Monday, July 26, 2010

A school for pregnant teens?

What????  SMK Pregnant ?? I came across this article in the NST papers today. Would like to share it with you...

MALACCA: The state government has come up with a noble idea to prevent baby dumping among teenagers.
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the state government was willing to support not just the nikah (solemnisation) fee of young couples but would also give them RM500 each.
Saying Muslim teenagers in the state were encouraged to get married early if they feel the urge to do so, Ali said this would help to prevent babies from being abandoned.

"The state government has decided to promote and help teenagers who want to get married as we strongly feel that this is the best way to prevent them, including school kids, from committing sin and worse, dumping their newborns.
"I am willing to meet the teenagers' parents and seek their blessings on behalf of their children. The government will also help them financially to see that the marriages are solemnised," he said after officiating the state's Book Village third anniversary celebration and launching of Malacca "Makan-makan" and "Membeli-belah" books at the Botanical Cafe, Ayer Keroh here yesterday.

Ali said: "Baby dumping cases usually happen among the Muslim community as teenagers were desperate to conceal their pregnancies. Some of the girls were also disowned by their families.
"They do not perform abortions as this is prohibited in Islam. So, they take the shortcut to solve their problem by dumping their newborns. We do not want this to continue. It has to be stopped."
Ali said the state government was also considering building a special school for pregnant teenagers.

"In the event normal schools cannot accept pregnant girls, we are going to build a school just for them.
"This school will cater to those who are legitimately married.
"But, for unmarried teenagers, they also can be part of the school but with one condition -- they must marry the baby's father."

Ali said teenagers from other states could also join the school.
"This problem has become a disease of sorts. We cannot just turn our backs and think that this is not our problem.
"The best way is to take an effective counter-measure.
"We also have plans to provide financial help for young couples. Maybe they will be made eligible for welfare aid. We will also help them to take very good care of their newborns."

My Comments: After all, the idea is a noble one...
But, Prevention is Better that Cure !!

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sephia said...

aiya..not all the parents will agree.

DESS said...

Have to choose. Which is better? Throw away babies or get married and go to SMK Pregnant, Malacca.
Of course, "pencegahan" is better..

Anonymous said...

the school will double every 9 months

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