Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visitors from SONGKHLAWITTAYAKOM School, Thailand.

Date: 13th October 2010
Time: 9.30 am
Group: 39 teachers of Songkhlawittayakom School, Songkhla.

We received a group of visitors from Thailand today and it was fruitful. If things go well, a group of teachers from the Songkhlawittayakom School of Songkhla will be coming back to SMK Derma to do an "exchange of teachers and students" programme in the near future ...
This means that some of our teachers and students will go to their school to teach/study in Songkhla, and vice versa... This will be some experience..

Thanks for visiting us here in Kangar...  The group is off to Malacca for a night, on their schedule to Singapore for two days... Have a good time...

Have a nice day.....

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