Friday, December 31, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR .....!!!!


I would like to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends, my followers, readers of my Blog...
May the new year brings joy and prosperity to you, your family and to all your friends...

Happy New Year DAENG DHAMIRY in Beijing, China..

This is my 365th post for the year 2010. I hope to be as active as it is in the year of 2011...
Have a nice day......

2010 - Year of Success.....

In a few more hours, we will leave 2010. To me, 2010 is a lucky and fruitful year. It brought joy and happiness to my family and to the country as well:
1.  My eldest son was awarded a Petronas scholarship to pursue his studies in Petroleum Engineering at the China University of Petroleum, in Beijing. He left in September with 2 other Malaysian students.
2.  My youngest son was successfully given a place to study in a cluster school - the SMK Derma - after obtaining straight A's in his UPSR exam. His elder brother and another sister are both studying in the same school as well.
3.  My 16 year-old second son won the Gold medal in the National Youth scrabble competition held in Penang. The competition was organised by the Malaysian Youth Council.
4.  My 14 year-old daughter played very well in the National Fours Lawn Bowls competition held in Kangar. Her team defeated the fancied National back-up squad, the MSN Pelapes in the quarter finals. They also defeated two other seeded teams, Wilayah Persekutuan and PDRM in the knock-out stages.

2010 is also a successful year for Malaysian sports:
1.  The Soccer team won the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time in history, defeating in-form Indonesia 4-2 on aggregate. It will be one of the most memorable event in Malaysian sports history.
2.  The Asian Games contingent did well by bringing home 10 Gold medals in the 16th Asian Games held in China.
3.  Malaysian sportsman and sportswomen did well at the world stage. Nicol David (squash), Lee Chong Wei (badminton). Azizul Hasni Awang (cycling), Safee Sali (soccer) were very successful in 2010.

Personally, I have met my target of posting a post a day in my Blog this year. Till this post, I have posted 364 posts. The next post - Happy New Year 2011 - will be my 365th in 2010...
Thank you for visiting my Blog.
Thank your for being a Follower to my Blog.
Thank you for leaving your comments in my Blog.
Thank you, thank you, thank you......



Is there such a species of tiger called "Harimau Malaysia"??
I googled through all that is available in the internet but could not find one.. Could you?
Well, some wise guy found it:

TUARAN Dec 30 — Sabah assistant minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Jahid Jahim who congratulated the national team for the AFF Suzuki Cup win, however, was disappointed with the use of Harimau Malaya to refer the Malaysian team.
Jahid added that he had received numerous calls from youth organizations in the state, condemning the use of “Harimau Malaya or Singa Malaya” (Malaya Tiger or Malaya Lion).
"Being the assistant minister of Youth and Sports, the youth of the state have been calling me to express their disappointment over the use of Harimau Malaya to refer the national football team instead of Harimau Malaysia.
"I feel there is a basis to their feelings since it does not portray the ideals of the 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak...Harimau Malaysia should have been used,” he told reporters here today.

Jahid who is also the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Youth Chief said the mainstream media, especially the editors, should be more responsible when using such sensitive words since “Malaya” literally omitted Sabah and Sarawak.
He added that though it was not a major issue since it was only used to refer the national team that played in the AFF Suzuki Cup, the impact and sensitivity can become a big factor.

Moral of the story:
When something came out, such as the Harimau Malaya National Soccer team winning the Suzuki Cup, everybody wants to have a share of the cake.. Come on !! Let them get the limelight. It's their effort. It's their success. It's their name. It's K.Rajagobal. It's Safee Sali. It's Khairul Fahmi. They have done their job. They have sacrificed to the maximum. They call themselves "HARIMAU MALAYA" @ the Malayan Tigers. It got nothing to do with the name of states in Malaysia. It got nothing to do with Sabah, Sarawak, Perlis or Kelantan or even Wilayah Persekutuan...

A peek in the encyclopedia:
The Malayan Tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni), exclusively found in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, was not considered a subspecies in its own right until 2004. The new classification came about after a study by Luo et al. from the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity Study,[31] part of the National Cancer Institute of the United States. Recent counts showed there are 600–800 tigers in the wild, making it the third largest tiger population, behind the Bengal tiger and the Indochinese tiger. The Malayan tiger is the smallest of the mainland tiger subspecies, and the second smallest living subspecies, with males averaging about 120 kg and females about 100 kg in weight. The Malayan tiger is a national icon in Malaysia, appearing on its coat of arms and in logos of Malaysian institutions, such as Maybank.

Another peek in another encyclopedia:
Harimau Malaysia or Malaysian Tigers:  Are you kidding? You must be a POLITICIAN !!!  There's no such species !!!

We, Malaysians, should be proud of them and NOT criticize the government or PM Najib for giving us a Public Holiday today!! We should thank them for bringing up our nation's name - MALAYSIA !!
Ask yourself "What have I done to Malaysia?"

Have a nice day...

Thanks   http://lifeisnotafairytaledude.blogspot.com

Form 1 2011 Registration...

Date: 31st December 2010 (a Public holiday)
Time: 7.30am
Place: SMK Derma, Kangar.

The registration of the Form 1's for the year  2011 went well as planned this morning, although it is a public holiday (in conjunction with the Suzuki Cup victory) here in Malaysia.
A total of 138 new students, out of the 161 on the original list, registered today. Took some photos during the occasion...
aaaaa....hah !!!!
Welcome to SMK DERMA !!!!

Have a nice day..    Happy New Year !!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has declared Friday, 31st December 2010, as a Public Holiday in Malaysia to celebrate the success of the national soccer team in winning the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.
What a sporting Prime Minister we have....
The Prime Minister congratulated the national team for beating Indonesia 4-2 on aggregate  in the Final. He also describe the success as "the greatest night in Malaysian football". He also congratulated coach K.Rajagopal for a good job well done..

Have a nice holiday, Malaysians....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Congratulations MALAYSIA !!!
Final Score : 4-2 on aggregate (3-0, 1-2)

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 FINAL (2nd Leg) : Malaysia vs Indonesia - LIVE...

Date: 29th December 2010
Time: 8.00pm (1200 hrs GMT)
Venue: Bong Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hi !!! Just got back from Thailand...  Just in time to do the LIVE commentary... Sorry to keep you waiting.
As you have already known, Malaysia leads 3-0 on aggregate. Indonesia needs to score more than 3 goals to win the cup tonight, provided Malaysia doesn't score tonight.. That's the situation...

Malaysia have not won this Suzuki Cup since being introduced 16 years ago.
It's still 10 minutes to kick off time. Players are on the field already, warming up...
Stay tune !!!!

7.52pm: Live pictures in... wooooo... 100,000 spectators !!!! All in Red... The President of Indonesia is present.. It's going to be a long night !!!
7.55pm: Negaraku being played... Malaysia in BLUE/Black.... Indonesia in RED/White... Referee from Australia !!!! Oh, dear........ Peter Green....

1st half:
00.00: Indon to start...
01.00: Ashaari brought down..., no foul..
03.00: 1st attack by Indon, saved by keeper. Lasers everywhere folks !!!
04.00: 1st attack by Msia... shot wide..
05.00: Very noisy sound.. Indon attack foiled by keeper.
06.00: Indon attack again.. Offside, Gonzales.. ooh..7 meters offside!!
08.00: Good defending by Msia. Corner to Indon. Cleared..
12.00: Free kick to Indon, 35 m to goal. Corner... Lasers aplenty!!!!
13.00: Good move Msia... shot wide.
15.00: Corner to Msia. Cleared..
16.00: Header by Gonzales - straight to keeper..
17.00: Another attack by Indon.  Penalty to Indonesia !!!!
SAVED by keeper !!!!!!  Penalty taken by Indon skipper saved by Msian keeper, Khairul Fahmi !!!!
Still 0-0.
20.00: Shot by Msia, deflected... Corner. Saved.
22.00: Msia attacking now.. Foiled. Counter attack by Indon - shot wide..
24.00: Gonzales...headed wide.
26.00: Free header by Gonzales.... wide again.. Another attack, shot from 45 m. Wide..
28.00: Msia defending. Too many attacks from Indon... Saved by keeper again and again and again...
29.00: Free kick to Msia. Out.
30.00: Still 0-0. Attack by Indon. Saved by keeper. Keeper injured...
32.00: Msian Keeper OK.  Msia attack, shot by Safi...missed by inches !!!
33.00: Indon attack, saved by keeper.
34.00: Indon attack, missed. Indon throwing everything forward...
36.00: Indon again.. good defending again..
38.00: Indon again.. Corner.  Saved.
40.00: Indon again, saved. Very close...
41.00: Msia slow down pace.. Still Indon controlling play..
42.00: Gonzales, left foot... missed.
43.00: Msia attack. Nothing.
44.00: Msia attack. Saved.
45.00: 2 minutes added time. Indon again. Fouled. Msian player down....No 12.
45+1: Another Msian down... no foul??
45+2: Indon attacking again...Corner. Saved....
45+3: Half time...  0-0.
Have your tea break folks.........  Still 0-0.
Can Malaysia hold on for another 45 minutes??

2nd Half:
46.00: Msia to start 2nd half. Off they go...
47.00: One rare attack by Msia. Fruitless...
50.00: Indon again... good defending, Msia.
52.00: Again Indon pushing forward.. foiled.
Safee Sali scored.... He just needed one chance...and he converted it !!!! oh, my god !!! What a powerful strike...
Malaysia 1-0.
57.00: Indonesia making two changes. Bambang in.., Indonesia needs 4 goals now...
60.00: Hearts down, Indon plays on. Stadium a bit silent now...

62.00: Free kick to Msia. Wasted.
63.00 Corner to Msia. Failed..
64.00: Play controlled by Msia now...
65.00: 25 mins to go, 1-0 to Msia.
66.00 Msian injured. Yellow card to Indon.(no 14).
67.00 Good move Msia, ball too fast...
70.00:Indon injured, probably hamstring (no.14). Helped by Msian players...
71.00: Goal to Indonesia, by a defender. Score 1-1. Poor defending by Msia.
75.00: 15 minutes to go.. Msia have the ball... Corner. Nothing.
76.00: Shot by Bambang, saved by keeper.
77.00: Substitution by Msia. Amri Yahya in...
78.00: Yellow card to Indon, hard tackle on Shahrul..
80.00: 10 minutes to play.. Indon throwing everything.
81.00: Shot by Shahrul... ooooo, blocked by keeper. Very good try...
83.00: Msia playing with confidence....., why not?
85.00: 5 minutes to be Champions !!!!! Msia in command. Attacking now... Nasty challenge by Indon. Yellow card...
87.00: Indon attack. Deflected into goal... 2-1 to Indon.
89.00: A minute to go.. Aggregate score 4-2 to Malaysia.....
90+1: Free kick to Bambang...... Pushed out by Fahmi.
90+2: Shot by Bambang.. wide...
90+3: Safee substituted.... Izzaq in.
90+4: Play still on folks !!!!
90+5: GAME OVER.....

Have a nice day.... I am !!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weak Laser Beam Won't Affect Vision...

Reports in newspapers today revealed that the laser beam issue had nothing to do with the 3 goals scored by Malaysia in the recent AFF Suzuki Cup 1st Leg Final at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.
A beam shone from far - from the stadium terraces to the playing field - is weak and does not affect vision, an optometrist said. "This is especially so if a laser pointer is used", said Dr Zahimi Chik, commenting on the incident during the first leg of the Malaysia-Indonesia final in the AFF Suzuki Cup.
Zahimi, formerly of the Penang Eye Hospital added that the laser pointer on sale to the public had a low capacity because it was produced with the safety of consumers in mind. Furthermore, he said "You have to pay millions of ringgit for a powerful laser. It is impossible for spectators to bring into a stadium a laser that can affect vision".

The match was stopped for 7 minutes after the Indonesian coach complained Malaysian fans were dazzling the Indonesian goalkeeper with a laser beam.
As for the record, all 3 goals scored by Malaysia was after the match was stopped for 7 minutes.

I found this in the NST today:

A sea of Indonesians surge in to buy tickets at a ticketing booth yesterday for the AFF Suzuki Cup second-leg final football match between Indonesia and Malaysia to be held tomorrow in Jakarta.

KUALA LUMPUR: Furious Indonesians flooded Twitter with accusations that Malaysia unfairly won a key regional football match after fans here apparently distracted Indonesian players with laser beams. At least four of the top 10 words and phrases most popularly used on the social network site were linked to tirades against Malaysia soon after the home team beat Indonesia 3-0 on Sunday night in the first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup final.
For more than an hour, "malaysia-cheatlaser" ranked No 1 on Twitter's global "Trending Topics" chart.
Other choice phrases used included "use laser", "curang", which is Indonesian for "cheat", and "support Garuda", a reference to the Indonesian squad.
The match was halted for five minutes shortly after half-time when Indonesia's goalkeeper and another player complained that bright green lights were directed at them from laser pens used by an unidentified few among the 90,000-strong crowd at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.
Officials then warned fans to stop using laser pointers. All of Malaysia's goals came later between the 61st and 73rd minutes.
Many Malaysians were quick to defend their team, saying there were no beams shone on the field during those 12 minutes of goal scoring.
"None of the three goals had anything to do with (cheating).
"It had to do with a weak Indonesian defence," Khairy Jamaluddin, a former deputy president of Malaysia's football association, wrote on Twitter.
But Malaysians were no match for the Indonesians online.
Indonesia, which has a population of nearly 240 million people compared to Malaysia's 28 million, boasts Asia's largest number of Twitter users by country.
Responding to the laser controversy, Indonesian President Susilo Yudhoyono told the official Antara news agency he hoped that Indonesian fans attending the match would support fair play and "not be like Malaysia".
The second leg of the final will be played tomorrow in Jakarta. -- AP

Hmmmm... whatever it is, Good Luck Malaysia !!!
Have a nice day...

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Congratulations MALAYSIA for scoring 3 goals in the first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. That 3 goal cushion is important to bring to Jakarta this Wednesday for the 2nd leg.
Indonesia have to score 4 to win the cup. That's a difficult task, considering the present form of the Malaysian team. Yes, Indonesia did win 5-1 in the group stages, but it will be different this time... I'm sure Malaysia will not let off more than 2 goals this time. If Malaysia is to score a goal in Jakarta, it will be the end of everything for Indonesia....
Well, we have to wait and see this Wednesday if Indonesia can do a Liverpool-like comeback in Jakarta...

Have a nice sleep Malaysians.......

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 FINAL : Malaysia vs Indonesia - LIVE...

Date: 26th December 2010
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia's line-up for tonight:
I will carry LIVE commentary for the FINAL (1st Leg) between Malaysia vs Indonesia tonight at 8.00pm (1200 hrs GMT).

7.30pm: Live pictures in.... WOW!!!!! 80,000 fans already in the Stadium...
7.45pm: 15 minutes to go... Can't wait to see how Malaysia will perform...
7.55pm: Negaraku on....
Indonesia in WHITE/GREEN.
Malaysia in BLUE/WHITE...

1st Half:
00.00: Kick off to Malaysia.. Very noisy crowd..
02.00: Still no good moves by both sides.
06.00: Ball being played around in midfield.
07.00: 1st corner to Malaysia. Nothing.
09.00: Offside Indonesia.
11.00: On and off attack and defend by both sides.
13.00: Malaysian attack foiled again..
15.00: Freekick to Malaysia. Right side. Shot ballooned !!!
17.00: Malaysia attacking..., wasted chance.
18.00: First shot at goal by Kunalan..., defected and to Keeper. Nice move.
19.00: Good defending Malaysia. Corner to Indonesia. Saved.
22.00: Mistake by Indonesian Keeper. Wasted by Malaysia....!!!!
24.00: Attack and attack by Malaysia. Still cannot penetrate the Indonesian defence..
26.00: Corner to Indonesia. Good defending, Malaysia...
27.00: Mistake by Malaysia. Indonesia didn't capitalised..., shot wide...
29.00: Indon attacking. Foiled.
30.00: Weak shot at goal by Safee...
31.00: Still 0-0.
33.00: Freekick to Indon. Off target.
35.00: Pace of game is fast, but poor passing sometimes by both teams.
38.00: Good chance to Indon, marked by good defending by Msia.
40.00: Play slowed down by Msia.
42.00: Possession play by Msia.
43.00: Attack by Msia. Straight to keeper.
44.00: Corner to Msia.
45.00: Another corner. Nothing again..
45+1: Free kick to Indon. Off target.
45+2: Half time 0-0.

2nd Half:
46.00: Indon doing the attacking from the start.
47.00: Goal disallowed for offside to Indon.
49.00: 1st Msian attack. Foiled.
51.00: Bad passing by Msia.
52.00: Freekick to Msia at edge of box, right side.
53.00: Game called off !!!
Officials discussing... Both teams out of pitch.. Something to do with fireworks on the field. Fans causing problem. Don't know yet from which fans..
59.00: Game resumed...
** Mohd Safee Sali scored to make it 1-0 to Malaysia...
64.00: Indon making changes. Yongky in..
65.00: Msia attacking again. Safee again..... ooooo, just missed. Cleared off the line. Corner.
66.00: Msia attacking again...
** Mohd Asaari (substitute) scored...... 2-0 to Malaysia.
70.00: Msia attacking again... Missed the 3rd goal by inches...
** Mohd Safee Sali scored with a very, very fast header..... Malaysia 3-0.
75.00: Indon attacking now.... good keeping by keeper.
77.00: Msia missed another goal again...
80.00: Indon getting a free kick. 35 yards. Off target.
82.00: Another free kick to Indon. Saved by keeper.
84.00: Indon attacking. Foiled by defenders...
86.00: Shot on target by Indon. Saved by keeper.
88.00: Pace of game slowed down by Malaysia.
90.00: Msia attacking.. missed a penalty. No foul said the referee...
8 minutes added time.
90+2: Free kick to Indon. 40 yards out. Saved.
90+4: Kunalan brought down by keeper. No penalty !!!! WWWoooooohhhhhh!!!
90+5: Two Malaysians injured in goal melee..
90+7: A minute to go, score still 3-0 to Malaysia. Should have been 4 or 5. Two penalties not given by Japanese referee..
90+9: Final whistle.............peee  wiiit......
Safee Sali scoring twice...
See yer in Jakarta....
Have a nice day.....

New Photos From Beijing 3...

My son seems to be having fun during winter in Beijing, indoor of course..
Here are more photos:

Have a nice day....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Razleen's Wedding on Christmas Day..

Date: 25th December 2010
Place: Mata Ayer, Perlis.

One of my colleagues got married today, on Christmas day. Here's some photos:

Merry Christmas 1Malaysia Razleen.....
Have a nice day....

Friday, December 24, 2010

******MERRY CHRISTMAS ******

I would like to wish all my friends, fellow Bloggers and Followers of my Blog, wherever you are, WORLDWIDE:

Have a nice Christmas day......

The PSYCHO War is On...

I read this in the internet a few minutes ago... Come see this:

Indonesians have negative perception of Malaysia: Survey

Niken Prathivi, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 12/23/2010 9:57 PM | National 
Recent disagreements with neighboring Malaysia have increased the negative perception of Malaysia among Indonesians, a survey revealed Thursday.
The Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) survey stated that 67.5 percent of 1,000 correspondents nationwide thought there was a poor relationship between the neighboring countries.
The survey, which was done between September and October of this year, also showed that 59.2 percent of correspondents expressed little interest in Malaysia.
“Our survey was simply a portrait of most Indonesians’ perceptions of the relations between Indonesia and Malaysia,” LSI researcher Ardian Sopa said.
The poor perception of Malaysia by most Indonesians could influence the atmosphere in the upcoming final matches between Indonesia and Malaysia in the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup, he said.
“I really hope Indonesian supporters can help organizers to make the anticipated games peaceful ones,” Ardian said.
The first leg of the final round will be at Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday. The second leg will be at Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on Dec. 29.
Serious tension between the neighboring countries was sparked after a number of incidents of violence involving Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia were exposed.
The debacle continued and was transformed into an “Internet war” following Malaysia’s claims to several Indonesian islands – located on the border between the two countries. Malaysia has also allegedly claimed some of Indonesia’s cultural heritage as its own, including the reog of Ponorogo in Central Java and batik. Tensions were also increased upon the arrest of Indonesian officers from the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry by the Malaysian police.
Ardian said the upcoming final matches between Indonesia and Malaysia in the AFF Cup were another possible variable that could affect future relations between the two countries.
He said he hoped for a good result for Indonesia in the matches, which could invigorate Indonesians who were disappointed about the government’s poor performance in settling Indonesia-Malaysia disagreements.
Comments (3)
Andra Raimi Bin Hafez, Penang, Malaysia | Thu, 23/12/2010 - 22:12pm
Not surprising...thanks to BENDERA. 
Occin, Malaysia, Tanah Air Ku. | Thu, 23/12/2010 - 23:12pm
Well said... Its your lost. Why not do the same survey here, in Malaysia.... As for me, personally, I would say otherwise... Love Bakso, Pecel Leler, Sate Padang and so on... as for the people & SBY.... Love them All... except BENDERA... ha ha ha... (BENDERA... go eat s..h..i..t....!) 
Dess, Kuala Lumpur. | Fri, 24/12/2010 - 00:12am
Hah ha... What a joke. Sorry to say, your survey is irrelevant... How can there be tension when we are brothers and sisters, except Bendera of course !
Go to hell with your survey. A ball game is a ball game. I have families in Indonesia. So does everybody else.. Families quarrel but they cannot be separated !! Wake up my friend..

Can you see what's going on?
Who is making things worst? The Indonesian people? Naaa.... Irrelevant survey !!
Indonesia and Malaysia are brothers and sisters. We are one big family. Families do quarrel, BUT, they cannot be separated...
A ball game is a ball game.. Nothing to do with the "Bendera" group. I guess, the best team wins. That's all.

Good Luck Indonesia. Good Luck Malaysia. I love both countries....

Have a nice day...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

PMR 2010 Results - SMK DERMA.

The date finally arrived.... 23rd December 2010.
203 students of SMK Derma who took their PMR exams last October, finally received their exam slips this morning.
It was a 100% passes, as expected. Nobody failed any subject.
118 students managed to secure straight A's. Last year there were 103 straight A's students...
I would like to congratulate all Dermarians who excel in this year's PMR. May you all keep on producing good results in your coming SPM..
Here are some photos I shot this morning:

333 out of 4494 PMR candidates in Perlis scored straight A's. That is a 7.41% achievement.
SMK Derma came tops with 118, followed by SMTSP (Sains) with 66, SMKDSA with 44 and SMKA(P) with 39. Last year, only 282 candidates scored all A's.
RTM came to catch some live scene at the occasion. So did Bernama News, Kosmo, Berita Harian and several others.....

Have a nice day.........