Thursday, November 4, 2010

PERLIS's FLOOD 2010 - The Worst Ever..

I still have 20% of battery supply on my laptop and I intend to use it to report the flood situation here in my hometown, Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia..
1.  This must be the worst ever flood in Perlis. The whole state is under water.
2.  Kangar town is the worst hit area. Water level is over a meter. In some areas, it is 2 meters..
3.  The number of  people evacuated so far is over 15,000 and the number is increasing. That is the recorded number. The unregistered number must be more than that figure..
4.  Even the local radio station is being moved to another location..
5.  Power supply is being cut off. So does the tap water..
6.  Roads leading into Kangar is under water and not accessible to all traffic.. That means nobody can come in or go out of Kangar..
7.  It's been 4 days already...
Latest photos that I can upload so far:

I will update later once the electricity supply is back to normal..
Have a nice day.....


Umbrella Rec said...
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Umbrella Rec said...

I hope you don't mind that I've shared the URL/link of your blog in Facebook.

I've heard that power supply is still available at Pengkalan Asam or the palace area..in case you know someone there that can allow you to charge your battery.

DESS said...

TQ for the concern. Electricity supply just back to normal a few hours ago.. I now can be online..
It's OK to link to my blog. No problem..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reporting DESS, really appreciate your effort. Can only wish the water level drop a.s.a.p, and no more rain in Perlis.
Yes it is the worst ever!

PaulOS said...

THanks.. I am planning to come back to my parents place to help.. but no point at the moment.. coz they are staying with frens.. would only trouble them further if I came back now.. the water is still about 1.5 ft in the house..
appreciate the pictures.. gives us ppl who were born in kangar to see what they've gone thru..
can't imagine how much worse Hurricane Katrina was like?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dess,
You did a good job in furnishing the updated or latest news of flood at Kangar. My kid is studying at Kangar and he had forced to be back to Johore. Hence, your invaluable info is really helpful to us here. Thank you.


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