Sunday, November 21, 2010


7.00 pm: The much awaited match is due to start in half an hours' time... Getting ready for the live commentary, folks..
7.15pm: It's the GOLD medal match in the 2010 Asian Games. An hour ago, Malaysia got 2 gold medals from Squash. If Chong Wei can make it, it's gonna be a bonus... Just say your prayers..
7.30pm: Oh, ho.. The match is due to start at 8.30pm. The 7.30pm match is the Mix Doubles Final, folks..
Sorry.., wrong info I got from the local newspaper... Cheh!!! NST wrote 7.30pm, the Star wrote 8.30pm. Astro TV says 9.00pm.... The official games website says..., it's 8.30pm... Let's wait...

7.45pm: Take your dinner first, folks... Still 45 minutes to go...
8.00pm: Hockey- Malaysia leading China 2-1 on TV in final group match to make it to the semis. A draw will see Malaysia through...
8.20pm: South Korea took the gold in the mix doubles final, defeating the Chinese pair (badminton).
8.25pm: Victory ceremony for mix doubles is on.. Meanwhile, in hockey, Malaysia is leading China 3-2. There's still 25 minutes to go.. Remember, Malaysia only needs to draw the game ..
8.32pm: Still not on yet.. Delayed by the victory ceremony..
8.37pm:Players entering the arena... Both players in YELLOW !!! Both black shorts..

8.40pm:  Okey, ready for the Live commentary... Chong Wei's score first..
0-1  First point to Lin Dan.
1-1  Ball pushed out at base line
1-2  smashed out by CW
1-3  smashed by LD
1-4  perfect net play by LD
2-4  net play by CW
3-5  sideline smash by CW
4-6  drop shot by CW
4-7  net shot by LD
4-8  hesitation at baseline by CW
4-9  placement smash by LD
5-9  double smash by CW
6-9  good baseline judgement by CW. Just out.., after long rally.
6-10  pushed out by CW.
6-11  smashed out by CW. CW making more mistakes than LD.
Time out.
7-11  Smashed by CW.
7-12  misjudged by CW at sideline...
8-12 out by LD
9-12  smashed by CW.
9-13  mistake by CW. LD smashed.. Keluar minum..
9-15  pushed out by CW.
9-16  body smashed by LD
10-16 misjudged by LD
11-16  trademark smash by CW.
12-16  CW smashed into net tape and fall into LD's territory .
12-17  trick shot from LD.
Both taking time out.
12-18  CW playing well, but LD is too good..
12-19  Ball called out.Cw shakes head..
12-20  ball out again.
13-20  drop shot by CW. LD stood still..
13-21  CW smashed into net..
1st game to Lin Dan 21-13..

Chong Wei change shirt..but still yellow.
2nd Set:
2-0  smash at net.
2-1  LD smash to body.
3-1  smash balik..
4-2  net play.
4-3  casual mistake by CW
4-4  pushed out by CW
5-4  smashed into net by LD
6-4  flicked out by LD
7-4  good tactic by CW. LD beaten this time..Clever play..
8-4  pushed out by LD
8-5  half court smash by LD
9-5. Good lift service by CW.
10-5  Good net play by CW.
10-6  mistake by CW.
11-6  to baseline by CW..
20 seconds, 20 seconds.... by the empire..
12-7  out by LD
13-7  net smash by CW. LD slow to react..
13-9  perfect net play
13-10  smash by LD
13-11  another smash. Time out by both..
13-12  poor judgement by CW.
14-12  good play by CW. 42 minutes of playing time now..
15-12  loose shot by LD
16-12  error by LD
17-12  smashed out by LD
17-13  body smash by LD
18-13  out by LD
19-13  out again by LD
20-14  pushed out by LD
21-15  good smash by CW.. Game to CW.

It's 1-1 and 2 minutes rest before the Rubber set......  Enjoying the commentary??

3rd Set:
0-1  into the net by CW
0-2  out by CW..
0-3  too many mistakes CW !!!
0-4  smashed out by CW. LD getting points,  errors made by CW.
1-4  Ok...
1-5  long rally..
1-6  after all the nice play by both players.. good show...over 30 rallies..
1-7  hard luck CW..
1-8  LD doing well..
Play stopped. Chong Wei injured. His fingers.., now plastered..
OK, play resumed..
1-9  net smash by LD.
1-11  ball pushed out by CW.
2-11  accurate smash.
2-12  error by CW.
2-13  CW made mistake again..
2-14  smash by LD
4-14  smash by CW
4-15  smash by LD after good move..
4-16  smash again
5-16  wrong judgement by LD
6-16  casual play by LD
8-16  net play by CW
8-17  unlucky net shot..
9-17  into the net by LD
9-18  lucky net play by LD
9-19  another one
10-19 smash by CW.
10-20 net mistake by CW.
10-21..Game over...

Trilling game, unlucky Chong Wei to make too many errors.....  Credit to Lin Dan for winning the Gold medal, a medal he never had before this...

Well...confirmation of the score: 21-13, 15-21, 21-10 to Lin Dan of China..
Bye for now..
Have a nice day...


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HI~ will it be shown on channel 801 astro later?

Long Haffiz Long Hassan said...

Live London story here..
Kisah pelajar melayu anak rantau di London

Brian Ho said...

pedih betul aku baca commentary ni... si LCW ni selalunya takde confident langsung time main dengan Lin Dan...

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