Thursday, November 25, 2010

HOCKEY - Malaysia vs Pakistan - LIVE..

Date: 25th Nov.2010 (Thursday)
Time: 5.00pm (Malaysian and Guangzhou Time)
History: 1st Time Malaysia in the Final of the Asian Games.
Background: Before today, only India, Pakistan and South Korea were the Finalists.
Bonus: The Winner today will have an automatic spot in the 2012 Olympics in LONDON.
You can see why today's game is so special and so important to Malaysia..
The Malaysian team:
Win or lose, it's a record for Malaysia....
Five minutes to go, guys...

1st half:
35:00  Match started.
34:00  Pakistan attacked, failed..
33:10  Malaysian first attack.
32:00  Both teams adjusting pace..
30:00  Pakistan attack, saved by Malaysian keeper... wooo, lucky.
28:00  Pakistan attacking again..
27:00  Malaysian no 7. enters in (change)
26:30  Malaysia attack. Failed. Nice move though.
24:00  Pakistan slows down the tempo...
23:00  M'sia No 10 (Tengku)enters..
22:30  Score still 0-0.
21:00  Still no great moves..
20:00  Suhail Abas (Pak) is not on the field..
19:00  Pakistan attacking.. Good defence M'sia.
18:00  Suhail Abas enters.., made a mistake.
16:00  Malaysian attack foiled..
15:00  in the D.. failed again.
14:00  Still 0-0
13:30  Nice cross by Tengku, Faizal failed to connect..
12:00  Pakistan attacking..saved
11:00  Fouled by Suhail on Tengku in D. Penalty corner NOT given ??
10:00  Penalty corner to Pakistan.
9:30  Goal.... to Pakistan by Suhail Abas (no 23).  Pakistan 1-0.
7:30  Play continues..
6:50  Malaysia attacking..
5:30  Pakistan slowing down tempo.
5:00  Pakistan attack... Saved. Keeper too good..
4:00  Long corner to M'sia.
3:30  High ball, hits Pakistan player.
3:00  Long corner to M'sia
2:30  Still attacking..
1:30  M'sia attacking. wooo..missed.
1:00  a minute left.. Last attack by M'sia..
0:30  Long corner.. nothing.
0:00  1st half finishes. Pakistan 1-0.
Half time break..
My coffee break too....

2nd Half:
35:00 Play resumed..
33:00 Field goal to Pakistan by Rehan (no 10) after hesitation by M'sian defenders. 2-0
32:00 Rehan hurt..(arm).
30:00 Malaysia down 0-2. Now attacking..
29:30 Penalty corner to Malaysia..
29:00 Amin Rahim.... saved!!
28:00 Pakistan attack now, saved by keeper..
26:00 Counter attack again by Pakistan. Nothing.
25:00 Malaysia attack now..
24:00 Penalty corner to Malaysia !! Gone...bad stopping.
22:00 Things just not going well to Malaysia..
21:00 Pakistan slowing down tempo.
20:00 Pakistan in control
19:00 Still controlled by Pakistan.
17:00 Penalty corner to Pakistan.. Saved by Kumar
16:00 Msia attack now. Nothing.
15:00 Balance game..
14:00 Msia attacking again.. Good defence.
13:00 Pakistan loitering around with ball.
12:00 Penalty corner to Pakistan again. The clock does not stop???
11:00 How come the clock does not stop?? Saved..
10:00 Penalty corner to M'sia now.. Clock still ticking.What's going on???
8.:00 Saved.
7:00 Msia attacking now..
6:00 Free hit to Msia. Nothing again...
5:00 Pakistan slowing down play..
4:00 Still no sign of a goal from Msia..
3:00 Good defence from Pakistan. Twice opportunity let go by Msia..
2:00 2 minutes left..Msia attacking.
1:30 Green card to Pakistan player..
1:00 Pakistan control game..
0:30 Last attack.. gone...!!
0:00  Game over...
Pakistan won 2-0.  Good show Malaysia.., hard luck!!

SILVER to Malaysia folks......
Have a nice day....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your updates. Am stuck in the office and your blog is my source of the latest on the match.

C'mon Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...

Good effort for the updates.. keep it up.. n thanx.

Anonymous said...

updates yg sgt membantu....good...

Anonymous said...

buck up Pakistan .. you gotta win :)

Anonymous said...

Well done MESS for keeping us update....C'mon PAK..you will win. Pakistan Zindabad
Ammad Ansari

Anonymous said...

good work dess come on pakistan


Anonymous said...

Yessss, Pakistan Wins. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pakistan ;-) Malaysia, great effort to win the silver, wished we had won tho. Keep it up - let's qualify for the Olympics!

DESS said...

Congratulation PAKISTAN for the win over MALAYSIA..
To Ammad Ansari and Ali: Well done to your team. We envy your success AND, we are still brothers!!
To the Malaysian Team, it's OK. It's our 1st try in a Final.. Maybe, some other time... Just don't give up!!!
Have a nice day...

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