Sunday, November 14, 2010

Controversial Aussie Referee BEN WILLIAMS...

Who the hell is this man?? Ben Williams of Australia?
Why is he so negative towards Malaysia?

In last night's Asian Games soccer match, Malaysia vs China, he red-carded 3 Malaysian players for what seemed to be uncalled for. Malaysia lost 3-0. Here is the report from the AFP:

Aussie triple red card ref 'needs medical check'
GUANGZHOU, China — Malaysian coach Rajagobal Krishnasamy told Australian referee Ben Williams to seek medical help after the official red-carded three of his players in a stormy Asian Games clash.
Malaysia finished their 3-0 defeat to China with just eight men on the pitch after Mahuli Jasuli and captain Safiq Rahmin were sent off in the 25th minute followed by Subramaniam Sumindran's dismissal in the dying moments.
"I have never seen such a referee in the world before. I think something is wrong with him and he needs to have a medical check," raged Krishnasamy.
Rahmin was shocked by his red card which was shown by Williams after the skipper protested Jasuli's sending off.
"As captain I was entitled to ask why my teammate had been sent-off, but he flashed me a red card. Then I walked away and he pulled me up again. It was completely uncalled for."
Despite the defeat, Malaysia still went through as a best third-placed team and will face Iran for a spot in the quarter-finals.
It will be Malaysia's first appearance in the second round since 1978, but their resources are stretched with the coach now left with just 13 fit outfield players.
"Can I be included in the team as well?" said Krishnasamy. "We have three injured and three red cards and Iran will be a tough team."
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The question again is: Why does Ben Williams hate Malaysia so much? 
For the record, this is the second time Ben Williams officiated Malaysia's soccer match at international level. In the previous game, Malaysia went down 5-0 to another Asian team, courtesy of Ben Williams, of course!!

Well Ben.... I don't know what your problem is..., but I think you need to tune your head first before officiating another Fifa game, especially involving Malaysia. You see, we are a harmonious country... Just don't make us angry.. You don't like us when we're angry, do you? We will turn GREEN !!!!!
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K Fitt said...

u said malaysia went down 5-0 last time also, courtesy of ben williams...may I know which game it is? and why it's because of this ref?

DESS said...

Yeah, I picked up the facts from TV3 news at 8.00pm last night (8.45pm to be exact/sports section). It was the sports newscaster that said Ben Williams was also the referee during a match which Malaysia lost 5-0. Sorry, I didn't get the team that beat Malaysia. I totally missed that part..

Anonymous said...

Don't mind if we lost, but Ben Williams was SUCK!

国源 said...

To be fair, if you don't know the 'head or tail' re that 5-0 match, how can u say it was B Williams fault as well? But i do agree that he was totally out of his mind in that China match...

DESS said...

Of course I didn't know the head or tail of that match !!(the 5-0). I don't even know who this Ben William is!!
I was reporting what TV3 reported in it's sports news. They must have the evidence...
I don't like Malaysian soccer, either. But if the refereeing was bad, and the boys played well, then I disagree with the ref. That's all..
Sorry, if you're Ben's relative or something...

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