Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chocolates in Langkawi are Taxable...??

I had the shock of my life today.. On going through the Custom's checkpoint in Langkawi, I was stopped by one of the officers on duty. He made me to declare what I had bought.
I showed him the two plastic bags of chocolates... And, he asked me for the receipt. Luckily, I had that kept.
The receipt showed that I had bought RM177.70 worth of chocolate goods. That's all....
The officer said it was taxable. He even showed me the list of items that are taxable. Yes, it was stated that chocolates are one of them!!

The 2 plastic bags of chocolates ..
The RM177.70 receipt...
Langkawi !! Where is your "duty free" status? Why chocolates are taxable??
I am shocked............

I'm not having a nice day in Langkawi !!!

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