Saturday, January 8, 2011

BAM - Your System Stinks !!

I couldn't help it.... I was very furious with what I read in the newspapers today, the sports page of course... What else? Comments by readers and BAM officials on Misbun Sidek.. The BAM exco members said this:
"All BAM exco members must not bow to Misbun's request. We must accept his resignation to step down. Moreover, any coach in the world can coach players of world standard like Lee Chong Wei..."
This is what BAM officials have in mind !!! Now, we know why Misbun Sidek is so frustrated !!!

Let's see some facts and figures:
 1.   LI MAO (China) was coach of Malaysia under BAM for two years (2005-2007). He left Malaysia in a huff. Why? Here's what he said when he left:
“It was too complex to coach the Malaysian team at that time. I follow the South Korean team for overseas tournaments and all their players stand united. But I found that Malaysia's singles and doubles were competing against each other. They did not support each other. If the singles does well, the doubles department is not happy and vice versa. It was not a condition that I wanted to work in anymore,” Li Mao said in 2007.
He added:
“The system in Malaysia is unbelievable. Players from the BJSS (Bukit Jalil Sports School) get promoted into the back-up squad (under Rashid Sidek). But none of the back-up players came to me.
“In China and South Korea, a chief coach is given the power to chose his back-up players but not here in Malaysia. The back-up is supposed to be the feeder to the national team but I do not get to chose them. What kind of system is this?
“How can the back-up players improve if they do not train with the best players in the country. I had Chong Wei then and I wanted to produce more top players. But I did not have a pool to work with.”
The Chinese, who takes a no-nonsense approach in training, said that Malaysia should make use of their senior players.
“In China and South Korea, the old players stay on to bring up the youngsters. And I do not understand why the BAM let their senior players go just like that.”
Li Mao said that Malaysia's badminton could be heading for a slide if they do not review the system.
“I did not speak up on this when I was with the Malaysian team because I did not want to cause further problems. But when I could not play a part in improving the situation, I just left. Now, I am not worried about talking about this matter.”

Li Mao is currently with the Badminton Association of Indonesia, coaching the Indonesian players... He first coached China, then Malaysia, South Korea and now, Indonesia..
Misbun was a Malaysian national player and ONLY coached Malaysia (if you are asking about his patriotism, compare this fact with Li Mao's..).

2.  MORTEN FROST HANSEN (Denmark) coached Malaysia under BAM in 1997 for a very, very short stint. I think it lasted for a few months only... Why? Europeans are professionals.. BAM is not !!! He quitted because of BAM's terrible coaching system !!!
Frost was Malaysia's national badminton coach starting in the middle of February 1997. Frost was the guiding hand behind Denmark's succesful Olympic and world men's team championships efforts in 1996 that resulted in an Olympic men's singles gold medal for Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen and in a Thomas Cup silver medal for the Danish men's badminton team.
3.  HAN JIAN (China) arrived in Malaysia in 1989 to become the national coach and stayed on to help develop the game in Malaysia for many years. He helped Malaysia reached the finals of the Thomas Cup in 1990 and won it back in 1992. He has also worked with top ranking internationals like Razif Sidek, Jalani Sidek, Rashid Sidek, Foo Kok Keong, Cheah Soon Kit, Soo Beng Kiang, Wong Choon Hann and other national players and junior players.
But, this man was more interested in teaching basic skills in badminton. He opened a badminton academy later on.., for money of course.., and because he saw there was no future staying in BAM...

4.  MISBUN SIDEK first coached Malaysia in 1990.  His stats:
Thomas Cup coaching Team, 1990-2008
Head Coach, Nusa Mahsuri Badminton Club, 1996-2002
Advisor, Nusa Mahsuri Badminton Club, 2003- present
Head Coach, Singles, Badminton Association of Malaysia, 2003-2005
Coach, Singles Team, Badminton Association of Malaysia, 2005-2010

Misbun have never left his country to coach elsewhere. He has his own badminton academy but he prefer to coach the Malaysian national team because he love his country... So, never doubt his patriotism ...Get it ??

BAM.... you really sucks!!!!

Have a nice day....

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That sums up the Malaysia Boleh attitude. Politics and self interest are more important than National Interest! I wonder when will they learn...

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