Saturday, December 18, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 - Semi-Final (2nd Leg) - LIVE.. Vietnam vs Malaysia.

Date: 18th Nov. 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00pm (1200 hrs GMT)
Venue: My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam.

It's still 11.30 am here. Will carry Live commentary... Stay tune !!

7.00pm :  1 more hour to kick off...
The two coaches during press time, before kick off. 
7.32pm: Live pictures coming in from Hanoi.. A sea of Reds !!!
7.52pm: Both teams entering pitch... Malaysia in Yellow/Black. Vietnam in White/White.

1st Half:
00.00 min: Kick off to Vietnam.
01.00: Aggressive Vietnam attacking from the start. It's still early folks...
02.00: Throw in to M'sia. Back to V'nam... nothing.
04.00: Ball lingering at center of field.. Vietnam attacking again. Blocked.
06.00: Still Vietnam controlling game.
07.00: First attack by Malaysia. Saved by keeper.
08.00: Shot at goal by Vietnam. Wide...
09.00: One Vietnamese down, injured.
11.00: Malaysia attack, Shafie Salleh... saved.
12.00: Change of players by Vietnam.
13.00: Vietnam attack again.. Shot !! Saved by keeper, Khairul Fahmi.
14.00: Again, attack by Vietnam. Good defending Malaysia..
16.00: Vietnam attack. Center - header...saved by keeper.
18.00: 1st corner to Vietnam. Bu Fong. Saved.
20.00: Free kick to Vietnam. 40 yards to goal. Shot...wide....
21.00: NorShahrul goes down... OK..
22.00: Malaysia attack now..woooo, just wide, shot by Norshahrul...
23.00: Vietnam again. Good defending...
24.00: So far, good defending by Malaysia.
25.00: Vietnam again.. passing is good but Malaysian defenders are good.
27.00: Corner to Vietnam. Nothing.
28.00: Now, Malaysia attack. Slow header.., saved.
30.00: Half an hour gone. Good opportunity missed by Malaysia..
33.00: Free kick to Vietnam - 35 yards out. Off target.
35.00: Vietnam doing all the attacking, foiled by good defending.
38.00: Ball being kick around with no good moves.. I'm having my snacks...
43.00: Hi... still 0-0.
44.00: Vietnamese frustrated..  Could see by their body language..
45.00: 1 min extra time...
45+1:  Shot by Vietnam, just wide.. End of 1st half. Scoreline 0-0...

2nd Half:
46.00: Yellow card to Amirul Hadi.
47.00: Vietnam attack, again good defending by Malaysia.
49.00: Vietnam all the way attacking.. Malaysia doing all the defending.
50.00: Free kick to Vietnam, 30yards to goal. This is dangerous.. Straight to keeper.
52.00: Corner to Vietnam. Saved..
53.00: Malaysia attacks. 4 against 3. Offside !!!
54.00: Vietnam again. Free kick near right corner flag. Saved by defender.. Corner. Saved...
57.00: Free kick to Vietnam again. Saved.
59.00: M'sia attacking. Foiled.
60.00: Still 0-0. Vietnam again.. dispossessed..
61.00: Neat attack by Vietnam, but ball straight to keeper... Saved again..
62.00: Weak shot at goal by Vietnam.. saved again.
64.00: Vietnamese substitution. Still attacking..
65.00: Corner to Vietnam. Saved again..
66.00: Attack after attack by Vietnam..
67.00: Defend after defend by Malaysia... Malaysia putting 8 players in defend.
70.00: Free kick to Vietnam just outside the box, on the left. Corner...
71.00: Vietnam going for penalty... Booked for diving. 2nd yellow card = RED card for Vietnam.
73.00: Frustration among Vietnamese players, kicked Shafie Salleh.. Yellow carded.
75.00: 15 minutes to go, still 0-0.
76.00: Vietnam had 14 shots at goal to Malaysia's 2.
77.00: Corner to Vietnam. Shot at goal - wide...
78.00: Malaysia attack..., only Shafie in front. Vietnamese injured...
81.00: Substitution for Malaysia, Amri Yahaya in...
82.00: Vietnamese attack foiled again.. Corner.. saved.
83.00: Attack again, saved.
84.00: Shot at goal, saved by keeper. Busy day for Malaysian keeper.
85.00: Five minutes to go, score 0-0.
86.00: Another shot at goal.. hit the side bar...
87.00: Woooo, clear shot at goal, missed by Malaysia.
88.00: Good defending by Malaysia..., for the 50th time.!!
89.00: Shot - Amri !!! Defected by keeper. Corner. Saved.
90.00: Time added.
90+1: Vietnam attack again.. Fans starting to leave the stadium....
90+2: Offside Malaysia...
90+3: Saved by keeper..
90+4: Final whistle... scoreline 0-0...

WELL DONE  Malaysia!!!! To the FINAL !!!!!
Have a nice day...


indonesiaku said...

Thanks for the complete report.

Congratulation for the winning. I hope We Will see your national team at the final.
But Yes... This years is our nation turn. We will kiss the throphy for the first time. Just wait for your nation`s turn.

Garuda di dadaku

DESS said...

Yes, we hope to see you too in the Final.. It will be a different ball game this time. Both nation will have the opportunity to be the champion for the first time. Whatever it is, good luck to Indonesia for your 2nd leg tomorrow, you still have the Philippines to tackle first...
Have a nice day, Bro....

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