Thursday, August 26, 2010

Indonesia..., Don't Overdo Please...

INDONESIA !!  Calm down... Cool down....!!  Don't overdo it.....
There is a limit to get angry... Do respect your "serumpun" brothers and sisters..
Get your facts right !!
No one will benefit from what you are doing. Both Malaysia and Indonesia will lose... No more friendly ties. No more Malaysian tourists going to Jakarta, Bandung and Medan. No more Indonesian maids finding jobs in Malaysia. No more Indonesian working and making a fortune in Malaysia...
Just think about it !!!
The stamping and burning of the Jalur Gemilang will just create greater tension. We don't do that here in Malaysia !!
Cool down or there will be another "konfrontasi" between the two countries, just like in the 60's...
We don't want that to happen, do we??

I picked up this news from Bernama:

Indonesian groups step up anti-Malaysia protests 

JAKARTA: Demonstrations by certain groups of people against Malaysia continued Thursday, with the protesters, estimated by the police to number 600, spitting on and burning Malaysian flags as they taunted Indonesian policemen guarding the Malaysian embassy here.

Shouts of "Ganyang Malaysia!" (Down with Malaysia!) were heard as the demonstrators protested against what they claimed to be encroachment by Malaysian authorities in Indonesian waters in the vicinity of Bintan in the Riau Islands on Aug 13.
As emotions ran high, some of the demonstrators hurled stones and slippers at the policemen who prevented them from approaching the main gate of the embassy in an attempt to enter the premises.
One of the demonstrators was arrested by the police for throwing a bamboo pole at the security forces. The pole had been used to fly an Indonesian flag.
In the Aug 13 incident at the Malaysian-Indonesian border in the vicinity of Bintan Island, Malaysian marine police detained three Indonesian maritime and fisheries enforcement officers after those Indonesian authorities arrested seven Malaysian fishermen for trespassing.
Malaysia maintained that the fishermen were in Malaysian waters when they were detained by the Indonesian authorities.
All the officers and fishermen were released by both sides on Aug 17.
The demonstrators Thursday demanded an apology from Malaysia and asked the Indonesian government to recall its ambassador to Kuala Lumpur.
Eventually, leaders of the group managed to calm down their members.
Since Aug 13, several aggressive demonstrations have been staged by small groups of between 20 and 40 people, who damaged the name plaque of the embassy, and climbed the main gate and gate pillars to stand on them.
The damage to property at the embassy was caused by demonstrators from the Laskar Merah Putih group.
The most demeaning act by the demonstrators was the hurling of human faeces into the compound of the embassy by members of the Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendara) on Monday.
It was reported that a small group of Indonesian tertiary students had staged a demonstration outside the Malaysian consulate in Bali.
Meanwhile, for the second consecutive day, the residence of the Malaysian ambassador in Patra Kuningan, southern Jakarta, remained under tight police security following a threat to hurl faeces into the compound.
Bendera and its affiliate group called Pemuda Pemudi Anti-Malaysia had reportedly intended to commit the act at 10am Thursday but did not execute the plan.
The stretch of road in front of the ambassador's residence has been closed to traffic since Wednesday, and police have stationed several of their men in the vicinity. - Bernama

Again...Cool down Indonesia....
Have a nice day...


Mat Indon said...

Totally correct !
Nobody gain anything from those stupid moves, Indonesia!

andy said...

yes. agree with u sir.. :)
nobody will get benefit if indonesian still like this. they need to respect us as we respect them.. we give them opportunity to live in malaysia to earn money and get back to their own country to support their family. they need to remember that and also about the tsunami tragedys,until now,malaysia still send help to acheh especially.. come on malaysia and indonesia,we need to be strong,believe each other so that we can grow up together happily!

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