Friday, November 5, 2010

PERLIS's FLOOD - Day 5..

To my son, DAENG DHAMIRY DAHASRY, who is studying in Beijing....

Date: 5th Nov. 2010 (Friday)
Time: 9.00am
Weather: Rain (moderate, sometimes heavy)
Condition: Still bad..

It's been 5 days already that almost every part of Perlis is flooded, especially the state capital, Kangar. The water level does recede but only by a few centimeters a day. The roads leading to Kangar is still closed to traffic and is only passable to heavy vehicles. There have been reports that some citizens of Perlis came back in boats to see their hometown, in conjunction with the 3 days holiday (Deepavali)..
Electricity is back to normal, but not to all areas.. Luckily, my housing area is one of the lucky areas with the supply. Tap water is also on, thank god..., but again not to all areas in Perlis..
What is most worrying is the weather condition.. If the rain continues to pour.., it's going to be "flood forever"  here in Kangar.. I just hope this flood doesn't request me to be 'Friends in Facebook"... If you do, I'll just reject your request !!!!
Food supply is OK. They have already started sending all the basic necessities  such as rice, cooking oil, sardines, dried salted fish, eggs, salt and sugar, coffee, tea and noodles... That can last for another 3 or 4 days for a small community of about 10 - 20 families..
This was what we had for breakfast..
 My neighbours having breakfast..
I went through my Facebook account last night and I would like to share these photos with you...

The school gate being "vandalised" by the flood water..
The Old Building of SMK Derma under 1.2m of water..
The new building (not opened yet) of SMK Derma under 0.8m of water..

I still cannot make my way through the flood water because the road is still waist height.
More photos will be upload once I got to get them ... Be patient..
Have a nice day...


Elviz Low said...
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DESS said...

Elviz: Condition is slowly getting better. The Express Bus Station is still closed. There water level at certain places are still knee high eg in front of Putra Palace..

Anonymous said...

hye sir, haha pity you cuz just eating 'bihun tonggek'..
i'm much better..i'm eating fried rice..(actually 'nasi goreng tonggek jgk')ngeh3.. :p
i think for this situation everything look and taste delicious..even with salted fish..
chill & cheers!!

Anonymous said...

may the love always holding on no matter whatever obstacles lingering around.. =) your son D.Dhamiry

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