Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weak Laser Beam Won't Affect Vision...

Reports in newspapers today revealed that the laser beam issue had nothing to do with the 3 goals scored by Malaysia in the recent AFF Suzuki Cup 1st Leg Final at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.
A beam shone from far - from the stadium terraces to the playing field - is weak and does not affect vision, an optometrist said. "This is especially so if a laser pointer is used", said Dr Zahimi Chik, commenting on the incident during the first leg of the Malaysia-Indonesia final in the AFF Suzuki Cup.
Zahimi, formerly of the Penang Eye Hospital added that the laser pointer on sale to the public had a low capacity because it was produced with the safety of consumers in mind. Furthermore, he said "You have to pay millions of ringgit for a powerful laser. It is impossible for spectators to bring into a stadium a laser that can affect vision".

The match was stopped for 7 minutes after the Indonesian coach complained Malaysian fans were dazzling the Indonesian goalkeeper with a laser beam.
As for the record, all 3 goals scored by Malaysia was after the match was stopped for 7 minutes.

I found this in the NST today:

A sea of Indonesians surge in to buy tickets at a ticketing booth yesterday for the AFF Suzuki Cup second-leg final football match between Indonesia and Malaysia to be held tomorrow in Jakarta.

KUALA LUMPUR: Furious Indonesians flooded Twitter with accusations that Malaysia unfairly won a key regional football match after fans here apparently distracted Indonesian players with laser beams. At least four of the top 10 words and phrases most popularly used on the social network site were linked to tirades against Malaysia soon after the home team beat Indonesia 3-0 on Sunday night in the first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup final.
For more than an hour, "malaysia-cheatlaser" ranked No 1 on Twitter's global "Trending Topics" chart.
Other choice phrases used included "use laser", "curang", which is Indonesian for "cheat", and "support Garuda", a reference to the Indonesian squad.
The match was halted for five minutes shortly after half-time when Indonesia's goalkeeper and another player complained that bright green lights were directed at them from laser pens used by an unidentified few among the 90,000-strong crowd at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.
Officials then warned fans to stop using laser pointers. All of Malaysia's goals came later between the 61st and 73rd minutes.
Many Malaysians were quick to defend their team, saying there were no beams shone on the field during those 12 minutes of goal scoring.
"None of the three goals had anything to do with (cheating).
"It had to do with a weak Indonesian defence," Khairy Jamaluddin, a former deputy president of Malaysia's football association, wrote on Twitter.
But Malaysians were no match for the Indonesians online.
Indonesia, which has a population of nearly 240 million people compared to Malaysia's 28 million, boasts Asia's largest number of Twitter users by country.
Responding to the laser controversy, Indonesian President Susilo Yudhoyono told the official Antara news agency he hoped that Indonesian fans attending the match would support fair play and "not be like Malaysia".
The second leg of the final will be played tomorrow in Jakarta. -- AP

Hmmmm... whatever it is, Good Luck Malaysia !!!
Have a nice day...

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