Monday, October 18, 2010

Education Fund from the State Government.

The Perlis State government today issued the "education fund" (dana pendidikan) to all local undergraduates pursuing their studies in local or foreign universities. The cash incentives were handed to the parents of the students at a special simple ceremony in Perlis's Putrajaya at 2.30pm today.

The SUK building a.k.a. Perlis's Putrajaya.

I was invited by my old friend, the Education exco, YB Japferi Othman, to sit at the main table together with the VIPs during the occasion.

As the smallest state in Malaysia, the education fund was not that much, but it helps meet ends need for most of the parents, especially the rural folks...  I am one of them... Thank you Perlis !!!

Have a nice day....

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