Monday, May 24, 2010


After 20 years of "tense" relationship between the two countries, the Prime Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore met and both came out smiling at the press conference... What a sigh....
It seems that both countries have "forgive and forget" and here are the good news:
1.  Malaysia and Singapore have resolved long-standing disputes over land and water that have plagued ties between the two neighbours for the past 20 years.
2.  Malaysia will relocate its railway station near Singapore's central business district to an area close to one of the two bridges linking the two countries, freeing up land in the city-state for redevelopment.
3.  Singapore said in turn it would not seek to extend a water agreement dating back to 1961, which allowed the city-state to buy water from the southern Malaysian state of Johor at below-market rates. Singapore will also hand over the waterworks it operates in Johor to the Malaysian state government when the current agreement lapses.

The two countries said the Malayan Railway land will be developed by a joint venture between Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah, which will hold 60 percent, and Singapore state investor Temasek, which will own the balance 40 percent.
Other agreements reached by the two countries include the building of a rapid transit link between Singapore and southern Malaysia, and the joint development of an "iconic project" in Malaysia's Iskandar region by the two countries.

Well..., good work Mr Najib Tun Razak and Mr Lee Hsien Loong...
We are looking forward to a better relationship...

Have a nice day...

It's been 27 years since I last visited Singapore. The last time was in 1983...


Liz Flores said...


If they are good news for both countries, I'm glad from the bottom of my heart.
Any good proposal must be supported for the benefit of an entire community.

Sorry my english is not very good, however I wanted to come to read you and know more of Malaysia.

I am sending you a big hug with smell of coffee of my land.

DESS said...

Liz, I've just received your big hug.. Hm..,yeah, with the smell of coffee..., hi, hi..
You're welcome to get to know of Malaysia. In fact, you are welcome to come over to Malaysia, anytime..
I'll wait with a big hug with the smell of "durians" and "mangoes"..
Nice to know you.
Have a nice day...

Liz Flores said...

humm the mango is my favorite fruit. Thanks for your hugs.
I follow you.

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