dating back to 1961, which allowed the city-state to buy water from the southern Malaysian state of Johor at below-market rates. Singapore will also hand over the waterworks it operates in Johor to the Malaysian state government when the current agreement lapses.

The two countries said the Malayan Railway land will be developed by a joint venture between Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah, which will hold 60 percent, and Singapore state investor Temasek, which will own the balance 40 percent.
Other agreements reached by the two countries include the building of a rapid transit link between Singapore and southern Malaysia, and the joint development of an "iconic project" in Malaysia's Iskandar region by the two countries.

Well..., good work Mr Najib Tun Razak and Mr Lee Hsien Loong...
We are looking forward to a better relationship...

Have a nice day...

It's been 27 years since I last visited Singapore. The last time was in 1983...


Welcome to Malaysia ... Welcome...or  Selamat Datang?
By the way, what language do you speak..???? We forgot to ask !!! He, he....

Come October 2010, some 100 cosmonauts and astronauts will land on Malaysian soil for the first time in history. This "landing" is made possible because of the 23rd Planetary Congress by the Association of Space Explorers, which is scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur from October 5th-10th, 2010. It is reported that these "spacemen"  would share their experience and give talks to about one million students nationwide...

Question:  What language are these spacemen going to use?  Bahasa Melayu? Heh, heh...They don't have time to learn our national language, babe....
Answer: Of course, it will be in English.. What other language can anybody use so that everyone understands.. It must be English...
Question: What will be the talk all about?
Answer:  Of course, it's about scientific and technological items..  Ah, hah !!  PPSMI ....!!!

I told you, I told yer... Dr. Mahathir told yer before....  Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics should be done in English.... PPSMI !!!!    Not that stupid  MBMMBI ....
Now it's happening...
Our students will miss a lot of important facts and knowledge if their command of English is poor.. Definitely..
Our students will miss a lot of scientific and technological facts if they do not understand the English terminology of those words being used by the spacemen....  Hooooo,  what a waste..., What a waste..!!

I really wish the Education Ministry will really look into this again..... Bring back the PPSMI or we, Malaysians, will loose a lot in the near future...

My friend, Mr Liong Kam Chong, have this too say:

Spacemen will likely speak in English

AS Malaysians, we welcome the scheduled “landing” of some 100 cosmonauts and astronauts on Malaysian soil this October.
It is reported that they would share their experience and give inspirational talks to some one million students nationwide over five days during the Association of Space Explorers 23rd Planetary Congress on Oct 5-10 (“From outer space to KL” - The Star, May 22).
An immediate question that arises is: What language would the astronauts and cosmonauts be using? They are from some 35 countries. It is not likely that each will speak in his or her own language.
I believe they will all be speaking in English. And their talks will be impregnated with scientific and technological terms.
To reap the fullest from such talks our students themselves must not only be fluent in English but also be comfortable with the scientific and technological terms and expressions used.
If the proceedings were translated, their impact and significance would be much reduced. Also, if the astronaut or cosmonaut tells a joke in English, its effect on the audience will be delayed; if at all the translation can elicit the same hilarious meaning.
More importantly, our students may miss much from the talks if they have a poor command of English and its use in the world of science and technology.
Here lies one good and important reason why we should rethink our decision to abolish PPSMI (the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English). Mastering English and knowing Science and Mathematics in English is not the same thing. The first compliments the second but does not replace it.
If we want our nation to achieve global standards in science and technology, we should be bringing in more renowned experts to interact with our students in schools and universities.
We may want our students to hear from, and be inspired by a Noble laureate in Physics, Chemistry or Biology, for example. These scholars, researchers and experts in science and technology will most likely speak in English.
Have we prepared our students the best we can? Many parents have expressed their disappointment at the abolition of PPSMI. There is still time to have a relook at the policy.
I urge the Education Ministry to go back to the “lab” and work out a solution that is more palatable to all.

Thanks Liong for having the same wave length as mine....

Have a nice day....

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Date: 22nd May, 2010.
Time 9.00 pm (Malaysian Time).
Venue: Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil, KL.

The 5 finalists:  ADIRA , SHAHIR, DAUS, IWAN and  MAULANA.
Who will be the Champion tonight? If you go by performance, it must be Adira. But if you go by favouritism, Shahir will get it...  The other three will just be the Finalists of the event.......

Hello... It's Live from Bukit Jalil's Putra Stadium....  It's the Final Concert of the 8th Akademi Fantasia, 2010.
Wow !!!! What a start....Colourful... Reds !!!

First Round:
1st on stage tonight:  DAUS... 1st song - "Doktor Pakar Cinta": Lively performance. Full of energy... B+
2nd on stage:  IWAN... 1st song - "Rela Ku Pujuk":  Just, just... Half way through, the original singer, Tam Spider, came on stage to sing along with Iwan... B.
3rd on stage:  MAULANA.. 1st song - RSVP (new song): Not bad. Jazzy tune. Sax on stage..  B+.
4th on stage:  SHAHIR.. 1st song -  Kebahagian Dalam Perpisahan (new song):  Nice song..but, old taste.. Nice vocal.. B+.
5th on stage: ADIRA.. 1st song - Tiru Macam Saya: The song itself is not suitable for her for the Finals. Bad choice, Adira. Hmm.... can only give B.

Second Round:
1st on stage:  IWAN.. 2nd song - VIP (new song):  Nice catchy song .. Average vocal.. B.
2nd on stage: MAULANA.. 2nd song - Susun Silang Kata: Another jazzy song. A bit slack in the vocals... B.
3rd on stage: DAUS..2nd song - Kenapa (new song): Another catchy number. B+.
4th on stage: SHAHIR.. 2nd song - Biru Mata Hitam:  Very bombastic show... In line to be the champion tonight?  An A...
Last on stage: ADIRA .. 2nd song - Ku Ada Kamu (new song): Nice ballad.. Nice voice control... She really nail it this time !!! An A..

We wait for the results......................

5th Place:    IWAN..........
4th Place:    MAULANA.......
3rd Place:   DAUS.....
Runner up:  ADIRA....
Champion:  SHAHIR.....

Have a nice day.....

Friday, May 21, 2010


Now, teachers must have a licence to teach... So, all this while, teachers are without licence? So, all the 4 years in universities that teachers learned to become a teacher are not considered as a "licence" to teach? What about the two teaching practicals the teachers-to-be had in year 3 and year 4 of their university days? Are those assessments not considered as getting a licence to teach?
What about those teachers who have been teaching for 25 years?  30 years?
What is this Education Minister up to??
Why are teachers being "harassed" all the while this year?
Why are teachers being down graded?
Why is the teaching profession made to look as 2nd class??
Why are teachers not allowed to claim travel expenses according to their grades?
Why are teachers made to travel by bus to attend meetings in the Federal capital?
Why? Why? Why?

I need answers.....................


English Language: It's a shameful trend

DR M.A. NAIR, Kuantan, Pahang

THE majority of pupils are generally poor in English but this should not be exacerbated by taking a lackadaisical approach when setting exam papers. We have often seen glaring language errors in exam papers in the past -- both in English and Bahasa Malaysia -- at all levels. Unless this is tackled, we will make students more confused, and our education process a shame.

The exam process is in itself a learning process. A badly written exam paper reflects on the quality of our education.

The Science Paper (018) in the recent Ujian Pengesanan Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah Negeri Pahang is one example where those who set exam papers did not ensure that the questions prepared were in proper English.
The questions apparently confused many pupils sitting the exam.

Some of the questions taken from the exam paper are listed below:

- "The diagram shows three animals which have the difference way to survive of their species."

- "What is inference based on this investigation?"

- "Give observation to support the inference in (a)"

- "Predict what animal Q do if enemies disturb their eggs?"

- "What conclusion can be make from this investigation?"

- "They notes their investigation below. (Mereka mencatat penyiasatan seperti di bawah)"

- "One week life spent (Satu minggu jangkahayat)"

- "Tree days life spent (Tiga hari jangka hayat)"

- "What is observation from this investigation?"

- "Predict the distance of the ping pong balls move which on carpet surface."

- "The diagram shows the relationship between a distance of ball from the torch and the size of the shadow."

When there are errors in exam papers, the value is questionable.

Language teachers are emphasising correct language structures when teaching and the onus is on the school or Education Department to ensure that all question papers are written in proper English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Having an apathetic attitude towards this issue will not only confuse pupils but also affect the learning process and the quality of education.

Unfortunately, this laid-back attitude has crept into the education process at all levels. This, seemingly, can now be observed from primary to the tertiary level of the education process.

When we stress on quality education, we should equally stress on excellence when preparing exam papers. This is essentially taught in training modules for all teachers and is, at all times, emphasised in the education process in developed countries.

Browsing through any exam paper prepared by schools and colleges in developed countries will show how proper exam papers are set, specifically the language used. Many of these exam papers are compiled and sold to the public and can also be found on the Internet.

English language: Long way to mastery

SHAARI ISA, Kuala Lumpur
SHARE the concern expressed by Dr M.A. Nair about the apathetic attitude towards the preparation of examination question papers ("It's a shameful trend" -- NST, May 19). The errors, as given in his letter, are appalling and inexcusable. Nair, like most concerned parents, seems to believe that the crux of the problem lies in the way the question papers were prepared. The errors seem to have risen from a lack of proper checking before the papers went for printing. In other words, the errors reflect the indifferent attitude on the part of the authorities.
It is indeed a shameful thing. If it is due to indifference, the people responsible should be pulled up and dealt with appropriately.
But there may be another side to the story which is even more worrying, that is, proper procedures were adhered to and the people responsible did check the questions and believed that they were written in correct English.
I believe this is the situation. The standard of English is really poor not only among students, but also among teachers and civil servants. We have heard stories about Science and Mathematics teachers who have difficulty expressing themselves in English and have to interject their lessons with Bahasa Malaysia.
I have had occasion to read the foreword in a journal signed by a minister. The foreword, as drafted for the minister by an officer or officers, was written in Bahasa Malaysia using English words. So, too, were the examples given by Nair.
The crux of the problem facing the teaching and learning of English in Malaysia is the time constraint.
A similar problem was faced by students whose mother tongue was not Malay in the learning of Bahasa Malaysia when English was the medium of instruction years back.
English lessons based on repeated corrections in the classroom situation and in exercise books will not solve this problem, whether they are conducted by local or overseas experts, as long as the time constraints remain.
English teachers from overseas have been brought in before without much visible success.
The only way to solve the problem is to move on to a new teaching and learning paradigm.

English language: False confidence

Simple solution... Bring back the English Medium !!!!

Have a  NICE WEEKEND......

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dilemma..., dilemma....., dilemma.....
This episode of  "where are we heading?" will never end...  I just fail to understand why the so called "leaders" couldn't see the importance of learning science and maths in English... It was proven that a few years ago, graduates from local universities couldn't fill in the jobs in the private sectors due to the lack of the mastering of the English language...
When the PPSMI was introduced, it was meant to overcome this issue.. The first few batches are still in varsities and it looks fruitful.. But, alas!!! The whole idea of "killing two birds with one stone" will never be prolonged.
If you are a teacher, you will notice the benefits of this idea brought up by former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Apart from being familiar with the scientific terms and knowledge in Science and Maths (which is very, very important in this modern world), the English language is being injected into the students unofficially... How is that so..??
Learning a certain language is not about "read and write" that particular language. It's mostly about speaking and conversing in that language. If you can't speak and converse in that language, it just simply means that you are not good in that language. That is our main problem here in Malaysia... Students in Malaysia are very shy of speaking English, especially in the rural areas...Learning English as a subject in school is just not enough.. Get it??  We have been doing that from 1977 till 2010 when all schools were and are in the Malay Medium. English is being taught as a subject in schools and it is NOT compulsory to pass it in the public examinations.
From 1977 to 2010, all sorts of approach and techniques have been implimented to make the teaching of English meaningful and relevant, but the result is the same... The standard of English remains below par !!!
So, what's the difference this time? Bringing in new syetems? Bringing in the "Mat Sallehs" to teach English to our kids in school...? Or bringing the Mat Sallehs to learn Bahasa Melayu?? Which is which??
To me, the environment makes the difference... Make our community speak English to the maksimum... Have a situation where everybody speak English. Imagine that we are in London. Everybody communicates in English. That's where the school kids put English into practice... This was what Dr. Mahathir had in mind. More English in class. English in Maths and Science classes... When kids do that in school, they do that at home.. By hook or by crook, the parents have to speak English at home!! See the connection...?
But...., that's not to be..  Some wise guys who are pro-Malay language, doesn't take Bread and Butter for breakfast.. They still insist on their usual "Nasi Lemak".. These few hardcores took to the streets at one time, and demanded that the PPSMI be abolished..., fearing that the Malay language will be left behind once the English language takes center stage.. They brought up "MBMMBI" (Memertabatkan Bahasa Melayu, Memperkukuhkan Bahasa Inggeris). It simply means eat Nasi Lemak first, then only you can take Bread and Butter....
I would like to share with you what happened in our school assembly a few weeks ago. My school is a Cluster School (one of the 30 such schools in Malaysia). Being a Cluster school, one of our nitch area is English (Debate and Public Speaking). So, every 2nd week of the month, our weekly assembly is being conducted in English. Every single speech, announcements, reports, etc, etc..are to be conducted in English. Even, the speech by the Principal is in English. Now, what happened was that, the report by the Teacher on Duty was being delivered in Bahasa Melayu. Of course, by the Bahasa Melayu teacher... She purposely said "I will deliver this report in Bahasa Melayu because I am a Bahasa Melayu teacher!"  How arrogant !!
There were 4 teachers on duty, not one... To say that she doesn't speak English is not true. She was a school girl before, went to university and she learned English.... The point is : She refuse to speak in English. This person should be sent to Madagascar....
Back to our topic...
The importance of the English language in getting knowledge through the internet is another factor to reckon with. Todays modern world demands srudents to access facts and figures via the internet. You just cannot rely on your "Utusan Malaysia" or "Kosmo" or "Harian Metro" for the latest scientific facts and figures. And 99.99% of the facts and figures are in English. Why is that so....?  Because almost everybody read and write in English. If you want your "writings and ideas" to be read worldwide, write in English. This is exactly what I'm doing now... I want the whole world to read my blog.
Students nowadays are advance. They follow the trend. They can master anything in a short time frame.. That's what I've observed my present students are.... And our job as teachers in such Cluster Schools, is to guide students to greater heights... That's where we produced excellent top class students in public exams, just like Akmal Hidayat Sabri did last year in the SPM 2009. We prepare these students for further studies overseas, to famous and well-known universities worldwide, be it in Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, China or Canada.... And to study there..., these students need the English language, for sure... They will come back to Malaysia to speak Bahasa Melayu, but they need English to study abroad.... See the point.!!!

So, having a "flip-flop" education system will eventual head Malaysia back to the 1980s...., the Nasi Lemak batch of students...
Why not have 2 types of breakfast for Malaysians to choose:
"MALAY MEDIUM"   and    ENGLISH MEDIUM"    in schools........

Nice one this time.............
Have a nice day....

Three more from the Papers today..

Why our grads flock overseas

IT WAS reported that hundreds of engineering graduates from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia leave the country to work in Singapore every year and the university's vice-chancellor said the recruitment by Singapore companies showed that local graduates had “global appeal”. That is one way of looking at it but it also shows that foreign countries are a magnet to local graduates who spurn the local scenario.
He said the only way is for Malaysian recruitment and headhunting agencies to be aggressive in making locals work in the country. The trouble is, you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink.
Public Service Department director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam said Malaysia could not compare in terms of salaries because Singapore offers higher pay.
Of course, Singapore can afford it. It has no petroleum, palm oil, rubber or timber but has a GDP three times ours. The per capita GDP of Taiwan and South Korea are roughly 2.5 times and double ours respectively. Going back to 1970, the GDP in all these countries were more or less equal.
Now imagine a graduate earning RM2,500 per month in Malaysia can earn S$3,000 in Singapore with a jump to S$5,000 after confirmation in three months. Why would he want to reject Singapore?
Ismail also said, “But we can offer better working packages for our graduates and convince them on moral and ethical grounds”. I don't think we can convince our graduates to stay put on the basis of “moral and ethical grounds”. Going to greener pastures to better one's life has nothing to do with morality or ethics. It is a question of self-development.
The president of the Female Graduates Association Datin Fauziah Mohd Ramly said the phenomena of graduates leaving the country “showed that Malaysian youths lacked patriotism”.
Here again, I submit that the question of “patriotism” is misplaced. The relevant question is, are you doing what is best for you and your family?
Therefore, the responsibility of keeping graduates satisfied so that they don't migrate rests with the state. Patriotism must come from within the citizen. The state can inspire this by fair-minded policies of governance.
Malaysia's brain drain seems to be escalating. Why? Many are dismayed by the rising crime rate, over-zealous religious measures, corruption and mismanagement and a flip-flop education system. If our education system is the best for us, then why is it that our VIPs send their children to international schools or abroad?
Some in Johor commute to and fro Singapore to attend schools in the island state. From schools they go to universities there and most probably end up working in Singapore for mutual benefit.
Singapore has some of the top universities in the world. How come ours don't come anywhere near those across the causeway?
In the light of the ominous brain drain, there is little hope of us becoming a developed nation by 2020. The authorities must take the bull by its horns in attempting remedial measures to arrest the deteriorating situation instead of scapegoating overseas countries as “poachers” of our intellectual property.

English language: Let's be realistic

PATRICK TEH, Ipoh, Perak
REFER to the letter from M.A.T., "Bahasa a heritage to be proud of" (NST, May 5). Bahasa Malaysia has been in the front seat of our education system for more than three decades. But thousands of local graduates can hardly compete with others and many remain jobless for years after graduation. The developments in science and technology are moving too fast. Even well-established nations, like Japan and Germany, have to learn English to keep abreast. Feeling proud of one's language is natural, but one should not overlook reality.

Many nationalists like M.A.T., who advocate "Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa" to others, would quietly ensure that their children receive a good English education through private tuition or at international schools. They might even send them overseas to study.

There is no question that every nation would like to preserve and develop its language to a level that would be internationally recognised.
I need not delve into the complex factors that allowed English to reach this level of acceptance worldwide except to say, once a language has reached the level of global acceptance, it is almost impossible for another language to replace it.

Japan, being the second-most economically powerful nation in the world, would prefer not to waste its time promoting Japanese to match English globally. It would be smarter for the Japanese to learn English, instead of wasting resources on promoting the Japanese language.

Being pragmatic, parents in China have not only embraced English but are sending their children to the United States for further studies. Does that mean they are not confident about Mandarin? Have the Chinese become less important on the world stage by learning to speak reasonably good English?

In fact, their willingness to accept and master a foreign language has impressed the world.

By mastering English but still speaking their mother tongue and practising their cultures, the people of China and India are just enriching their cultures to become more efficient.

We are living in a borderless world and we need a lingua franca to bridge peoples. I was so glad to speak in English to Hassan, an Omani, recently. He spoke better English than many young Malaysians I know. I am sure he is proud of his Omani heritage but he is also equally proud of his good command of English.

In my short conversation with Hassan, I learned so much about Oman and the unique culture of the Omanis. Imagine if there were no English to bridge the two of us. We would perhaps have needed sign language to communicate.

English language: A matter of pride

KRISHNAN UNNI, Alor Gajah, Malacca
AM proud to be a Malaysian. During my visits overseas, the general comment I get from people I talk to is that "you Malaysians can speak very good English". It is indeed a matter of pride for Malaysians that our past and present Malaysian leaders do not require an English language interpreter when meeting leaders of other nations.

I feel very proud that our leaders can communicate so proficiently in English while leaders of many other nations need an interpreter.

But if our present leaders do not emphasise the need to master English, our future generations will definitely be lost and left behind in comparison with their counterparts in other countries.

If we continue to give less importance to English, just imagine a time in the future when someone of the current generation takes over. The Malaysian leader may find himself in an embarrassing or awkward situation.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Simple but wonderful....
All done by the students.. The teachers have no say.....

The official morning assembly...
Awewan on duty...
 That's the whole 700 plus students of Derma...
The opening ceremony....

By the time I'm writing this post, the students and teachers are all having fun playing games......
I'll add more pictures later...
It's 11.00 am now.....

We, teachers of Derma, throw a special feast to all the students on this special day...

The "gulai kawah"..., beef curry mixed with potatoes...
 Teachers serving food to the students.....
 Students getting their share.....
 Mr. Lee Kean Yap  (Chemistry teacher) serving rice....
 Eh... someone gave me a red Rose....

Happenings..... .
The students are all in the hall now..(12.00pm).  It's show time!!!!!
See you later..............

The D'Dermarian Band... Daeng, Suhail, Kevin, Keong - 1Malaysia !!
big crowd......
 The whole crowd.......
 waah.... these two lovely ex-Dermarians came to see the show....
The Birthday Cake....??????
Well, the show is still on at the moment.... Will finish at 2.00pm.

Have a nice day....... 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Teachers Day...2

I am a teacher. I cannot say more. You can... They can....The public can...

Teachers: Give them credit for a daunting task

KHALID MOHAMAD, Negri Sembilan
I REFER to the letters from Dr M.A. Nair "The poor can only sit and pray" and Samuel Yesuiah's "Children of the night are running riot" (NST, May 12 ).

There are people who only know how to criticise the teachers. Ask any teacher if there are enough hours in a day to tackle the issues they face at school and the answer will be "no". Discipline problems and student' hooliganism are among the major problems.

Many parents are busy seeing to their financial standing and neglect their duty as parents, thus burdening teachers with this responsibility.

That is why we are seeing a lot of social ills involving youths.

Meetings? Ask the principals and the state Education Department what they demand from teachers.

More effort and time are being spent today by teachers just to fulfil these demands. The demands are being made as if teachers don't have families.
Those who ask that courses for teachers be held on weekends or during the term breaks don't know that teachers spend seven days a week working with no rest. This is an offence under labour laws.

Teaching the future generations is not everyone's cup of tea. Credit should be given to teachers.

Just ask any parent whether handling two or three kids is a daunting task. Now, just imagine parenting, educating and instilling good manners into 30 to 40 children day in, day out. Then there are the menial tasks that teachers have to perform, tasks that could be given to clerks.

Not everybody can shoulder these responsibilities. Our future hangs on teachers: they could jeopardise our future or educate us to be world beaters.

Have a nice day.....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

AF 8 - The FINALISTs......

Well, well, well..., the time has come..
The 5 Finalists of the Akademi Fantasia 8 are:


Sorry  AIN...
Have a nice day... 

TEACHER'S DAY....16th May.

When I became a teacher, little did I know that this profession is that BIG... I thought teaching is easy as A,B,C..,but, my god..., it is A to Z !!! It is Zero to Infinity ...!!!

March 1979:  My first teaching practical in Datok Hamzah Secondary School in Port Klang, Selangor. It's an all boys school and you can understand the level of discipline.. I taught Biology and Science for the 4th formers. Being a young teacher at the age of 21, students were my friends.. It was fun.. We played soccer on Teacher's Day and there was a stage show I remembered I sang "Help Me Make It Through The Night" with my folk guitar...

March 1980:  My second teaching practical in STAR (Sekolah Tengku Ampuan Rahimah), Klang, Selangor.. The school was co-ed. I taught Science for Form 2. It was in the afternoon session.. Teaching science was fun in those days because students were eager to do find out new things.... The students in STAR were active and they do funny things... On Teacher's Day, we had class parties, games (Teachers vs Students), Teacher's Day Concert.... And of course, I received a lot of gifts !!!

Jun 1980:  Posted to Perlis...to  Syed Alwi Secondary School, Kayang.. Was forced to teach BM (Bahasa Melayu) by the Headmaster (Wan Fadzil). I graduated in Biology and BioChemistry from UPM and this fella forced me to teach BM !! No common sense.... I was pushed to the afternoon session to teach BM for the Form 1s and Form 2s. But one nice lady teacher (cikgu Aishah) sympathized with me and made arrangement with the afternoon Senior Assistant to change with her time table. She was teaching Science and she graduated in BM.
So, I got to teach Science Form 1 and Form 2.
But I was transferred after 3 months in Syed Alwi. The reason was because I used 10 cans of butane gas for science experiments per week. The Headmaster scolded me for making students do experiments and using all the butane gas (Bunsen burners) where he said I should have made demonstrations only to the students... Can you imagine that???

September 1980: I was transferred 24 hours to Syed Hassan Secondary Schoool.  Met the headmaster (Mr Yahaya Othman) who persuaded me to teach Maths for the Form 5s. There was no Maths teachers available for that level (those days there were not many Maths graduates) and I took up the challenge... Moreover, the year before that, no one passed the Maths paper in the SPM..(surprised!!).
For 3 months, I taught Maths for the SPM candidates(3 classes) and guess what...? That year, the percentage of passes in the SPM exam for Maths was 18%.  The Headmaster was so pleased that he made me taught Maths Form 5 every year. I was made a Maths examiner by the Examination Syndicate of Malaysia under his recommendation till today.... That began in 1981.
I built an empire in Syed Hassan Secondary School from 1981 to 1991. That school was a grade D school before I came. Nobody wanted to study there because of so many negative achievements by the school. I started off with composing the school song "Bertekun Kunci Kejayaan" so that the students will love the school.. To love your school is to come to school and do things for the school.. And...that was the start of all pleasant things...

Year by year, SMSH (Syed Hassan Secondary School) made its mark. From studies to sports, music, you name it....., it was SMSH all the way....until somebody evil forced me out!! Envy by what I achieved in SMSH, this guy made false accusations on me and I was transferred 24 hours out of SMSH...

December 1991: I was in Arau Secondary School, a new school. There were no school buildings and we had to squat for three years at Tengku Budriah Primary School in the afternoon.... I went through those 3 gruelling years with sadness and anger...By 1995, the school buildings of Arau Secondary School were up and we moved in. It was back to basics... We put up day by day... and in 1997, the person who "kicked" me out of SMSH came to see me in school. He was then the Director of Education of Perlis. He brought along my transfer letter. I was to transfer back to SMSH in September 1997. I showed my anger by tearing the letter in front of him.. I showed my disrespect to him.. I didn't care.. I was upset.. I cried inside..
The Director went back. I stay put. The Headmaster consoled me and asked me to consider the transfer... I didn't...

January 1998: Another tranfer letter came to me. This time, it was from the Ministry of Education. I was to tranfer to SMSH to take up the job as coach of the "Tunas Cemerlang" joint programme by the Education Ministry and the National Sports Council. I couldn't resist this time because I love "Track and Field" so much.
So, I was back in SMSH for the second time...until 2002  SMSH later on became the Sports School of Perlis.

August 2002: Transferred to Padang Siding Secondary School in Pauh, a new school. Reason: Another case of envy and jealousy by some people in the Education Department of Perlis. This time it was the Head of the Sports Sector. He was doing the wrong thing, and I criticized his method of doing things. He was offended and transferred me out of SMSH. That's the prize I got for being vocal. How can I follow some stupid orders, to take my athletes for an "army alike" camp 5 days before the MSSM meet. He forced every athletes of Perlis to attend the camp at Timah Tasoh to make the athletes tired and not win the competition. I did not attend the camp (*as Chief Coach) but all my athletes had to, or they will not be allowed to represent the state. They had no choice.

Obviously, that year, 2002, no one won anything... And...I was to be blamed !!! As Chief Coach, I was to be blamed for not getting any medals!!! You see..., you see... Some big guys have stupid minds !!!!
Nothing much to say on my 6-year stay in Padang Siding, except teaching and grooming kids to excel in their studies.. Actually, it was the first time in my teaching carrier, I had nothing to do after school... I took up golf and had my handicap down to 14.  I made friends with Tiger woods thro' his website and he was about to come to Malaysia to play with me... I was the Manager of the SUKMA golf team for 3 games.

February 2009: Transferred to Derma English Secondary School (DESS) on the ticket of being the teacher in charge of the Orchestra and Brass Band (the niche area of this Cluster School). The school was having problems with the two music teachers and I was supposed to be the middle man. I don't have a degree in Music like the two teachers do, but I studied music until the Berklee School of Music (Correspondance) and was one of the arrangers of the Perlis Indra Kayangan Orchestra way back in 1987. I used to have my own band and have recorded songs at RTM. I am a keyboardist and could read and play music.
But one of the music teacher got frustrated and transferred himself out. The other teacher came to me and said directly on my face " WE DON'T NEED YOU !!".  We have Mr. X and Mr Y to help us....  This was said 3 days before the Brass Band competition held in Johore, last year in August.  So..politics is here in schools...
That's the problem with some teachers in schools.. So, I cannot get close to the Music Department in my school.
It's about Maths teaching again in Derma. And I feel comfortable teaching Dermarians... Students are 1st class and I love them..., except the music group!!! They have their own group and good luck to them....

wooo.....long episode, eh...  HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY...
Have a nice day....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

AF 8 - 9th Concert - Live Comments...

Hello..what a hectic week..
The Thomas Cup/Uber Cup Badminton tournament took center stage this week.. And, of course, Malaysia didn't make it to the Finals..

Back to the Akademi Fantasia 9th Concert tonight. One more to the Final concert next week... Who will go out tonight??  Who will perform in the Finals ?? Let's see how they perform.....

1st contestant:  ADIRA - Mercy / Dua (medley): Vocals good. No doubt. Hmm... B+ only..
2nd contestant: MAULANA - Better Man/Inilah Cinta: 1st song - good. 2nd song - good. Both songs seem to be the correct choice... B+.
3rd contestant: DAUS - Masa/Mission Impossible: 1st song - Poor. 2nd song - eeeh...what is that? Only B-.
4th contestant: AIN - Luka Dilukai/Falling for You: 1st song - Just, just... 2nd song - Okay, not bad.  B.
5th contestant: IWAN -  21 Guns/Berlari: 1st song - good tone. 2nd song - Indonesian style... This guy will be good in bands/groups... B+.
6th contestants: SHAHIR - Tak Mungkin Berpaling/Tamally Maak:  1st song - pitching out(2x). 2nd song - his brand of song..., well delivered.  B+.

Well... it's done.. Very tight...
The 5 Finalist are....... have to wait until tomorrow....

Have a nice day...


UBER CUP - Badminton

For the first time in history, South Korea became the Champions of the Uber's Cup, beating China 3-1 at the Bukit Jalil's Putra Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia....
South Korea have entered the Finals 6 times and today, they managed to bring down the Great Wall of China in a dramatic finals....
What a show by the Korean girls who never even have a chance before they stepped into court..
South Korea took the 1st singles by surprise, beating the world's number 1 ranked singles player in the world, from China. They made it 2-0 when their 1st doubles won. China, however, made it 1-2 when their 2nd singles won....
Then came the dramatic 2nd doubles of South Korea who overcame all odds to beat the 2nd pair of China in three sets..., the rubber being 21-19.
Congratulations to South Korea for this achievement... It's something that the other teams, especially Malaysia, can take note that the Great Wall of China could be brought down !!!!

Have a nice day....

Can INDONESIA do it tomorrow in the Thomas Cup???

Friday, May 14, 2010

SPORTS DAY 2010....

I delayed this post because of the on going Thomas Cup....
SMK Derma held this year's sports from 11th to 13th May, 2010. It was just a "Mini Sports" due to the condition of the school field.
Raja House (yellow house) came out champions with a massive 100 odd points ahead of the second placed House...
The Winners.... "Raja House" ......

Have a nice day.....



That's the semi-final results.
China will meet Indonesia in the Finals of the Thomas Cup this Sunday....

So, Malaysia... the Thomas Cup dream is down the drain again...
You just cannot afford to make silly mistakes at this stage, like the one we did against Japan. Should not have lost to Japan in the first place !! Indonesia were given a much easier passage to the Finals.... It should have been Malaysia versus Indonesia in the semis, if we had won against Japan....

We missed another golden chance!!

Have a nice weekend...

Thomas Cup - Malaysia vs China (SF 2)... Live Comments..

Date: 14th May, 2010
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.
Crowd: 12,000

Woooooo...., what an atmosphere !!! 12,000 Malaysian supporters
China choose to wear yellow, instead of the normal red.
Malaysia, of course in orange..., the colour of the tiger !!!
Mexican wave in progress....

1st Singles: Lee Chong Wei versus Lin Dan.
1st Set:
0-1...  1-1... 1-2... 2-2 good net play by Chong Wei..  3-2...  3-3 mistake by Chong Wei.  3-4... 3-5 body smash by Lin Dan... 3-6 tight net play by Lin Dan.  3-7.. error by Chong Wei... 3-8. another error... 3-9 another net shot by Lin Dan... 3-10 smash out by Chong Wei...  4-10.  5-10.. 5-11...
6-11 backhand smash into the net by Lin Dan...
Long rally....  6-12...  6-13.. Chong Wei is not that aggressive as usual...  6-14... 7-14 net mistake by Lin Dan... 7-15  ball pushed out by Chong Wei..  8-15.. pushed out by Lin Dan.  8-16..way out by Chong Wei.
9-16.. 1st real smash by Chong Wei..  10-16 another smash by Chong Wei..  11-16.. pushed out by Lin Dan.  11-17 body smash by Lin Dan..
11-18..  12-18 net play by Chong Wei... 13-18..good judgement by Chong Wei.. 14-18, another good judgement at base line..  15-18... 16-18..smash by Chong Wei !!!!.. 16-19 mistake at net.. 16-20..  Long rally... ball in.. 17-20.. Lin Dan complaining??  Players take time out... 17-21 . 1st game to Lin Dan, 25 minutes of play...
2 minutes rest.

2nd set:
0-1..  1-1...  1-2.. same script ??  2-2.. good net play..perfection by Chong Wei.. 2-3... 2-4.. 2-5... Lin Dan showing his class.. 2-6 smash by Lin Dan. 3-6..ball smash out by Lin Dan..
3-7..mistake by Chong Wei.
3-8 pushed out by Chong Wei.
4-8 pushed out by Lin Dan
4-9 misread by Chong Wei at base line
4-10.. smash out by Chong Wei.
5-10 ..cross court net play by Chong Wei.
5-11.. smash by Lin Dan..

6-11 pushed out by Lin Dan
6-12.. bad net play by Chong Wei.
6-13  another bad shot by Chong Wei.
6-14  smash by Lin Dan..
6-15  another bad error by Chong Wei
7-15 . Chong Wei change racket.
7-16  good play by Lin Dan
7-17 smash by Lin Dan
7-18 net play by Lin Dan
8-19 long rally won by Chong Wei. Out for breath
8-20 match point for Lin Dan.
8-21. Game to Lin Dan of China. Lin Dan takes off his shirt and does a "robot show", similar to Michael Jackson !! Arrogant Lin Dan !!

1st Doubles:  Koo Kean Keat/Tan Boon Heong (M)  vs  Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng (C).
1st Set:
1-1 center court smash 272 km/h !!!
2-2 another fast smash
3-3 good placement
3-5. stupid mistake by Malaysia.
3-6 another stupid mistake
3-7 pushed out.
4-7 good smash by KKK
5-7 smash by KKK
6-7 smash
7-7 smash by KKK
7-8 mistake at net
8-8 smash by KKK again
8-9 trick shot by China.
8-10 ball pushed out by Malaysia.
8-11 ball pushed out again...
8-13 smash into net by KKK
8-14 bad net play by TBH
8-15. net play
10-16. smash by KKK
10-17 long rally won by China.
13-18 good smash
14-19. ball in, says linesman
15-20 smash by TBH
15-21 smash into net by KKK.
1st set to CHINA.

2nd Set:
1-0 first point to Malaysia

1-3 TBH smash into net
1-6 another smash into net. What's wrong Malaysia???
2-6. hmmmm

2-7. good smash by China.
3-7. Service fault by China
4-8. good move by KKK
6-13..I'm not concentrating....
8-14 stupid ball....
8-16 pushed out by Malaysia
8-17 out by Malaysia.
10-17 out by China

10-20  no match....pity Malaysia..
Match to China...
Short Rest for me....

2nd Singles: Wong Choon Han vs Chen Jin
1st Set:
0-3. No match, bro...
1-3. Smashed out by Chen Jin
2-4 Drop shot by Choon Han
4-7 pushed out by Choon Han
4-8 pushed out again...
4-10 smash out by Choon Han
5-10. smash out by Chen Jin
5-11. drop shot by Chen Jin
6-12. good smash by Choon Han
7-12 drop by Choon Han
8-13 smash out by Chen Jin
8-15 mistake by Choon Han
9-15 drop by Choon Han
10-15 smashed out.
11-17 out by Choon Han
12-17 smash by Choon han
13-17 long rally, pushed out by Chen Jin
14-19 out by Chen Jin
15-19 good move by Choon Han
16-21 Set to Chen Jin
Rest.  CHINA 2 1/2  MALAYSIA 0

1-0  first point to Choon Han
2-5 smashed out.
3-8 long rally won by Chen Jin
4-9 smash by Choon Han
4-10 bad net play.
Rest.   CHINA 2 3/4   MALAYSIA  0
5-14 smash...
5-15 trick shot..
6-16 pushed out
6-18 Choon Han very tired....
6-19 pushed out
6-20 pushed out... Tired Choon Han
7-21  Game to China


Bye bye Thomas Cup...... Bye bye Malaysia .....

Have a nice day....