Sunday, December 26, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 FINAL : Malaysia vs Indonesia - LIVE...

Date: 26th December 2010
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia's line-up for tonight:
I will carry LIVE commentary for the FINAL (1st Leg) between Malaysia vs Indonesia tonight at 8.00pm (1200 hrs GMT).

7.30pm: Live pictures in.... WOW!!!!! 80,000 fans already in the Stadium...
7.45pm: 15 minutes to go... Can't wait to see how Malaysia will perform...
7.55pm: Negaraku on....
Indonesia in WHITE/GREEN.
Malaysia in BLUE/WHITE...

1st Half:
00.00: Kick off to Malaysia.. Very noisy crowd..
02.00: Still no good moves by both sides.
06.00: Ball being played around in midfield.
07.00: 1st corner to Malaysia. Nothing.
09.00: Offside Indonesia.
11.00: On and off attack and defend by both sides.
13.00: Malaysian attack foiled again..
15.00: Freekick to Malaysia. Right side. Shot ballooned !!!
17.00: Malaysia attacking..., wasted chance.
18.00: First shot at goal by Kunalan..., defected and to Keeper. Nice move.
19.00: Good defending Malaysia. Corner to Indonesia. Saved.
22.00: Mistake by Indonesian Keeper. Wasted by Malaysia....!!!!
24.00: Attack and attack by Malaysia. Still cannot penetrate the Indonesian defence..
26.00: Corner to Indonesia. Good defending, Malaysia...
27.00: Mistake by Malaysia. Indonesia didn't capitalised..., shot wide...
29.00: Indon attacking. Foiled.
30.00: Weak shot at goal by Safee...
31.00: Still 0-0.
33.00: Freekick to Indon. Off target.
35.00: Pace of game is fast, but poor passing sometimes by both teams.
38.00: Good chance to Indon, marked by good defending by Msia.
40.00: Play slowed down by Msia.
42.00: Possession play by Msia.
43.00: Attack by Msia. Straight to keeper.
44.00: Corner to Msia.
45.00: Another corner. Nothing again..
45+1: Free kick to Indon. Off target.
45+2: Half time 0-0.

2nd Half:
46.00: Indon doing the attacking from the start.
47.00: Goal disallowed for offside to Indon.
49.00: 1st Msian attack. Foiled.
51.00: Bad passing by Msia.
52.00: Freekick to Msia at edge of box, right side.
53.00: Game called off !!!
Officials discussing... Both teams out of pitch.. Something to do with fireworks on the field. Fans causing problem. Don't know yet from which fans..
59.00: Game resumed...
** Mohd Safee Sali scored to make it 1-0 to Malaysia...
64.00: Indon making changes. Yongky in..
65.00: Msia attacking again. Safee again..... ooooo, just missed. Cleared off the line. Corner.
66.00: Msia attacking again...
** Mohd Asaari (substitute) scored...... 2-0 to Malaysia.
70.00: Msia attacking again... Missed the 3rd goal by inches...
** Mohd Safee Sali scored with a very, very fast header..... Malaysia 3-0.
75.00: Indon attacking now.... good keeping by keeper.
77.00: Msia missed another goal again...
80.00: Indon getting a free kick. 35 yards. Off target.
82.00: Another free kick to Indon. Saved by keeper.
84.00: Indon attacking. Foiled by defenders...
86.00: Shot on target by Indon. Saved by keeper.
88.00: Pace of game slowed down by Malaysia.
90.00: Msia attacking.. missed a penalty. No foul said the referee...
8 minutes added time.
90+2: Free kick to Indon. 40 yards out. Saved.
90+4: Kunalan brought down by keeper. No penalty !!!! WWWoooooohhhhhh!!!
90+5: Two Malaysians injured in goal melee..
90+7: A minute to go, score still 3-0 to Malaysia. Should have been 4 or 5. Two penalties not given by Japanese referee..
90+9: Final whistle.............peee  wiiit......
Safee Sali scoring twice...
See yer in Jakarta....
Have a nice day.....


Anonymous said...

bereh2..wat live bang..sy kat lua ngare ni

deniborin said...

Malaysia menang karna dibantu laser.. itulah faktanya, juga ketika melawan Vietnam... sungguh tak sportif kelakuan suporter malaysia

Raden said...

Bisa kan gitu? Mana boleh menang perlawanan hanya dengan laser. Kalo gitu, ayuh, kita semua guna laser nanti di Jakarta untuk bantu pasukan kita tumpaskan Malaysia. Lucu !

Anonymous said...

To Indonesian fans, sebelum mengata orang, cermin diri dulu. Stop complaining about lasers and dukun. This video says it all.


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