Monday, November 29, 2010


Year: 1981
Location: Kangar, Perlis.
Place: Sekolah Menengah Syed Hassan.

Just to refresh my mind... those beautiful memories in my 1st year of teaching..., 1981.

In the Staff Room with colleagues..
In Penang with students of 5A..
In class, during year end class party..
The Class Party in 1981.
 On the ferry/boat to Langkawi..
 Some of my students..
  The Langkawi jetty in 1981..
 Some of my athletes in 1981..
 Those days..1981..
 They look sweet...

Have a nice day....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

MALAYSIAN SPORTS - Where are we Heading?

The Asian Games have just ended. Malaysia came out 10th in the medal tally, with just 9 golds from the 477 golds available. That is just a mere 1.88%.
China took away 199 golds (41.71%) as Champions. That is 190 more golds than us.
India took home 14 golds, 5 more than us.

Actually, as a multi-racial country, Malaysia should have easily brought back 100 golds. Why do I say that?
Well..., we have all the blood and mixed blood to be champions !!
The Malaysian Chinese should have easily won many golds in the field of : Diving, Swimming, Wushu, Squash, Badminton, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Dragon Boat..., just to say a few....
The Malaysian Indian should have easily won many golds in the field of : Hockey, Kabaddi, Karate, Wrestling, Athletics, Cricket, just to name a few...
The Malaysian Malays should have taken home golds in Sepaktakraw, Sailing (a lot of fishermen), Shooting, Canoe/Kayak, Bowling, Cycling, Equestrian, Athletics....
The mixed blood Malaysians should cater the other disciplines....

There is a logic to what I'm saying because we have the materials. It's just that we do not explore much (we only did some minor scouting..) in sports !! We are a bunch of people asking for money and materials when involve in sports. Admit it Malaysians !!! All we do is for money and materials (except Lee Chong Wei and Misbun Sidek).
Secondly, we do not have the pure "spirit of fighting" to win.., not like the Koreans and Japanese. I noticed that the Koreans in particular, will never give up in all the sports that they take part.. They are a group of people who will never say die !! They fight till the finish...
Thirdly, we have the wrong people who become the officials of the team. True !!! In a lot of games, if not all.. Face the facts guys... A lot of you are just interested in going for a holiday in Guangzhou...

I just pity the National Sports Council of Malaysia, especially the Director, Mr. Zulkeples Embong. I know him in person when he was an officer at the MSC (MSN). I was a national coach then... This guy really, really does his job well in all aspect, but maybe, maybe.., the others are not.
The sports system in the country itself is NOT professional. There are people who likes to hold positions just to have the opportunity to travel around, abroad, especially. It is worst in Athletics !!! Sorry, DSSK. But, facts remain facts!!! Some of them are not supposed to be in Guangzhou or in New Delhi (the last Commonwealth Games). These guys are not fit to be in MAAU, in fact. All they do is make money from claims made to NSC/MSN. I know that well..., it's been going for years !!!

Now...let's talk about "HOW TO WIN MEDALS.."
1.  Have a scientific approach to coach athletes. The best place is Perth, Australia. In 1998, when we had the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sent a group of 30 coaches to Perth to undergo a sports science course for 2 weeks. You know what? Thailand have just finished undergoing their 3rd batch of 60 coaches at the same place. Thailand had 180 sports science coaches already.. That's why Thailand is 10 years ahead of us in sports. Don't mention Australia - they are 20 years ahead of Malaysia !!!
2.  Have a sports system like China. There is a multi-level marketing (MLM) coaching system. What I know is that the coach responsible for upbringing a raw athlete is still being rewarded even if he's no more coaching a successful national athlete. That means, the coach who first coached Lin Dan, is still being rewarded with a little per cent on what Lin Dan's present coach is getting... Just like our MLM system in Direct Selling....  That's good system..
As it is now, does the first school coach of Lee Chong Wei get anything?? Or, better still, who first coached Lee Chong Wei?? Anybody knows??
3.  Have a basic system in schools where all schools in Malaysia pick one or two particular sport as their niche area. There's no point shouting the "1Student 1Sport" slogan when in the end, it's back to as it used to be.. As it is now, every student plays football or netball in school. And we are nowhere in both sports. Correct?? Admit it!! The Education Ministry is doing nothing to sports except organizing meets and tournaments. That's all !! To make things worst, good school coaches are being transferred to inactive schools, just because the coaches go against some stupid headmasters who doesn't like sports... I was one of these coaches...
4.  Officials, especially team managers, MUST be among the senior coaches. There's no place for officials who know nothing (or know a bit) about that sport. Don't offer manager's posts to Head of Departments, the Vice Chancellors or even to Royal Highnesses... They'll spoil the whole team !!! Disaster !!!!
5.  Make an incentive to all sportsman/sportswomen that those representing the country will get a Diploma in Sports. If they win a Gold medal, they get a Degree in Sports... Then, they are assured of a job once they stop representing the country.. As it is now, national athletes have NO job security in life..

What I've said above is what I could see happening in the sports environment in Malaysia. I've been involved in sports for 40 years since my school days and a qualified sports coach with some 30 years of experience, mainly in Track and Field, Hockey, Golf and Sports Science (Level 2). I've gone through this arena with all the ups and downs. I've produced 2 national athletes in Track and Field as a coach. I've drawn the training programme for national athletes for the SEA games. I was sacked while as chief coach before, because of indifference with stupid Team Managers and unqualified Sports administrators. I was a national coach before assigned to the Asian Junior Meet in Bangkok, Thailand. I was once offered to coach a Middle East country's national team with a salary of USD 3000 in the 90's, which I turned down.. Ask Chan Kah Yu.. What else do you want??

Just give it a thought..
Have a nice day....

50,000 VISITORS to my Blog.

Date: 27th Nov 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00pm

Today, after just over a year of Blogging, my Blog 'DESS' hits the 50,000 mark.
I want to thank all of you readers a 'thousand thanks' for visiting my blog all these while...
I will try to upgrade my Blog for you to continue to enjoy reading "DESS" @ http:dahasry.blogspot.com.
Have a nice day....

Kak Dirah's WEDDING..

Date: 27th Nov.2010 (Saturday)
Place: Taman Sena Indah, Kangar, Perlis.
To my son, Daeng Dhamiry, who is studying in Beijing, China:
Your cousin, Nor Nadirah Khairuddin, is getting married today and she sends her warmest regards to you..
Here are some early photos I took this afternoon for you to see (4U2C....Fiona....):
Kak Dirah kirim salam kat Miry...
 The main table...Pengantin lelaki belum sampai lagi..
Early guests entertaining themselves
Chicken, beef curry and jelatah..
 Dhariry and Dhabita baking chocolate cakes last night...
 The bersanding ceremony last night.
 This afternoon..
The whole ceremony photos will be uploaded in Facebook... Will do so later..
Have a nice day in Beijing !!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Asian Games Highlights - DAY 14.

Date: 26th Nov.2010 (Friday)
Medals:  1 Silver, 1 Bronze
After getting the targeted 9-Gold medals at the Games, it's just an anti-climax to the urge to get more medals by the Malaysian contingent. It's just a bonus if there's any..and there were not any more coming...
However, a Silver was delivered by karate's G.Yamani, in the women's kumite...,and a Bronze from the 10m Men's Diving, probably Brian Nickson (there was no live telecast).
The Karate athletes..
The 4x100m women's quartet came 6th with a time of 45.54sec, the Thais taking the Gold in 44.08sec.
The 4x100m quartet.. Nur Jannah, Siti Zubaidah, Nurul Sarah and Yi Ling.
So, as the games is about to come to an end tomorrow, I don't think there'll be any medals coming in..
Malaysia ends the game with a  9-18-14 medal harvest.
I'll give the overall performance of the Malaysian athletes in my next post..
Have a nice day...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

HOCKEY - Malaysia vs Pakistan - LIVE..

Date: 25th Nov.2010 (Thursday)
Time: 5.00pm (Malaysian and Guangzhou Time)
History: 1st Time Malaysia in the Final of the Asian Games.
Background: Before today, only India, Pakistan and South Korea were the Finalists.
Bonus: The Winner today will have an automatic spot in the 2012 Olympics in LONDON.
You can see why today's game is so special and so important to Malaysia..
The Malaysian team:
Win or lose, it's a record for Malaysia....
Five minutes to go, guys...

1st half:
35:00  Match started.
34:00  Pakistan attacked, failed..
33:10  Malaysian first attack.
32:00  Both teams adjusting pace..
30:00  Pakistan attack, saved by Malaysian keeper... wooo, lucky.
28:00  Pakistan attacking again..
27:00  Malaysian no 7. enters in (change)
26:30  Malaysia attack. Failed. Nice move though.
24:00  Pakistan slows down the tempo...
23:00  M'sia No 10 (Tengku)enters..
22:30  Score still 0-0.
21:00  Still no great moves..
20:00  Suhail Abas (Pak) is not on the field..
19:00  Pakistan attacking.. Good defence M'sia.
18:00  Suhail Abas enters.., made a mistake.
16:00  Malaysian attack foiled..
15:00  in the D.. failed again.
14:00  Still 0-0
13:30  Nice cross by Tengku, Faizal failed to connect..
12:00  Pakistan attacking..saved
11:00  Fouled by Suhail on Tengku in D. Penalty corner NOT given ??
10:00  Penalty corner to Pakistan.
9:30  Goal.... to Pakistan by Suhail Abas (no 23).  Pakistan 1-0.
7:30  Play continues..
6:50  Malaysia attacking..
5:30  Pakistan slowing down tempo.
5:00  Pakistan attack... Saved. Keeper too good..
4:00  Long corner to M'sia.
3:30  High ball, hits Pakistan player.
3:00  Long corner to M'sia
2:30  Still attacking..
1:30  M'sia attacking. wooo..missed.
1:00  a minute left.. Last attack by M'sia..
0:30  Long corner.. nothing.
0:00  1st half finishes. Pakistan 1-0.
Half time break..
My coffee break too....

2nd Half:
35:00 Play resumed..
33:00 Field goal to Pakistan by Rehan (no 10) after hesitation by M'sian defenders. 2-0
32:00 Rehan hurt..(arm).
30:00 Malaysia down 0-2. Now attacking..
29:30 Penalty corner to Malaysia..
29:00 Amin Rahim.... saved!!
28:00 Pakistan attack now, saved by keeper..
26:00 Counter attack again by Pakistan. Nothing.
25:00 Malaysia attack now..
24:00 Penalty corner to Malaysia !! Gone...bad stopping.
22:00 Things just not going well to Malaysia..
21:00 Pakistan slowing down tempo.
20:00 Pakistan in control
19:00 Still controlled by Pakistan.
17:00 Penalty corner to Pakistan.. Saved by Kumar
16:00 Msia attack now. Nothing.
15:00 Balance game..
14:00 Msia attacking again.. Good defence.
13:00 Pakistan loitering around with ball.
12:00 Penalty corner to Pakistan again. The clock does not stop???
11:00 How come the clock does not stop?? Saved..
10:00 Penalty corner to M'sia now.. Clock still ticking.What's going on???
8.:00 Saved.
7:00 Msia attacking now..
6:00 Free hit to Msia. Nothing again...
5:00 Pakistan slowing down play..
4:00 Still no sign of a goal from Msia..
3:00 Good defence from Pakistan. Twice opportunity let go by Msia..
2:00 2 minutes left..Msia attacking.
1:30 Green card to Pakistan player..
1:00 Pakistan control game..
0:30 Last attack.. gone...!!
0:00  Game over...
Pakistan won 2-0.  Good show Malaysia.., hard luck!!

SILVER to Malaysia folks......
Have a nice day....

Malaysia's 9th GOLD (as targeted) - LIVE..

Date: 25th Nov.2010 (Thursday)
Event: Squash...what else !!!
Who:  Nicol David.. who else !!
Time: 11.30am
Malaysia is leading Hong Kong 1-0 at the moment..., the lead given by Low Wee Wern in the first singles, defeating Rebecca Chiu  11-4, 7-11, 11-6, 11-9.
At the moment, Nicol David is leading 1-0 (11-8) in the first set (vs Annie Au). It's 10-7 now...
Game to Nicol, 11-7. Nicol leads 2-0 in her game.
Malaysia just need another set by Nicol to clinch the 9th GOLD medal in this Asian Games..

3rd Set: Nicol trailing 1-3.
2-3  now
2-4  Annie Au leading.
4-4  Nicol level the score..
5-4  good shot by Nicol.
6-4  drop by Nicol.
6-5  Annie Au gets a point.
7-5  Annie looks tired..
9-6  now..
10-6  Gold medal point... come on Nicol !!!
11-6.. GAME
***GOLD medal to Malaysia....
GOLD No.9 !!!!  We have reached our TARGET !!!!!
Congratulations to all the national athletes..........   we LOVE you !!!!!

 The fabulous Four receiving their Gold medals..
So..., Malaysia is 6th now:
*That exclude the 2 Silvers from Jamalliah Jamaluddin in Karate and the Men's Squash Team. It should be 9G-16S-11B.

I am having a very nice day !!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Asian Games Highlights - DAY 12.

Date: 24th Nov.2010 (Wednesday)
Medals:  2 GOLDs,  1 SILVER,  3 BRONZEs  * (update at 6.30pm)
- Will update as soon as medals come in...
I must be too happy to update early today.... Yes, of course !!!
Our target of getting 9 gold medals in this Games is about to be materialised....
As of 4.00pm today, Malaysia have collected 8 Golds, 14 Silvers and 11 Bronzes*..., and more are coming in, later in the afternoon and tomorrow..... (*updated at 6.30pm).

OK, today's winners are:
GOLD - Ku Jin Keat - Karate (Men's Kata)
GOLD - R. Puvaneswaran - Karate (Men's 55 kg individual)
SILVER - Sepaktakraw Regu (should have been gold...)
BRONZE - Lim Lee Lee - Karate (Women's Kata)
BRONZE - Cheong Jun Hoong - Diving (Women's 1m Springboard)
BRONZE - Yeoh Ken Nee - Diving (Men's 1m Springboard) - *updated at 6.30pm
Ku Jin Keat (right) and Lim Lee Lee with their medals..
R. Puvaneswaran.
 Cheong Jun Hoong.
 Yeoh Ken Nee.
*I'll add more if there's more to come because at 5.00pm, the Men's 1m Springboard Diving will commence..
Bye for now....
*updated at 6.30pm
 As at 6.30pm, the medal tally is as follows:

 Have a nice day....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Asian Games Highlights - DAY 11.

Date: 23rd Nov.2010 (Tuesday)
Medals:  2 SILVERs

 The Coach.
 The assistant Coach
Oh my....
What a fine, fine day for Malaysian Hockey....
I think this is the first time Malaysia is in the Final of a hockey competition in the Asian Games..
We salute you players and of course, the coaches - Mr. TAI BENG HAI - a Malaysian himself, and Mr. STEPHEN VAN HUIZEN, also a Malaysian.
Malaysia defeated India 4-3 in sudden death extra time after a 3-3 scoreline at full time. Mohd Amin Rahim scored the decisive goal in extra time, off a penalty corner. Mohd Amin Rahim had scored the equaliser in the dying minutes of normal time to make it 3-3.

Malaysia had earlier added 2 silver medals from Diving, both Men and Women.
There's more to come tomorrow...

Have a nice day...

Good Luck - SPM 2010 candidates...

Wishing all SPM candidates all over Malaysia - GOOD LUCK !!!
Just do your very, very best.....

Have a nice exam period... 23 Nov - 20th Dec. 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Asian Games Highlights - DAY 10.

Date: 22nd Nov.2010
Medals:  1 Gold, 3 Silvers, 1 Bronze
Gold :  Alex Liew - Bowling - Men's All Event.
Silver:  Team - Bowling - Men's Team of Five.
Silver:  Team - Diving - Women's Synchronised 3m Springboard
Silver:  Team - Diving - Men's Synchronised 10m Platform
Bronze: Team - Bowling - Women's Team of Five.

The women's beach volleyball duo were beaten in straight sets by China.
Latest medal tally:

Have a nice day...

Asian Games Highlights - DAY 9.

Date: 21st Nov.2010 (Sunday)
Medals:  2 Gold, 1 Silver.
Mix feelings today...
2 gold medals came from Squash...., very happy for it.
1 Silver from badminton....., unlucky..

Anyway.., congratulations to all those winners today.. Nicol David and Azlan Iskandar for the Golds and Lee Chong Wei for the Silver.
Other achievements today:
1.  Hockey: The men's team made it to the semi-finals after beating China in the last group game.
2.  Beach Volleyball: The lady's team of Teck Hua/Shun Thing made it to the semi-finals.
3.  Bowling: The men's Fives leads the 1st block by scoring 3355 pins, ahead by 99 pins.
Luk Teck Hua and Beh Shun Ting

Maybe tomorrow will continue to be a good day....
As of today, Malaysia have collected 5 Golds, 8 Silvers and 7 Bronzes..
Have a nice day....