Sunday, October 17, 2010

MVSK in Otago High, NEW ZEALAND.

I received an email from Miss Jarinee of Mahavajiravudh Songkhla School (MVSK) a few minutes ago...
21 students and a few teachers of MVSK are in South Otago High School, Balclutha, New Zealand, for 3 weeks under the UCE Thailand project.
 Jarinee with me (February 2010).

Thailand is sending batches of students and teachers to New Zealand and Australia in their UCE Project in an effort to upgrade their "Teaching and Learning of the English Language" programme. This does not include the English Camp programme organised by Thailand's Ministry of Education every week or every month. What I understand is that there are ahead of Malaysia in doing things right... 
On the contrary, Malaysia is only going to import 375 English teachers from the UK and Australia to supervise the upgrade of the teaching of English, as announced in the Budget Speech, last Friday. Thailand is already sending students to New Zealand and Australia...

The South Otago High School, New Zealand.

A bit of infomation on this school:
Nga mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. Warm greetings to you all ...
South Otago High School is located in Balclutha which is 80km south of the city of Dunedin. It is one of the oldest full secondary schools outside of the main cities in the South Island.

Established in 1926, the school is located on a magnificent and spacious site overlooking teh township of Balclutha and the Clutha River.  Emphasis is placed on providing a caring invironment where high standards of academic, sporting and cultural excellence are encouraged.

Key Features

  • Co-educational school, Years 9 - 13 (aged approximately 12 - 18)
  • 520 students
  • Senior roll, Years 12 and 13, of 150 students
  • Wide range or recreational, sporting and cultural activities
  • South Otago High School is the only Year 9 - 13 scecondary school in the Clutha District

Academic Programme

International students are accepted at every level from year 9.  A wide range of courses are offered which cater for a variety of needs and interests.  Subjects include: English, Mathematics, Mathematics with Statistics and Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science, Social Studies, History, Geography, French, Economics, Computer Studies, Accounting, Art, Graphics, Outdoor Education, Physical Education, Music, Technology.

Academic Year

Our Academic year starts at the end of January.  there are four 10 week terms, with two-week holidays in April, July and September.


The school has excellent facilities enabling it to cater to for a wide range of subjects.  These include new physics and bilogy laboratories, music and drama rooms and an information technology suite.  Two gymnasiums are available, with squash courts and a weight training room.

Sporting and Cultural Activities

A wide range of co-curricular activities are provided, including music, drama, and an extensive sporting programme.  Outdoor Education courses include snow caving, skiing, kayaking and tramping, ski trips and educational field trips are arranged for international students.

International Students

The International Students Programme provides our students with an invaluable insight into other cultures. SOHS accepts fee paying and also exchange students from international organisations. The school regularly hosts international students from Asia, North and South America, Scandinavia, and Europe.
The international links and friendships built have proven positive for both overseas and local students. Accommodation with home stay families is an important aspect of this cultural interchange. A Director assists students and helps cater for all their needs, and visits students on a regular basis, in their homestays, to make sure everything is going well.
International students are supported at SOHS by a helpful team of experts. These include Nick Simpson, our principal; John Douglas, the Dean of International Students; Yvonne Sharp who liases with students and coordinates homestays as well as Rachel McDonald, who teaches English to international students for four hours a week. Both SOHS staff and host parents are very experienced in supporting international students and many of our homestay families have hosted students over many years.
The school provides a quality international programme, which is evident in the success our international students go on to achieve. More and more of our international students are choosing to stay on in the area, and go on to study at Universities such as Otago, where some have recently gained honours degrees. We are confident that we provide these young people with the knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve success, in their adult life, in whatever path they choose.

When will we, Dermarians, set our feet in New Zealand?? MVSK has done that...
Have a nice day...



ayu.suff said...

sir , sy ada mmber kat otogo .. kalo xsilap that school lah ... org m'sia , ikt family

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DESS said...

@Ayu: Yes, they have an international school in Otago High.
@Peter (Sweden): Nice idea. Will do that soon...

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