Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New superbug found in Singapore

Picture taken from AsiaOne...
SINGAPORE - THE newly-discovered superbug that has been worrying doctors all over the world has spread to Singapore.
Two patients were infected by the bacteria with the NDM-1 gene early this year, before the superbug threat was highlighted in the medical journal The Lancet last month, said a report in The Straits Times.
The international medical community is worried by the new bacteria, because the NDM-1 gene can jump across different species of bacteria and make them resistant to almost all antibiotics. This includes carbapenems, a group of antibiotics often reserved as a last resort for emergency treatment for multi-drug resistant bugs.
The NDM-1 gene was found in Singapore after local hospitals tested past samples from patients, according to the report in The Straits Times. The two patients include a Singapore resident who had sought medical treatment in India, and a patient from Bangladesh who had come to Singapore for medical treatment.
Both patients were reported to have been admitted to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and had tested positive for drug-resistant bacteria after they displayed signs of infection. They were isolated from other patients and had limited contact with visitors.
Experts have described the threat posed by the NDM-1 superbug as a "time bomb" and called for surveillance measures to be put in place in as many countries as possible.
This supports the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recent statement: "While multi-drug resistant bacteria are not new and will continue to appear, this development requires monitoring and further study to understand the extent and modes of transmission, and to define the most effective measures for control."
The WHO noted that strict hospital infection control measures - such as extensive hand washing - and prudent use of antibiotics have been successful in controlling multidrug-resistant bacteria in many countries.
.... Taken from AsiaOne.

Do be careful if you're travelling to Singapore.. or anywhere else for that matter. Make sure you're in the best of health during travelling...
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