Friday, December 31, 2010


Is there such a species of tiger called "Harimau Malaysia"??
I googled through all that is available in the internet but could not find one.. Could you?
Well, some wise guy found it:

TUARAN Dec 30 — Sabah assistant minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Jahid Jahim who congratulated the national team for the AFF Suzuki Cup win, however, was disappointed with the use of Harimau Malaya to refer the Malaysian team.
Jahid added that he had received numerous calls from youth organizations in the state, condemning the use of “Harimau Malaya or Singa Malaya” (Malaya Tiger or Malaya Lion).
"Being the assistant minister of Youth and Sports, the youth of the state have been calling me to express their disappointment over the use of Harimau Malaya to refer the national football team instead of Harimau Malaysia.
"I feel there is a basis to their feelings since it does not portray the ideals of the 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak...Harimau Malaysia should have been used,” he told reporters here today.

Jahid who is also the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Youth Chief said the mainstream media, especially the editors, should be more responsible when using such sensitive words since “Malaya” literally omitted Sabah and Sarawak.
He added that though it was not a major issue since it was only used to refer the national team that played in the AFF Suzuki Cup, the impact and sensitivity can become a big factor.

Moral of the story:
When something came out, such as the Harimau Malaya National Soccer team winning the Suzuki Cup, everybody wants to have a share of the cake.. Come on !! Let them get the limelight. It's their effort. It's their success. It's their name. It's K.Rajagobal. It's Safee Sali. It's Khairul Fahmi. They have done their job. They have sacrificed to the maximum. They call themselves "HARIMAU MALAYA" @ the Malayan Tigers. It got nothing to do with the name of states in Malaysia. It got nothing to do with Sabah, Sarawak, Perlis or Kelantan or even Wilayah Persekutuan...

A peek in the encyclopedia:
The Malayan Tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni), exclusively found in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, was not considered a subspecies in its own right until 2004. The new classification came about after a study by Luo et al. from the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity Study,[31] part of the National Cancer Institute of the United States. Recent counts showed there are 600–800 tigers in the wild, making it the third largest tiger population, behind the Bengal tiger and the Indochinese tiger. The Malayan tiger is the smallest of the mainland tiger subspecies, and the second smallest living subspecies, with males averaging about 120 kg and females about 100 kg in weight. The Malayan tiger is a national icon in Malaysia, appearing on its coat of arms and in logos of Malaysian institutions, such as Maybank.

Another peek in another encyclopedia:
Harimau Malaysia or Malaysian Tigers:  Are you kidding? You must be a POLITICIAN !!!  There's no such species !!!

We, Malaysians, should be proud of them and NOT criticize the government or PM Najib for giving us a Public Holiday today!! We should thank them for bringing up our nation's name - MALAYSIA !!
Ask yourself "What have I done to Malaysia?"

Have a nice day...

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Anonymous said...

What a joke. I guess it must be a Sabahan.

Wake UP! said...

Are all Sabahans as ignoramus as the Assistant Minister?

He gives all Sabahans a bad name.

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