Monday, May 24, 2010


Welcome to Malaysia ... Welcome...or  Selamat Datang?
By the way, what language do you speak..???? We forgot to ask !!! He, he....

Come October 2010, some 100 cosmonauts and astronauts will land on Malaysian soil for the first time in history. This "landing" is made possible because of the 23rd Planetary Congress by the Association of Space Explorers, which is scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur from October 5th-10th, 2010. It is reported that these "spacemen"  would share their experience and give talks to about one million students nationwide...

Question:  What language are these spacemen going to use?  Bahasa Melayu? Heh, heh...They don't have time to learn our national language, babe....
Answer: Of course, it will be in English.. What other language can anybody use so that everyone understands.. It must be English...
Question: What will be the talk all about?
Answer:  Of course, it's about scientific and technological items..  Ah, hah !!  PPSMI ....!!!

I told you, I told yer... Dr. Mahathir told yer before....  Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics should be done in English.... PPSMI !!!!    Not that stupid  MBMMBI ....
Now it's happening...
Our students will miss a lot of important facts and knowledge if their command of English is poor.. Definitely..
Our students will miss a lot of scientific and technological facts if they do not understand the English terminology of those words being used by the spacemen....  Hooooo,  what a waste..., What a waste..!!

I really wish the Education Ministry will really look into this again..... Bring back the PPSMI or we, Malaysians, will loose a lot in the near future...

My friend, Mr Liong Kam Chong, have this too say:

Spacemen will likely speak in English

AS Malaysians, we welcome the scheduled “landing” of some 100 cosmonauts and astronauts on Malaysian soil this October.
It is reported that they would share their experience and give inspirational talks to some one million students nationwide over five days during the Association of Space Explorers 23rd Planetary Congress on Oct 5-10 (“From outer space to KL” - The Star, May 22).
An immediate question that arises is: What language would the astronauts and cosmonauts be using? They are from some 35 countries. It is not likely that each will speak in his or her own language.
I believe they will all be speaking in English. And their talks will be impregnated with scientific and technological terms.
To reap the fullest from such talks our students themselves must not only be fluent in English but also be comfortable with the scientific and technological terms and expressions used.
If the proceedings were translated, their impact and significance would be much reduced. Also, if the astronaut or cosmonaut tells a joke in English, its effect on the audience will be delayed; if at all the translation can elicit the same hilarious meaning.
More importantly, our students may miss much from the talks if they have a poor command of English and its use in the world of science and technology.
Here lies one good and important reason why we should rethink our decision to abolish PPSMI (the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English). Mastering English and knowing Science and Mathematics in English is not the same thing. The first compliments the second but does not replace it.
If we want our nation to achieve global standards in science and technology, we should be bringing in more renowned experts to interact with our students in schools and universities.
We may want our students to hear from, and be inspired by a Noble laureate in Physics, Chemistry or Biology, for example. These scholars, researchers and experts in science and technology will most likely speak in English.
Have we prepared our students the best we can? Many parents have expressed their disappointment at the abolition of PPSMI. There is still time to have a relook at the policy.
I urge the Education Ministry to go back to the “lab” and work out a solution that is more palatable to all.

Thanks Liong for having the same wave length as mine....

Have a nice day....

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