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Many favour corporal punishment to curb truancy and indiscipline among schoolchildren.
 Picture taken from NST, Sunday 8th July 2010, page 24.

Day by day we hear voices and shows of indiscipline in schools. Students skipping school, smoking in school toilets, bullying, and worst still, gangsterism is on the rise.....
Are teachers being too soft? Or, are their hands being tied...
The answer is Both !!
As long as their hands are tied, teachers have no power to take action. This simply means students have the power to do whatever they like..
Don't blame teachers for the decline in school discipline.. Parents make it worst.. Parents tend to take sides when involving their children.. Indiscipline parents creates indiscipline students... Simple as that. And as long as the canes are not back..., the indiscipline in schools will stay as it is now....

Below are some of the comments made public in the newspapers today...

Teachers too soft?: Fear and pain will bring order

SAMUEL YESUIAH, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

THE students of today put those of yesteryear to shame with their boldness and violent nature.
Students today are more boisterous and rebellious because they are more aware of their rights and the limitations of the teacher.
The teacher is bound by rigid guidelines and rules when enforcing discipline. Caning, the most feared punishment in the old days, is forbidden today and can only be used by the headmaster under specific conditions.
In the old days, every teacher kept a tight leash on the students. Today discipline is handled by some specialised teachers only.
Widespread student indiscipline today tells us that the education system needs to be revamped. Having students who are not academically inclined is a waste of human potential and a nerve-wracking experience for more bookish students and teachers.

These students should be sent to vocational or technical schools where they can learn some skills.
The short-term treatment to tackling indiscipline in schools is to bring back the cane.
Public caning will reduce disciplinary problems in schools. Fear and pain will bring them to their senses.
Psychology and counselling may not work with these hardcore students, only stern disciplinary action can change them.

Teachers too soft?: Any ideas to discipline children?


TEACHERS work hard to create new teaching materials and to open up the minds of students. But imagine students talking and making jokes in class. Some make funny faces or smile when the teacher is discussing a serious matter. How do parents expect teachers to keep these students in line? Some parents suggest counselling. Will this work?
In some schools, there are students who form gangs and get into fights. These cases are on the increase because other students tend to follow the bad example of their peers.
Can parents, who complain about the way their children are being disciplined in schools, keep them in check on their own without the help of teachers and school disciplinary boards?

It's a worldwide problem


INDISCIPLINE among schoolchildren is a problem worldwide, not just in Malaysia. Don't just blame "our system". It's part of the pervasive modern, high-pressure and materialistic culture we live in. It is clear that parents have abdicated their responsibility. I support maintaining corporal punishment to control undisciplined children, but it should not result in any long-term injury.

"Spare the rod and spoil the child" is an aphorism that will always be applicable. By extension, that's why we have jails.

Teachers too soft?: They helped to mould us with care

AZALEE, Kuala Lumpur

I REMEMBER when I was in Year 5, we had this Mathematics teacher who was the fiercest teacher in the school. He used to cane those who skipped class and who didn't do their homework.

They made us what we are today because teachers care and want us to be the best in what we do.

Have a nice day......

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