Saturday, May 15, 2010

AF 8 - 9th Concert - Live Comments...

Hello..what a hectic week..
The Thomas Cup/Uber Cup Badminton tournament took center stage this week.. And, of course, Malaysia didn't make it to the Finals..

Back to the Akademi Fantasia 9th Concert tonight. One more to the Final concert next week... Who will go out tonight??  Who will perform in the Finals ?? Let's see how they perform.....

1st contestant:  ADIRA - Mercy / Dua (medley): Vocals good. No doubt. Hmm... B+ only..
2nd contestant: MAULANA - Better Man/Inilah Cinta: 1st song - good. 2nd song - good. Both songs seem to be the correct choice... B+.
3rd contestant: DAUS - Masa/Mission Impossible: 1st song - Poor. 2nd song - eeeh...what is that? Only B-.
4th contestant: AIN - Luka Dilukai/Falling for You: 1st song - Just, just... 2nd song - Okay, not bad.  B.
5th contestant: IWAN -  21 Guns/Berlari: 1st song - good tone. 2nd song - Indonesian style... This guy will be good in bands/groups... B+.
6th contestants: SHAHIR - Tak Mungkin Berpaling/Tamally Maak:  1st song - pitching out(2x). 2nd song - his brand of song..., well delivered.  B+.

Well... it's done.. Very tight...
The 5 Finalist are....... have to wait until tomorrow....

Have a nice day...

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MamaFaMi said...

....based on tonight's performance...

Shahir didn't let his fans down with his show tonight. Infact, I kept rewinding his performance more than 5 times. I didn't get to watch the concert live, as we were out having dinner.

All the best to the six of them. May the best 5 be wisely selected!

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