Saturday, June 26, 2010

Online Visitor from KIRIBATI...

I went through DESSMATHS, my other blog, this afternoon. I was surprised to see a flag I'm not familiar with at all... Went through Google search.. And, out came.. KIRIBATI.
So, now I have someone from Kiribati reading my blog..  Just, where is this country, Kiribati?

The Kiribati Flag

Kiribati is a country which comprises of 33 atolls in 3 principal island groups, scattered within an area of about 5 million square kilometers (2 million square miles) in the mid-Pacific Ocean. The 3 island groups are the Gilbert Islands, the Line Islands, and the Phoenix Islands. The country extends about 3,870 kilometers (2,400 miles) from east to west and about 2,050 kilometers (1,275 miles) from north to south and has a coastline of 1,143 kilometers (710 miles). The total land area is 717 square kilometers (277 square miles). The nearest neighbors are Nauru to the west, and Tuvalu and Tokelau to the south.
The capital, Tarawa, is on the island of Bairiki. Bairiki is the most populous island with around 65,000 inhabitants. The nation's largest atoll is Kiritimati (Christmas Island)—in the Line Islands group at the eastern extremity—at 388 square kilometers (150 square miles). The smallest is Banaba Island in the west at 6 square kilometers (2.3 square miles).
In short, it is located in the middle between Hawaii and Australia....
The population of Kiribati is just over 100,000. The people are know locally as I-Kiribati. Most Kiribati are ethnically Micronesian (78 percent). The population is mainly urban and more than two-thirds (65,000) live on Tarawa atoll. Their chief exports are copra, seaweed and fish.
Kiribati's industry is quite limited and mainly consists of fishing processing and handicraft for tourists and for export.

The location of Kiribati.
The raw beach on one of the island..
Aerial view 
 The Kiribatis greeting tourists..
Another aerial view of some of the islands..
Kiribati young dancers...
Scuba diving in Kiribati...
I hope to go Kiribati one of these days... Hello Kiribati !!!!
Have a nice day...

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Liz Flores said...

Woooww Beautiful place!!
Kiribati es a dream.

Regards Dess =)

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