Monday, May 17, 2010

Teachers Day...2

I am a teacher. I cannot say more. You can... They can....The public can...

Teachers: Give them credit for a daunting task

KHALID MOHAMAD, Negri Sembilan
I REFER to the letters from Dr M.A. Nair "The poor can only sit and pray" and Samuel Yesuiah's "Children of the night are running riot" (NST, May 12 ).

There are people who only know how to criticise the teachers. Ask any teacher if there are enough hours in a day to tackle the issues they face at school and the answer will be "no". Discipline problems and student' hooliganism are among the major problems.

Many parents are busy seeing to their financial standing and neglect their duty as parents, thus burdening teachers with this responsibility.

That is why we are seeing a lot of social ills involving youths.

Meetings? Ask the principals and the state Education Department what they demand from teachers.

More effort and time are being spent today by teachers just to fulfil these demands. The demands are being made as if teachers don't have families.
Those who ask that courses for teachers be held on weekends or during the term breaks don't know that teachers spend seven days a week working with no rest. This is an offence under labour laws.

Teaching the future generations is not everyone's cup of tea. Credit should be given to teachers.

Just ask any parent whether handling two or three kids is a daunting task. Now, just imagine parenting, educating and instilling good manners into 30 to 40 children day in, day out. Then there are the menial tasks that teachers have to perform, tasks that could be given to clerks.

Not everybody can shoulder these responsibilities. Our future hangs on teachers: they could jeopardise our future or educate us to be world beaters.

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