Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Malaysia vs Vietnam - AFF Suzuki Cup - LIVE....

Date: 15th December 2010
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

It's another soccer game tonight. This time, it's the first leg Semi-Final of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.
It's Malaysia versus Vietnam again...
Kick off time is at 8.00pm Malaysian time (1200 hrs GMT). I'll carry the match "Live" in this Blog, as usual, for you out there who cannot witness this game here in Malaysia...
It's another hour or so to kick off time.... Stay tune !!!
6.45pm : Both team supporters are slowly entering the Stadium. Still an hour and 15 minutes to kick off time.
7.20pm: Crowd getting bigger..
7.35pm: Over 50,000 soccer fans in the stadium already.. 25 mins to kick off.
7.45pm: Live pictures coming in... Wow !! 60,000 fans....
7.55pm: It's Live from Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Jalil Stadium folks..... Malaysia in BLUE/White and Vietnam in White/Red.
National anthem on.... "Negara Ku".... Referee from China ...

8.03pm: Kick Off. Vietnam.
1st Half:
01.00 min: Free kick to Vietnam in Malaysia's half. Saved by keeper.
03.00: Still Vietnam attacking..
04.00: Vietnam controlling game.
05.00: Still Vietnam attacking. Malaysia is defending.
06.00: First corner to Malaysia. Nothing..
07.00: M'sia attacking now. Good football Malaysia. Saved by keeper.
09.00: Corner to M'sia again. Lovely ball.. Vietnam keeper hurt.
11.00: Keeper still being treated for injury.
12.00: Malaysia adjusting well now.On the right flank. Center.. Nice idea but ball pushed out.
14.00: Malaysia attacking.
15.00: Vietnam first shot at goal. Pushed out by keeper. Corner. Fouled..
16.00: Ball still with Vietnam. Saved by keeper.
18.00: Malaysia protecting goal. Defending.
19.00: Now, attacking..
20.00: It's up and down the field.. No real good moves yet.
21.00: Vietnam in possession.
22.00: Still 0 -0.
23.00: Off side, Malaysia's winger. Back to Vietnam. Goal kick to Malaysia.
24.00: Shot off target by Vietnam. Vietnam doing the attacking.
25.00: Good shot by Gunalan. Off target.
26.00: Vietnam now attacking again. Free kick to Malaysia.
28.00: Midfield controlled by Vietnam. They keep possession.
29.00: Free kick to M'sia in center of field. Malaysia now attacking.. Throw in. From the right. Still in control.
31.00: Free kick to Malaysia, edge of box. Yellow card to Vietnam's player (no.6).
32.00: Good set. Off target...
34.00: Still 0-0. Good attacking game from Malaysia.
36.00: Shafie Salleh..ooo, saved by defender.
37.00: Corner to Malaysia.  Scramble in front of goal...  Out. Goal kick.
38.00: Lucky escape by Malaysia. Poor defending.
40.00: Still no score.
41.00: Pace slowed down..
42.00: Shot by Vietnam. Saved by keeper.
43.00: Corner to Malaysia. Bad one.
45.00: 1 minute extra time. Free kick to Vietnam at edge of box, 35 yards to goal. Pushed out by keeper.
Half time...... 0-0.

Analysis: Vietnam doing most of the attacking. Malaysia not playing well. Malaysia lucky not to concede any goal. Vietnam have 10 shots at goal, 5 on target. Malaysia have only 3 shots at goal, 1 on target. Luckily, Malaysian keeper in form..

2nd Half:
46.00: Malaysia attacking. Goal kick.
48.00: Throw in to Vietnam, Malaysia's half.
49.00: Vietnam goes down...no penalty.
51.00: Goal kick to Malaysia.
52.00: Try by Vietnam..off target.
53.00: Good move Malaysia from the right. Saved by keeper.
55.00: Corner to Malaysia. Left. Wooooo..missed by inches.. Best chance so far for Malaysia..
58.00: Great run by Gunalan, cut in, shot and just missed it.. Malaysia producing more good moves now..
60.00: GGGGOOOOALLLLLLL !!!!! Malaysia !!!!!!!
Mohd Shafie Salleh scores with a header, off a free kick.. Malaysia up 1-0.
62.00: Malaysian player injured..
64.00: Malaysia attacked again. Corner kick. Missed by inches again.. Good play Malaysia..
65.00: Shafie Salleh again.....alone. Missed.
66.00: Vietnam... straight to keeper.
67.00: Substitution - Amri Yahaya in.
69.00: Free kick to Vietnam. Pushed back.
70.00: Vietnam looking for equaliser, attacking.. wasted.
73.00: Yellow card to Vietnam (Bu Fong), on tackle to a Malaysian player.
75.00: Still 1-0 to Malaysia.
76.00: Free kick to Malaysia. 40 yards to goal. Corner.
77.00: Another corner to Malaysia. Wasted.
78.00: Great chance to Vietnam. Straight to keeper.
79.00: GOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLL. !!!!!!!!  Shafie Salleh again. Malaysia 2-0.
81.00: Vietnam attack. Saved by keeper.
82.00: Vietnam finding a goal.. attacking, attacking..
83.00: Corner to Vietnam. Saved.
84.00: Still Vietnam attacking.
85.00: Shot !! Deflected. Cleared..
86.00: Shot saved by Malaysian keeper.
87.00: Now, Malaysia attack. Blocked.
88.00: 2 minutes to go. Malaysia leads 2-0.
89.00: Last minute attack by Malaysia. Free kick to Malaysia. 3 minutes added time..
90+1: Crowd enjoying the scoreline...
90+2: Ball still with Malaysia. Last minute...

It's all over.... Malaysia won 2-0.
Kudos to Rajagopal for a good pep talk in the dressing room......
The return leg will be this Saturday, 18th December, in Hanoi, Vietnam, at 7.30pm.
Good Luck Malaysia !!!!

Have a nice day......


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