Monday, May 10, 2010

Why pick 15th May??

16th May is TEACHER's DAY....
15th May is "Gotong Royong's" Day....  Why??
Is that Professional?
Or Is it Political?

Teachers deserve appreciation

I WRITE in response to the report “Teachers cry foul over cleaning chores” (The Star, May 8).
When honouring someone, it is appropriate to do something for that person and not make that person do something for us.
As far as I can remember, although it has been some 40 years ago, on Teacher's Day it was always some form of entertainment, surprise or happy event that went a long way to show our appreciation for all that had been done for us, for our children and most importantly the society.
The Education Ministry's idea of peer-bonding by making teachers do “gotong-royong perdana” can be demoralising and yes it does not reflect their professionalism.

Obviously, the one who gave the directive is not a teacher...
In my school, we have a "kenduri" (feast) to celebrate Teacher's day. All the students will be treated with lunch, sponsored by the teachers, besides the students giving the teachers a grand celebration...

Have a nice day...

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