Sunday, November 7, 2010

PERLIS's FLOOD - Day 7..

Date: 7th Nov.2010 (Sunday)
Time: 8.30am
Weather: Raining lightly.
Flood Condition: Getting better.

It's day 7.  I can move around on my motorbike to see places this morning, but under a light shower rain.
Went to the market to buy fish and chicken. Chicken is RM6.80 per kilo today. Also bought some coconut milk. Planning to cook fish curry today (after all these days in the flood)...
On the way back home, I bought some roti canai for breakfast. It's RM0.70 a piece here in Kangar. Bought 10. Then, there's also doughnuts and Pak Tunku. They sell it at RM1 for 4 pieces. Bought RM4. The Kangar crowd was still asleep this morning at the time I went to town (7.00am).
Get to buy some newspapers today to see what's on in Kedah. It seems that floods in the state of Kedah is getting worse. They are getting what Perlis got the past week...
Here are some photos that I didn't upload in the past posts:

Have a nice day....


Anonymous said...

thanks. great to hear that things are getting better overthere.
That is a big keri, looks like dinner is keri goreng kunyit :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I did rang up this morning to Banjir Centre Perlis . I was told the situation is ok. My kid will be back to Kangar taking 9p.m. bus from Johore. Thanks again for the info supplied in your blog.


DESS said...

Yes, situation is back to normal. Only that, the town is smelly...
There's a lot of cleaning to be done.

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