Friday, August 27, 2010

Just For Thoughts..., No Offence..

I found this article in the net this morning.., and I think it's not a crime to put it in my blog, of course with the original writer's name mentioned....
We need to look at it at a more rational way..., just for thoughts.
Mind you, this is NOT a political blog, but a blog for students and teachers to ponder and wonder what's going on around us... We are supposed to educate students of Malaysia and not pollute them with hidden agenda by certain groups of political extremists...  Just let them learn "Sejarah"....

How Come Asking Someone To Go Home Is A Racist Remark?

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Anonymous Teen said...

Anyone that supports racism/racist is just blind enough to realize the fact that they are eating their own country. What's the meaning of 1Malaysia then? Leave racism, not live racism :)

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