Monday, May 10, 2010

PPSMI vs MBMMBI.....2.

Good Question...

Is BM good enough for world of science?

I REFER to the letter “” (Sunday Star, May 9) and I couldn't but agree wholeheartedly.
I was the earliest product of the fragmented Malaysian education system. After finishing six years of Chinese primary school and reporting for remove class in 1975, I was told that there was only Malay medium available as that was the year when the English medium was abolished.
By sheer hard work and a stroke of good We cannot afford to ignore the importance of Englishluck I was able to attend medical school later but it was an uphill struggle all the way till graduation.
Not only we had to cope with the tough medical syllabus but also a lot of time and effort had to be spent on trying to understand the subjects which were nearly 100% in English – except for social medicine.
Most of the doctors from my generation are at ease and confident enough to speak publicly in English but there are many who had to struggle. I am sure some of you have come across certain government doctors who are not comfortable at all in speaking English.
Many of my specialist colleagues lament how embarrassing they were during the usual joint medical meetings with their Singaporean counterparts. There was a vast disparity in quality during presentations and Q&A sessions.
We Malaysians might not be lacking in high quality research but the ability and confidence in the presentations count a lot in this kind of high-level meetings.
I have done well in Bahasa Malaysia in school and public examinations and speak the language fluently, but now I have difficulty in reading my son's textbook. The language has changed so much; many words are alien to me and my generation.
The language has evolved and “progressed” but is it good enough for the world of science and technology? What are the long-term benefits by reverting back to Bahasa Malaysia? Will our children in future fare better than us by studying everything in Bahasa?

Just for thoughts... Don't spoil the future of our kids....
Have a nice day....

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