Sunday, July 25, 2010

Singaporeans Complaining.....

Current Pump Prices                    Singapore Dollar - Malaysian Ringgit   
Petrol - RON97: RM$2.10/litre
Petrol - RON95: RM$1.85/litre
1 SING$ = RM$2.32

When Malaysia raised the price of petrol (Ron 95) by RM0.05 from RM1.80 to RM1.85, no Malaysian complained.  Singaporeans are the ones who are complaining !!!  Funny, after all these years ...

1. Starting 1 Aug 2010, Singapore Registered vehicles will not be able to pump petrol with RON95 grade at all within Malaysia. Enforcement officers will be in patrol around border towns, especially in Johor Bahru.
2. Starting effectively, there will be an increase in fuel price for both RON95 and RON97 petrol as such:
i. RON95 petrol, while still being subsidized by Malaysian government, will be priced at RM$1.85/litre and will be only available to Malaysian Registered vehicles.
ii. RON97 petrol will no longer be subsidized by Malaysian government, and the price is subjected to market forces. As of last night, the price for RON97 is RM$2.10 in Johor Bahru, against a price of RM$2.05 just last week.
3. Thus for RON 97 petrol, there is no longer any restriction in the amount of petrol that can be topped up by Singapore Registered vehicles.
In the long run, the price of RON97 will probably increase further, especially in towns like Johor Bahru due to the high petrol demand from Singapore vehicles.

What is the current pump price of petrol in Singapore?
The 92-octane unleaded petrol is now priced at S$2.213 (RM5.13) per litre, the 95-octane unleaded at S$2.246 (RM5.21) a litre and the 98-octane grade petrol costs S$2.32 (RM5.38) a litre.

Not that it is much to complain for now. The current price of RM$2.10/litre of RON97 is still a good 57.0% discount from Singapore prices. Simple mathematics shows that Singaporeans only pay S$0.90 for a litre of Malaysian RON97 petrol...
Still want to complain??   ?&*^%$#@!>!!
Learn to respect Malaysian laws.... OR better still, buy Singapore's petrol. There's a lot of unused stock at your kiosks....
For those who owns a Singapore-registered car, please buy Singapore petrol as well.. You are NOT eligible to get the government subsidized fuel as well...

It doesn't end there.. Singaporeans get to buy other goods at more than 60% the price of the same goods sold in Singapore.. On the other hand, Malaysians cannot go shopping in Singapore because it is not economical to do so.. Your "murtabak" cost RM18.00 each. It costs only RM2.00 in Kangar. That's 900% more than it cost here in Kangar !!

No offence, Singaporeans.. Just my simple thoughts..
Have a nice day....

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