Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last Day of School 2010..

Another year of schooling have just ended.., and it's the school holidays for 6 weeks in Malaysia. For the students, of course..., but not for most of the teachers in secondary schools.. Why? There is the SPM exams to be invigilated and to some others, the markings of the SPM papers..
The SPM (O-level) exams starts on the 23rd of November and finishes on the 20th of December. Good luck SPM candidates.. Have a nice month of exams..
SMK Derma had its final day of school yesterday and the turnout was unexpectedly, very good... We had a prolonged assembly outside the school hall because the school hall is being made ready for the exams... And at the end of the day, we said goodbyes to each other.

School was dismissed at 1.00pm. 
Happy holidays guys !!!!  Have a nice 6 weeks and come back in one piece !!
See you in 2011.....

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