Thursday, December 23, 2010

PMR 2010 Results - SMK DERMA.

The date finally arrived.... 23rd December 2010.
203 students of SMK Derma who took their PMR exams last October, finally received their exam slips this morning.
It was a 100% passes, as expected. Nobody failed any subject.
118 students managed to secure straight A's. Last year there were 103 straight A's students...
I would like to congratulate all Dermarians who excel in this year's PMR. May you all keep on producing good results in your coming SPM..
Here are some photos I shot this morning:

333 out of 4494 PMR candidates in Perlis scored straight A's. That is a 7.41% achievement.
SMK Derma came tops with 118, followed by SMTSP (Sains) with 66, SMKDSA with 44 and SMKA(P) with 39. Last year, only 282 candidates scored all A's.
RTM came to catch some live scene at the occasion. So did Bernama News, Kosmo, Berita Harian and several others.....

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iloveroses said...

Well done, PMR students, was googling for Derma Cluster school..applied for my son to enter secondary there but to date, there is still no reply...was curious about the school's achievement in the recent PMR and the Cluster thingy..

DESS said...

1. Those coming from primary schools in Perlis have already been notified. They had taken their special IQ Test to enter SMK Derma somewhere in late November.
2. "Rayuan" cases will be entertained 2 weeks after school begins in January 2011. This includes those with special talents in our niche area - Music, English and Lawn Bowls.
3. Outsiders from other states will have to apply through the Education Department (subject to availability of places in Form 1 or Form 4).
4. Other cases have to refer to the Education Ministry of Malaysia.
Thank You...

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