Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 FINAL (2nd Leg) : Malaysia vs Indonesia - LIVE...

Date: 29th December 2010
Time: 8.00pm (1200 hrs GMT)
Venue: Bong Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hi !!! Just got back from Thailand...  Just in time to do the LIVE commentary... Sorry to keep you waiting.
As you have already known, Malaysia leads 3-0 on aggregate. Indonesia needs to score more than 3 goals to win the cup tonight, provided Malaysia doesn't score tonight.. That's the situation...

Malaysia have not won this Suzuki Cup since being introduced 16 years ago.
It's still 10 minutes to kick off time. Players are on the field already, warming up...
Stay tune !!!!

7.52pm: Live pictures in... wooooo... 100,000 spectators !!!! All in Red... The President of Indonesia is present.. It's going to be a long night !!!
7.55pm: Negaraku being played... Malaysia in BLUE/Black.... Indonesia in RED/White... Referee from Australia !!!! Oh, dear........ Peter Green....

1st half:
00.00: Indon to start...
01.00: Ashaari brought down..., no foul..
03.00: 1st attack by Indon, saved by keeper. Lasers everywhere folks !!!
04.00: 1st attack by Msia... shot wide..
05.00: Very noisy sound.. Indon attack foiled by keeper.
06.00: Indon attack again.. Offside, Gonzales.. ooh..7 meters offside!!
08.00: Good defending by Msia. Corner to Indon. Cleared..
12.00: Free kick to Indon, 35 m to goal. Corner... Lasers aplenty!!!!
13.00: Good move Msia... shot wide.
15.00: Corner to Msia. Cleared..
16.00: Header by Gonzales - straight to keeper..
17.00: Another attack by Indon.  Penalty to Indonesia !!!!
SAVED by keeper !!!!!!  Penalty taken by Indon skipper saved by Msian keeper, Khairul Fahmi !!!!
Still 0-0.
20.00: Shot by Msia, deflected... Corner. Saved.
22.00: Msia attacking now.. Foiled. Counter attack by Indon - shot wide..
24.00: Gonzales...headed wide.
26.00: Free header by Gonzales.... wide again.. Another attack, shot from 45 m. Wide..
28.00: Msia defending. Too many attacks from Indon... Saved by keeper again and again and again...
29.00: Free kick to Msia. Out.
30.00: Still 0-0. Attack by Indon. Saved by keeper. Keeper injured...
32.00: Msian Keeper OK.  Msia attack, shot by Safi...missed by inches !!!
33.00: Indon attack, saved by keeper.
34.00: Indon attack, missed. Indon throwing everything forward...
36.00: Indon again.. good defending again..
38.00: Indon again.. Corner.  Saved.
40.00: Indon again, saved. Very close...
41.00: Msia slow down pace.. Still Indon controlling play..
42.00: Gonzales, left foot... missed.
43.00: Msia attack. Nothing.
44.00: Msia attack. Saved.
45.00: 2 minutes added time. Indon again. Fouled. Msian player down....No 12.
45+1: Another Msian down... no foul??
45+2: Indon attacking again...Corner. Saved....
45+3: Half time...  0-0.
Have your tea break folks.........  Still 0-0.
Can Malaysia hold on for another 45 minutes??

2nd Half:
46.00: Msia to start 2nd half. Off they go...
47.00: One rare attack by Msia. Fruitless...
50.00: Indon again... good defending, Msia.
52.00: Again Indon pushing forward.. foiled.
Safee Sali scored.... He just needed one chance...and he converted it !!!! oh, my god !!! What a powerful strike...
Malaysia 1-0.
57.00: Indonesia making two changes. Bambang in.., Indonesia needs 4 goals now...
60.00: Hearts down, Indon plays on. Stadium a bit silent now...

62.00: Free kick to Msia. Wasted.
63.00 Corner to Msia. Failed..
64.00: Play controlled by Msia now...
65.00: 25 mins to go, 1-0 to Msia.
66.00 Msian injured. Yellow card to Indon.(no 14).
67.00 Good move Msia, ball too fast...
70.00:Indon injured, probably hamstring (no.14). Helped by Msian players...
71.00: Goal to Indonesia, by a defender. Score 1-1. Poor defending by Msia.
75.00: 15 minutes to go.. Msia have the ball... Corner. Nothing.
76.00: Shot by Bambang, saved by keeper.
77.00: Substitution by Msia. Amri Yahya in...
78.00: Yellow card to Indon, hard tackle on Shahrul..
80.00: 10 minutes to play.. Indon throwing everything.
81.00: Shot by Shahrul... ooooo, blocked by keeper. Very good try...
83.00: Msia playing with confidence....., why not?
85.00: 5 minutes to be Champions !!!!! Msia in command. Attacking now... Nasty challenge by Indon. Yellow card...
87.00: Indon attack. Deflected into goal... 2-1 to Indon.
89.00: A minute to go.. Aggregate score 4-2 to Malaysia.....
90+1: Free kick to Bambang...... Pushed out by Fahmi.
90+2: Shot by Bambang.. wide...
90+3: Safee substituted.... Izzaq in.
90+4: Play still on folks !!!!
90+5: GAME OVER.....

Have a nice day.... I am !!!!


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