Friday, December 3, 2010

Lawn Bowls - Fours Perlis Open Day 1.

Date: 3rd December 2010
Duration: 4 days (3rd-6th December)
Venue: Kangar, Perlis.

The competition kick off at 8.15am this morning.  Almost all states in Malaysia sent their teams to compete in this 4-day event, including the Malaysian back-up squad under the Malaysian Sports Concil (MSC/MSN).
Here are some of the photos:
Briefing at 7.30am to the Perlis's players
 Dessy Dhabita making her bowl..., versus Perak "B".
Daeng Dhadyry watching his sister's game..

Go on playing kids.... Have fun and gather experience in the next 3 days.. Good Luck !!
Have a nice day..

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org_lme said...

haha...can it be..........
i know ..about the new rings...
so korang main elok2...jgn malukan perlis..dah lme aku x main gme nih...

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